Chelsea  - 26 years old – Customer Service Coordinator 

Chelsea, a Cincinnati native that attended Mariemont and Mount Notre Dame High Schools played both basketball and volleyball from a young age all the way through graduation. She bounced around in College doing some time at The University of Hawaii Manoa and graduating from the University of Washington, where she did some really difficult hikes even in the height of her pregnancy.  Currently a mother to a feisty five year-old she loves to take long runs with her rescue dog (when she isn’t running after her daughter that is!) take yoga classes, and go hiking.  Having worked for larger corporate companies in the past, Chelsea finds the intimacy of a small business like INFINIT really rewarding. Having been here for about a year now, she says “I love getting to know our clients, it’s really nice to help someone with an issue and get an e-mail from them a few weeks later and be able to remember talking to them and hear that your advice helped them overcome an obstacle and reach their goals.”

Laura – 26 - Coach and Club Sponsorship Manager Chief Nutritionist & Director of Research

Laura is a Cincinnati native that attended Mount Notre Dame High School and earned her Registered Dietitian Nutritionist credentials at the University of Cincinnati. She played field hockey and was on the track team in High School. While she no longer plays field hockey, her love for running never faded. She enjoys both running competitively and just around town with her dog. Laura’s career at INFINIT started about 5 years ago when she worked in production mixing blends.  After moving up the ranks Laura’s passion for nutrition and INFINIT have only grown. She says, “Having a nutritional sciences background and spending time in the clinical setting, I was drawn to INFINIT because we develop all our products from evidence-based scientific research. Apart from that, I also love helping athletes reach their full potential by helping them simplify and personalize their nutrition strategy. I'm especially passionate about educating young and collegiate athletes about general healthful nutrition, and how hydration and fueling can lead them to success during competitions.”

Ryan – 32 - Consultant Manager and Pro/Elite Sponsorship's Liaison

Ryan is a Cincinnati native whose interest in sports started at a young age as he played football from the age 7 up until graduating from Anderson High School.  From there his time at the University of Cincinnati studying Biology / Environmental Sciences and racing Mountain Bikes for the school helped him find his love for bikes.  He has raced BMX, MTB, and currently race Road Bikes.  He has been a CAT 1 cyclist for 6 years and raced in some of the biggest races in North America. His passion for nutrition was sparked by his opportunity to live and work on an organic farm in Oregon for a year.  He has been working at INIFNIT for 5 years and says “I Love working here because it allows me to work 1 on 1 with athletes. It is so gratifying to work with someone that has had horrible success with sports nutrition and their results tend to follow suit. We get to work with them and design nutrition that is easy to implement yet super effective. Their results and experiences improve almost instantly. People get so happy. This makes me feel so good b/c I know how frustrating it can be when nothing seems to work yet you put in countless hours for training.” 

Michael – 52 – Founder and CEO

Michael is a Cincinnati native whose interest in sports and nutrition started from a very young age and has continued on throughout his life.  In high school he was a runner and played lacrosse.  His lacrosse career continued when he went to Dennison to play for college.  Eventually he would move on and graduate from The Ohio State University where he studied business.  His love for running has never died as to this day he is an avid runner and ten-time Ironman finisher.  He also served in 2002-2006 as a Member of the Flying Pig Marathon Board of Directors.  Michael’s unique vision of creating a nutritional system where any person, young or old, with no nutritional background, can create their own personalized isotonic blend of calories, protein and nutrients has changed the world of nutrition, and was the vision behind INIFNIT.  Michael has said “The idea that one powder works for everyone is just plain silly. Nutrition should be as unique and the person, we are all different.”


Mark - 44 - Sales Manager / Event Marketing Dude

Mark was born in Flynt, Michigan and his interest in endurance sports started at a young age and continues today. He started running events at about 11 years old and racing bikes at about 14. In 1989 he got serious about MTB racing.  While in college at Grant Valley State University, he spent a few years rowing, running cross country, and ski racing to keep fit for the bike season. Mark has been racing and doing all kinds of events ever since. Today he leads a local Cincinnati shop ride every Thursday night. The ride was picked as Bicycle Magazines America's Best Shop Ride in 2010. Mark has been at INFNINIT for 5 years growing the wholesale side of our business by reaching out to small run, bike, and tri shops across the country and educating them on the science behind our all liquid system as well as going to various events throughout the country and telling competitors about our products.”  If you see the INFINIT Nutrition tent at your next event. Stop by and say hi!  “My job is pretty unique not only do I get to work with the best nutrition products on the planet but I get to go out and meet the people who race on it.”


