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2024 Team INFINIT Elite

Team INFINIT Elite Athletes 2024

Meet the athletes that make up the 2024 Team INFINIT Elite roster — We’re proud to fuel these incredible athletes as they chase their dreams and show the world what it means to be INFINIT.


Ironman 70.3 World Champion 
Paralympian (guide)
32 x 70.3 Distance Champion
8 x Ironman Champion
60+ Career Victories
4 x USAT Triathlete of the Year

For over 20 years, Andy Potts has been a constant presence on the triathlon scene. Known as the “Good Guy of Triathlon,” Andy’s career started at the University of Michigan where he was a 6-time All-American in swimming and competed on the track team his senior year. This duel-disciplined college career was Andy’s springboard into the world of Triathlon.

Andy was USA Triathlon’s 2003 Rookie of the year and quickly progressed to the top of the sporting world by representing the United States in the 2004 Olympics. In 2007, Andy won gold at the Pan-American games in triathlon, won Ironman 70.3 World Championship, was USAT’s triathlete of the year, and was named Triathlete Magazine’s All-Round global triathlete of the year. 

"Where has this been all my life? I wish I had found Infinit earlier on in my career"

As his career evolved, Andy has begun coaching and helping shape the next generation of triathletes. Andy is a dedicated father, coach, and athlete. He is passionate about sharing his experience with all who are interested in getting more out of their sport and ultimately, more out of themselves; to learn more about Andy, his career, and his coaching, check out his website.

With his custom blends, Andy’s nutrition is dialed-in perfectly as he adds to his impressive record of 32 Ironman 70.3 victories and over 60 first-place finishes.


2023 Para-Cycling Road World Cup - 1st overall -1st (Road Race), 2nd (TT)
2022 UCI Para-cycling Track World Championships - 3rd (3K individual pursuit WC3, omnium, scratch)
2022 Para-cycling Road World Championships - 1st (time trial), 2nd (road race)
2020 Tokyo Paralympics - 4th (individual pursuit); 5th (time trial); 6th (road race)
2020 World Championships - 1st (time trial, omnium), 2nd (scratch, individual pursuit)
2019 World Championships - 3rd (road race, time trial)
2019 Parapan American Games - 1st (Road Time Trial, Road Race, Individual Pursuit), 3rd (Time attack)

Clara Brown is a para cyclist and Paralympian. Growing up in Falmouth, Maine, Clara was an avid athlete enjoying everything from gymnastics to running and skiing, until a gymnastics accident when she was 12 damaged her spinal cord. After years of guelling rehab, Clara got back into sports as a coxswain on her high school crew team. This reexposure to competition drove her to restart her athletic career.

"I’ve sworn by INFINIT’s products since discovering them a few years ago, and can’t believe I’m part of the team now!"

In college, Clara got a road bike and began racing. By age 26, she was already a world champion and olympian. Clara continues to push herself to higher levels and show us all what it means to be a champion.

Clara uses SPEED high-intensity fuel for all her training and racing. INFINIT Nutrition is excited to fuel Clara as she continues to dominate the cycling world and shatter expectations as a member of Team INFINIT.


2023 Long Trail (VT) Unsupported FKT
2023 Winter White Mountains Hut Traverse FKT
2023 Krampuslauf Trail Race - 1st
2023 Bubba's Backyard Ultramarathon - 2nd
2022 New Hampshire 4000 Footers Overall (Supported) FKT
2021 Bubba's Backyard Ultramarathon - 5th
2020 New Hampshire 4000 Footers Unsupported (Direttissima) FKT
2019 - Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker
3x FKT of the Year Nomine

Will is a 25-year-old ultra-runner, backpacker, and medical student at Dartmouth College. Originally from southern Maine, he grew up in the outdoors skiing and hiking, but didn't get into long distance backpacking until 2018. In 2019 he hiked the 2,200-mile Appalachian Trail, and since then he's been challenging himself by taking on the largest multi-day trail running speed records in New England. 

Most recently this culminated in Will taking over a day and a half off of the Unsupported FKT (Fastest Known Time) for the Long Trail in Vermont, a premier FKT route and one of the most competitive routes in the country (also clocking the 2nd fastest overall time on the Long Trail, regardless of support style). This year Will has his eyes on several more 100-mile and multi-day records in New England.


2024 Mt. Washington Road Race - 3rd Female
2023 Mt. Washington Road Race - 1st overall
2022 Ironman Mont Tremblant 70.3 - 2nd Pro
2022 Mount Washington Road Race - 2nd overall 
2021 Snowshoe Nationals - 5th

2019 Half Marathon National Snowshoe Champion

2019 Ironman 70.3 Mont Tremblant - 7th Pro Female (70.3 World Championship Qualification)
2019 Ironman 70.3 Austria - 8th Pro Female
2019 Ironman 70.3 Switzerland - 7th Pro
2018 70.3 Dun Luoghaire - 3rd Pro
2015 Iceland Ultramarathon Champion
3x National Snowshoe Champion
2014 Ironman Lake Placid Champion

Amber Ferreira is an all-around endurance machine. Amber is a long-time member of Team INFINIT, a dedicated mom, coach, and physical therapist.

