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Custom Fuel & Hydration Creator

INFINIT Nutrition Custom Hydration Formula
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Create your own personal sports fuel & electrolyte drink mix!

Dial in your flavor, carbs, electrolytes, add protein and more by adjusting the sliders. View nutrition info and ingredients below in "My Formula Summary"

Starting at just $2.60
per serving (hour of nutrition)

Create Your Blend

Choose a Flavor

Naturally flavored and sweetened with only real cane sugar. No stevia, sugar alcohols, or artificial sweeteners.

Flavor Intensity

Dial the slider down for a lightly flavored mix, or bump it up for a more intense flavor experience.



Select the amount of calories (from carbohydrates) you're want per serving.


Type of Carbohydrate

Adjust the ratio of simple to complex carbs in your formula.

Simple Carbs
Complex Carbs


The INFINIT electrolyte blend is an exclusive blend of sea salt, potassium, magnesium & calcium.



Keep your mix protein-free or toggle the slider to add protein. Recommended for endurance blends to curb hunger.

10g per serving


Toggle the slider to add branched chain amino acids (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine) to your formula.

3g per serving


Keep your mix caffeine-free or toggle the slider to add caffeine to your formula.

200 mg per serving

Choose a Package Size

Choose how you'd like it packaged — From easy on-the-go single serving sachets to multi-serving bags.

Boost Your Blend

Add any of our Dietitan-curated nutritional boosts to take your blend to the next level.

Name Your Mix

My Formula Summary

Here's a breakdown on your mix. (Spoiler: It's looking pretty awesome!)

Name Enter a formula name
Flavor Select a flavor
Protein Select a protein INFINIT Whey Isolate
Package Size Select a package size
Boosts Add some boosts!
Osmolality ()
Sodium mg
Soy Free
Gluten Free
Colors/Dyes Free
Artificial Sweetner Free
Made in USA

Supplement Facts & Nutrition Info

The nutrition label will display after you have made some selections above!

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Questions? We’re Here to Help

Work with a Registered Dietitian to design the perfect nutrition blend to match your fitness and performance goals. This complimentary service is for everyone, from weekend warriors to elite athletes. Connect with an expert
INFINIT Nutrition Consult a Specialist Dietitians & Formulation Specialists

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Another winner!!!!!
Feb 20, 2024
Another winner!!!!! My custom endurance blend keeps me smooth and steady throughout my workout.
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everything anyone needs for extended ...
Feb 4, 2024
everything anyone needs for extended efforts.
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My custom blend of Infiniti ...
Feb 2, 2024
My custom blend of Infinit Go Far is what I rely on, almost weekly for any ride that’s three hours or more. That includes a 45 mile ride to 202 miles. The five hour personal test followed by my telephone consult has created my custom blend for me, here in hot and humid SE Florida. My Go Far custom blend allows me to Go Really Far with just a little water from time to time.
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Love my Custom Formulation
Jan 29, 2024
Been using Infinit for years. I love that I can fine tune the custom formulation to meet my changing needs. Added protein a few years ago which made a huge difference!
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Long time user here.
Jan 19, 2024
Long time user here. Cyclist. I use this custom fuel Go Far for my rides greater than 2 hours. One bottle per hour does the trick, including for rides that I"ve done of 7 hours where 95% of total fuel was from my custom blend Go Far. I am a sweaty cycling dude, and plagued by cramps at the end of long rides in the final 20 miles. This issue was solved (cramps, not the sweating), with this mix 4 years ago, and I've never considered another product. Initially, I tried multiple other products but none worked to the degree of success I"ve had with Infinit. My blend increases the base electrolytes, moderate protein, mild to moderate taste. Place a serving in a sandwich or snack baggie for each hour of fuel on long rides.... then filling a water bottle with water at a support station , and dumping the baggie of Infinit into the bottle ... and good to go. I"ve rolled off 120 mile ride start lines with 2 prepared full bottles and 5 baggies planning a 7 hour ride on many occasions. Works just awesome! Thanks Infinit!
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Jan 5, 2024
SOLVED MY FUELING PROBLEMS! I met Michael at the BWR in AZ last year and he was kind enough to answering my questions for over an hour. He was confident that I would no longer have issues if I switched to his product. Boy was he right. I did my next race with "my" mix because I still had a large supply and that was a mistake. I went home and dumped my "Old" stuff and switched to Infinit and have not had an issue since. No Cramping, Bonking, ANY ISSUES AT ALL! Thank you for all your help Infinit Team!
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Always love using Infinit for ...
Dec 21, 2023
Always love using Infinit for my hydration/fuel for training & races. I love how I can dial it in to meet my personal goals. I’ve been a loyal customer since 2019!
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My endurance blend keeps me my game.
Nov 29, 2023
My endurance blend keeps me going on the bike, on the run and after my swim. I liked the watermelon flavor; not heavy or sweet but just enough to say yep it’s watermelon.
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Game changer
Nov 21, 2023
Custom hydration powders were a game changer for me. I tried it for the first time 3 weeks before my first Ironman, and never looked back. Since then, with only minor tweaks, my formula has gotten me through multiple full and half iron distance races and marathons, and all the training leading up to each race.
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Over the years, I've had ...
Nov 17, 2023
Over the years, I've had some great races.... with a few memorable "character builders" thrown in where the wheels came off in a big way. It was frustrating to train months for an A race, and not have a reliable fueling protocol to keep me hydrated, and free from cramps and GI distress. Enter INFINIT and the ability to dial in a custom mix. I've used this for indoor training (Pain Cave) blends, tweaked it for summer races, and colder bike racing. It has given me an edge, yes- but it has also removed the uncertainty over the what, when, and how so I can be in the moment. Use the slider, give it a go, and grab the reigns of your fueling protocol!
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