Emily – 23 – Formulation Specialist and Assistant Sponsorship Manager

Emily is a Cincinnati native whose sports career started at a young age. She attended Sycamore High School and was a 4 year letter winner in multiple sports including soccer, basketball, and track & field. She continued her soccer career by playing division one soccer at the University of Cincinnati where she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Dietetics. She still has a passion for athletics and love running, weight lifting, hot yoga, hiking, soccer, and watching football. Emily started at INFINIT as a production team member mixing blends and her interest and knowledge of nutrition and the science behind our system has truly made her a specialist over the last year. She really enjoys her time here and says “I am passionate about the work that I do at INFINIT because I am so intrigued by the impact that nutrition can have on your body during all types of physically demanding activities! It is so rewarding to work with customers to help them set up custom formulas for their specific needs, and then receive amazing feedback that their custom nutrition has solved all of the problems they were experiencing before! To hear that a customer was able to PR because they did not have to slow down due to severe GI cramping, like they had previously experienced, is simply amazing. I love working for a small business because we are all able to work together to tackle problems quickly and efficiently! I don't have to wait hours on a colleague to respond to an email, or get back to me on a question that a customer has, I can simply walk into their office and converse with them face to face. We are all close and it makes coming into work every-day that much more fun!”

Marissa - 21 – INFINIT Guru and Social Media Coordinator

Marissa is a Cincinnati native whose passion for sports was instilled early on.  She has always enjoyed running and played volleyball up through her graduation from Finneytown High School.  Currently a student at The University of Cincinnati studying dietetics, Marissa works part time at INFINIT.  When she isn’t working, taking classes, or studying, she enjoys running.  Having worked at INFINIT for over a year now, Marissa has been exposed to all sides of out small business.  She’s worked in production mixing blends, on our online chat answering customer questions, and has recently started making social media posts.  Her favorite part about working at INFINIT is the 1 on 1 interaction she gets with clients.  She says “I love the small business aspect of the company.”

Eddie – 26 - Production Team Member

Eddie is an Indiana native where he attended East Central High School.  Sports have been a part of his life from a young age as he played football and basketball.  He continued on with these sports through all 4 years of high school.  When Eddie isn’t hard at work mixing up custom blends, or batching our preset formulas he is a DJ for weddings and other personal events as a second job.  In addition to staying fit and active, he enjoys woodworking and does craft shows.  He has said “I love working for INFINIT because of the small business aspect.  It feels great to have a small team working towards a bigger goal.”

Kate – 36 - Production Team Member and Quality Control

Kate is the newest addition to our team here at INFINIT.  She was born in England where her love for cycling was born.  Kate has done road, gravel,     cycling since she can remember.  She attended the University of the West of England where she studied Environmental Biology and earned her Ph. D. in Microbiology and Toxicology at Lancaster University.  Her favorite hobby to this day is cycling.  Kate is a total road bike animal and rides her bike to work, rain, shine, sleet, or even freezing cold below zero temperatures.  She has been a wonderful addition to our small team here at INFINIT and says “I love making products that allow our customers to realize their dreams!”

Kristy – A lady never tells her age - HR and Accounting

Kristy is an Ohio native who started sports at a young age of 8.  Softball was her first sport, but she played volleyball, basketball, and was on the track and field team all 4 years of high school. Her love of sports has never died and she is a HUGE Ohio State University football fan to this day.  She studied accounting at Wright State University and earned her MBA at the University of Dayton.  Kristy has been with INFINIT working part-time for close to 1 year and when she isn’t worrying about her little team she enjoys to go boating, be outdoors, and attend sporting events (especially Ohio State!).