After a successful running career at Northeastern University, Amber broadened her horizons and began dabbling in multisport and triathlon as a way to combat some chronic run-related injuries she was dealing with.

Amber was introduced to INFINIT back in 2014 as a member of the since-disbanded Maverick Multisport triathlon team and has been fueling with INFINIT ever since. 

"Setting up my INFINIT mixes was super easy and actually fun. It took only about 15 minutes and they were great. During the call, the Dietitian taught me everything I needed to know about my blends. I didn’t need any expertise, I just answered their questions and they did all the work for me. I was able to tweak my custom INFINIT formula for long course and short course racing to maximize my potential and abolish any GI issues."


2024 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo - 1st Male Team (New Overall Course Record)
2021 Unbound XL Champion
2020 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo - 2nd Solo Male
2019 NUE True Grit Epic - 1st Overall
2019 Prickly Pedal - 2nd Pro Male
2019 Papago 6 Hour - 1st (New Solo Male Course Record)
2018 True Grit Epic NUE - 1st
2018 24 Hours in Old Pueblo Solo - 1st Overall
2018 24 Hour World Championships - 2nd Overall
2017 True Grit Epic NUE - 1st

Taylor Lideen is a pro endurance cyclist and athlete mental health advocate based in Bella Vista, Arkansas. Taylor grew up racing motocross, but found his love for pedaling young. 2014 introduced Taylor to enduro racing where he dominated the amateur field, taking first overall in the Big Mountain Enduro Series.

In 2016, in his rookie year as a pro mountain bike racer, he took 3rd overall in the National Ultra Endurance Series. The next year, Taylor was introduced to INFINIT Nutrition. He was desperate for relief from long standing GI issues, and after working closely with the naturopathic doctor who referred him, Taylor created his own INFINIT custom formula. After his stomach issues were taken care of, and nutrition was dialed in, he was able to put more energy and focus on his riding and has gone on to top podiums and break records in the endurance mountain bike and gravel race circuits.

Taylor is an outspoken mental health advocate and has been open about sharing his own mental health journey, as was documented in the short film SHIFTING MINDSET.

“With INFINIT, I’m confident my nutrition and hydration needs are covered, and I can eliminate any external stressors because everything is in a bottle rather than counting individual gels/bars/etc."


2023 PRO XCT Overall Champion 
2023 Year 2 Lifetime Grand Prix
2023 Volcat Platja D’Aro Spain UCI Stage Race - 1st
2023 Missoula UCI XCO - 1st
2023 Englewood Grass Farm UCI XCO - 1st
2023 Vail Lake UCI US CUP XCO - 2nd
2023 Whiskey 50 Fat Tire Crit - 2nd
2023 Downieville Classic - 2nd 
2023 Moab Rocks - 3rd
2023 Crusher in the Tushar - 7th
2023 Leadville 100 MTB - 8th
2023 Sea Otter Classic - 10th
2022 Chequamegon 40 - 1st

Bradyn Lange is a professional cyclist who developed a passion for the sport at an early age. His relentless dedication and natural talent quickly propelled him into the competitive cycling scene.

Lange's breakthrough came in his late teens when he clinched several victories in local races, catching the attention of talent scouts. His impressive performances led to an invitation to race the Lifetime Grand Prix two years in a row, providing him with the platform to showcase his abilities on a larger stage. Throughout his career, Lange has excelled in both gravel racing and mountain biking, demonstrating his versatility and adaptability on various terrains. 

Off the saddle, Lange is renowned for his commitment to promoting cycling as a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. He actively engages with fans through social media, sharing training tips, and insights into his "yurt" lifestyle. 

"Going all liquid with INFINIT has been a game changer — Taking your hands off the bars to eat could cause you to make mistakes and slow down. Being able to put 120g of carbs in a bottle keeps things simple & easy to execute so I can focus on the trail ahead."

Bradyn's Go-To Nutrition: 120g :PREMIUM Fructose Fuel


4x 24 Hour National Championship winner
4x 24 hours of Moab Champion
2x Montezuma's Revenge 24-hour solo Race Champion
2024 6 Hours of Woodstock - 1st Overall
2020 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Solo Champion
2019 Butte 100 - 1st
2019 Royal Gorge 12 Hour - 1st
2019 Buena Vista 720 - 1st
2019 Sedona Big Friggin Loop - 1st
2018-2019 Tommy Knocker 10 Hour - 1st
2018-2019 Salida 720 - 1st
2018 12 Hour in the Wild West - 1st

Josh Tostado is a veteran endurance mountain biker who has earned legendary status. His first ever race was Montezuma's Revenge, a 24-hour bike marathon that is generally reserved for only the most experienced riders. Josh entered solely for the challenge of completing the race… He ended up finishing 4th. Josh came back just two years later and not only won the race but also set records for both distance and altitude, as he rode 156 miles with 32,350 feet of altitude change over 24 hours. Since then, Josh has been tearing up the endurance mountain biking scene.

