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Product Comparison
ProductCaloriesCarbohydrateSugarProteinType of ProteinSodiumPotassiumCalciumMagnesiumCaffeineFlavors
INFINIT Custom Formula100-36625-81 g10-30 g0-10 gWhey Protein Isolate, Vegan Protein Alternative or without protein200-671 mg61-198 mg14-45 mg11-35 mg0-200 mgWatermelon, Pink Lemonade, Orange, Lemon Lime, Fruit Punch, Strawberry Lemonade, Grape, Chocolate, Cranberry
INFINIT Go Far28066 g24 g4 gWhey Protein Isolate379 mg110 mg55 mg20 mgNo caffeineOrange, Fruit Punch
INFINIT Go Far + Plant Protein28066 g24 g4 gOrganic Brown Rice Protein & Faba Bean Protein379 mg155 mg55 mg30 mgNo caffeineFruit Punch
INFINIT Speed23057 g21 g--379 mg100 mg30 mg20 mgNo caffeineLemon Lime
INFINIT Go Far for Women25060 g18 g2 gWhey Protein Isolate325 mg90 mg40 mg20 mgNo caffeineGrape
INFINIT Hydrate10025 g10 g--200 mg50 mg13 mg20 mgNo caffeine of 125 mg caffeineStrawberry Lemonade
INFINIT Jet Fuel23057 g21 g--379 mg100 mg30 mg20 mng125 mgOrange
INFINIT Tripwire10025 g5 g (Grape); 3 g (Dill)--368 mg100 mg30 mg20 mgNo caffeine or 60 mg caffeineGrape, Dill Pickle
Hammer Perpetuem 2.018037 g4 g4 gSoy Protein170 mg35 mg25 mg6 mgWith and without caffeineMultiple
Accelerade *per 2 servings24042 g40 g10 gWhey protein concentrate440 mg180 mg4%60%No caffeineMultiple
Tailwind Endurance *per 2 servings20050 g50 g--606 mg176 mg52 mg28 mgWith and without caffeineMultiple
Gu Roctane Drink Mix per 2 scoops25060 g17 g--320 mg50 mg--With and without caffeineMultiple
First Endurance EFS *per 2 servings22052 g32 g--600 mg320 mg200 mg300 mgNo caffeineMultiple
Carborocket Half Evil33382 g21 g--430 mg80 mg210 mg90 mgWith and without caffeineMultiple
Maurten Drink Mix 32032079 g33 g--200 mg0 mg0 mg0 mgWith and without caffeineUnflavored
SiS Go Electrolyte (40g serving)14636 g6.7 g--500 mg60 mg27 mg5 mgNo caffeineMultiple
UCAN Energy *per 2 servings18042 g0--240 mg140 mg20 mg-No caffeineMultiple
BASE Hydro *per 2 scoops16042 g14 g--560 mg---No caffeineMultiple
Gatorade Endurance *per 24 oz serving18044 g26 g--620 mg280 mg--No caffeineMultiple
Gatorade (original) *per 20 oz serving13037 g37 g--270 mg80 mg--No caffeineMultiple
Powerade *per 24 oz serving16042 g42 g--300 mg70 mg--No caffeineMultiple
Body Armor *per 16 oz serving12028 g28 g--40 mg467 mg--No caffeineMultiple
Vitamin Water10027 g27 g--0 mgvaries--With and without caffeineMultiple
Hoist7014 g13 g--430 mg260 mg130 mg20 mgNo caffeineMultiple
Hammer Heed *per serving11027 g1 g--60 mg31 mg57 mg31 mgWith and without caffeineMultiple
Scratch Hydration *per 1 scoop w/ 16 oz8021 g19 g--380 mg39 mg44 mg39 mgWith and without caffeineMultiple
Osmo Active Hydration *per 2 scoops7018 g18 g--260 mg---No caffeineMultiple
Nuun Endurance * 1 scoop w/ 16 oz6016 g15 g--380 mg200 mg15 mg20 mgWith and without caffeineMultiple
Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier4511 g11 g--500 mg370 mg0 mg0 mgNo caffeineMultiple
UCAN Hydrate * 1 scoop with 16 oz01 g0--310 mg90 mg20 mg60 mgNo caffeineMultiple
Celsius102 g0 g--0 mg0 mg50 mg0 mg200 mgMultiple