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Meet the Team

Meet our dedicated and highly skilled team committed to providing individualized support to each and every customer, and producing the best natural personalizable performance & sports nutrition solutions on the planet.

Laura Hering, RDN, LD

Vice President & Registered Dietitian

Having been with the company for over 10 years, Laura has pretty much grown up with INFINIT. Starting as a Production Team member, she completed college and her Dietetic Internship at the University of Cincinnati while mixing up powder part-time. After spending years working with athletes as a Formulation Specialist and then transitioning over to Marketing, Laura was named VP in 2015 and became known around the office as the “Boss Lady.”

When not at INFINIT HQ, you can find Laura squeezing in a workout at her favorite cycle studio, mountain biking, hiking with her two rescue Pitbulls or chilling on the deck with a good beer.

Colin Riley, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD

Head Formulation Specialist & Sports Dietitian

Colin has been with INFINIT since 2017 as the head formulation specialist. Colin is a graduate of the University of Dayton and earned a Master’s degree in Sports Nutrition from Florida State University. He is also a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD), which is the premier professional sports nutrition credential in the United States. 

Colin has been active in the endurance sports community since 2005. Colin is a 2:48 marathoner and Boston Qualifier, he was also the 2013 USA Triathlon Olympic Distance National Champion and competed as a professional triathlete from 2016-2019. He has also been a guide on the US Paratriathlon team since 2013 guiding some of the top visually impaired/blind triathletes in the US. 

Outside of INFINIT and training and racing, Colin enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, and drinking coffee — Colin earned the title of “Captain Coffee Bean” as INFINIT’s coffee connoisseur (aka Coffee Snob).

Jon Cuellar

Production Manager

Jon was born and raised in a small town in Indiana. Jon and his entire family went to Purdue, so there is a little rivalry between the Quality Control Manager. Jon also started on the ground floor as a Production Team Member. Being a team player and quick learner, Jon earned himself the reputation of being the “resident expert” after five years with the company.

When not at HQ, you can find Jon at the beach, on a golf course, or hiking around the city. Jon spends Christmas in San Diego with his family. He also loves to ski, and likes to challenge himself with double black diamond runs. He loves a thrill and is always ready for an adventure.

Josh Wheeler

Quality Control Manager

Josh is from Fairfield, Ohio, and has been with the company for three years. He started as a member of the Production Team and worked hard to understand the company from top to bottom. He uses his eye for detail to make sure all procedures are precisely followed and that every product that leaves our doors is up to INFINIT quality and purity standards.  

Josh is an avid gamer and fierce competitor. He and his family love all things Indiana University, and he regularly plays in an indoor soccer league. He usually plays goalie, but much like at INFINIT, he can assist anywhere. Josh likes to spend his free time on the golf course, playing cornhole, at the family lake house, or online playing video games.

Francisco Torres

Production Member

Francisco was born and raised in Colombia and has been with the company for four years. He first visited America on a foreign exchange program where he spent his time in Seattle. He still loves the Seahawks, much to the rest of the Production team’s dismay. He currently attends Cincinnati State where he is studying Business Management. 

Francisco is also a competitive triathlete and cyclist. His mother introduced him to the sport of triathlon when he was young, and he says his best times are still on the bike.

Lauren Schnegelsberger

Affiliate Marketing Coordinator

Lauren joined INFINIT after completing her degree at University of Cincinnati in Sports Administration. Originally from a small town in southern Ohio, Lauren moved to Cincinnati to attend UC and earn her degree in Sports Administration. A lifelong lover of all things sports, and part time coach, she understands what it takes to be an athlete and is eager to help them achieve their goals.

Outside of INFINIT HQ you can find Lauren hiking, kayaking, hanging out with friends, family, and her two dogs Gordon and Duncan.

Andrew Gilkey

Front Office Administrator

Andrew joined the INFINIT team in October of this year. He is extremely excited to be with INFINIT and hopes that maybe one day, his coworkers will give him a nickname. He  understands these things take time, though, and doesn’t want to rush the process.  Andrew is a Cincinnati native and is therefore cursed to be a Reds fan for the rest of his life. He graduated from John Carroll University, in dreaded Cleveland, in 2020 of this year where he studied English. 

There’s usually an audiobook playing in his ear when he hikes the Butler County Metroparks. He writes short stories, dramas, and poetry in his spare time and you can find his work online and in various Ohio based publications. Andrew enjoys spending time with his family, friends and dogs, Frank and Winston.

Max Fitzgerald

Production Member

A University of Missouri alumnus, Max graduated summa cum laude, which is Latin for “owe-a lotta money.” Like his formerly beloved Rams, he later moved out of St. Louis, ending up in Cincinnati, where he decided to put that English degree to use by mixing up some Custom Formulas. He likes watching professional wrestling due to its highbrow nature and playing FIFA 12 on his PS2. He’s also about to be married, so he should probably include that he likes his wife as well. A five-year INFINIT resident, Max is a devoted listener to Devon’s bowling stores, and although he doesn’t understand Spanish, he’s pretty sure Francisco talks about how they’re best friends. 

Other than walking his chunk pup Puddy 3 blocks before she lays down and traveling to as many countries as possible when there’s not a pandemic, Max’s favorite activity is referring to himself in the third person, so writing this bio was a walk in the park

Marty Church

National Account Manager

Marty is from Los Angeles and would appear to be the fish out of water for this Ohio-based company. Lucky for him, his experience racing bikes around the country has given him a solid understanding of the different markets around the US. It also helps that his wife has Midwest roots and he’s a lifelong Cincinnati Reds fan. 

Marty has been involved with endurance sports for over 30 years and loves the future of all things endurance, from gravel, triathlons, and marathons. He's married with two children active in youth baseball and soccer.

Rick Enderle

Graphic Designer

Rick joined the INFINIT team after spending some time as a designer in the automotive industry. He earned his Multimedia and Web Design degree from Cincinnati State. He also has a degree in Music Education from The University of Toledo.

Rick likes to stay busy, and is very involved in the community. He is very active in Scouting, being a leader for 2 units, as well as being involved in youth leadership training programs. He also plays saxophone in a community band, where he plays concerts at retirement homes and parks in the Cincinnati area. In his downtime, you will find him hiking, cycling, camping, or playing golf.

Michael Folan

President and CEO

Almost two decades ago, founder and CEO Michael Folan had a dream to create an isotonic, all-in-one nutrition solution that contains everything an athlete needs in one lightly flavored drink. As a ten-time IRONMAN finisher, he knew from experience that it had to provide easy-to-digest calories, while also tasting good even in extreme high-temperature conditions. 


You can find our “Chief Powder Maker” at INFINIT HQ pretty much on any given day. But in his free time, you can find him spending time with his family, playing ultimate frisbee, golfing, or strumming on his guitar.