Throughout his career, Josh has won the Breckenridge 100 seven times, making him the most decorated athlete in the history of the event. Josh also is a 4-time 24-Hour Solo National Champion.

"I like to be able to make a mix how I want it, and because it works. I feel like I can perform up to my potential when I use INFINIT."


2023 UTMB World Championship Qualifier - 10th Female
2023 MOAB 240 - 3rd female (15th Overall) 
2022 Ute 100 - 1st Female (3rd Overall)

Elle Jones grew up in Alabama but has lived in California and now, Utah since 2016. Elle discovered trail running as a hobby in 2019 as a way to process life. She quickly fell in love with mountain running in the Wasatch mountains. This passion turned into more and more mileage for fun and she eventually ran to her first Ultra distance in 2020 with the infamously steep Speedgoat 50k. 

For Elle, endurance running serves as a community, a source of connection, and a medium for mental and physical growth. A single mom to one incredible son. She carries the lessons learned on the trail into her everyday life and serves as an example of dreaming big and chasing audacious goals for herself as well as her son.

She owes her ability to sustain energy and keep her stomach in check for these long efforts to INFINIT providing all the nutrients and staying consistent in her nutrition when out running multiple days at a time, as well as all of the long training runs and training races to prepare for these more extensive efforts.

In 2024 Elle is looking forward to racing in UTMB 100-Mile Mont Blanc Trail Running Championship and another 200+ Mile race in prep for an entire season of multiple 200+ mile races scheduled for 2025. Her long-term vision includes conquering the 567-mile Colorado Trail and the 800-mile Arizona Trail and whatever else she dreams up in the meantime.


2023 Ironman 70.3 Oceanside - 12th Place
2023 Ironman Mt. Tremblant - 10th Place
2023 Ironman 70.3 Augusta - 10th Place
2023 Ironman 70.3 Cabo - 11th Place
2023 Ironman 70.3 Indian Wells - 11th place
2022 Ironman 70.3 Cabo - 5th Place 

Born and raised in Hood River, Oregon, Kayla Bowker attended Gonzaga University where she earned a biology degree. Kayla’s permanent residence is now Spokane, WA where she lives, works, and trains.

Kayla got into triathlon as a way to find herself during a rough patch in her life. Since then, she has made it her mission to help others find that very same thing, recently through the development of her coaching business, and through the documentation of her journey on her popular blog and Instagram Where Your Feet Take You.

INFINIT has not only played a huge factor in her success as an athlete but as a coach as well because it provides an easy way for Kayla to help others nail their race day nutrition as they journey to their own finish line.

"I started using INFINIT years ago and since then I have come to love everything about it. It was the only product that really allowed me to chase my dreams without having to chase a porta potty."


2024 Paris Paralympics Team USA Member
2023 World Triathlon Para Series Montreal - 3rd (PTVI)
2022 Toyota USA Paratriathlon National Championships - 1st (PTVI)
2022 World Triathlon Para Series Montreal - 1st (PTVI)
2021 World Triathlon Para Championships Abu Dhabi - 3rd (PTVI)
2021 Sarasota Paratriathlon Invitational - 1st (PTVI)
2021 World Triathlon Para Series Yokohama - 1st (PTVI)
2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games - 5th (PTVI)

After losing his vision resulting from a battle with retinoblastoma (rare cancer of the eye) at the age of 6, Kyle Coon never once let his hardship prevent him from pursuing his goals and has gone on to become a competitive rock climber, downhill skier, runner and triathlete.

He began pursuing a life of adventure in his teenage years — Hiking to Machu Picchu in 2006, and successfully summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro the following year at the age of 15. In 2018 after graduating from the University of Central Florida, he became the first completely blind individual to complete an IRONMAN triathlon in under 11 hours. Three years later, he was selected to represent Team USA at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics and he is training to make the team again in 2024.

Kyle constantly pursues an “Eyeronvision,” embracing adversity and epitomizing commitment, determination, and vision toward achieving his goals. Turning his vision loss into a pillar of inspiration for others, Kyle exemplifies what it means to triumph over adversity.

“INFINIT has powered me for all of my races and training since the beginning of 2021. It tastes awesome, and I love that I can customize everything about it!"


2024 Race Across the West (RAW) - 1st solo under 50
2023 Silver State 508 - 1st 

2023 Hoodoo 500 - 1st overall
2023 Race Across the West (RAW) - 1st division (team open bike)
2023 Texas Longhorn 500 - 2nd overall (1st division)
2022 24 hr World Time Trial Championships - 6th
2022 California Triple Crown Gold Jersey - 1st
Grand Slam Cyclist of the 2022

Caleb is a veteran of the US Military. He served in the US Army for many years until he was forced to medically retire following an injury he sustained during active duty. After his recovery, Caleb eventually found the sport of cycling and never turned back.

Caleb went from an ordinary cyclist to an ultra cyclist due to his immense passion for the sport, not to mention his incredible talent for ultra-distance riding.

He won the California Triple Crown Gold Jersey by completing 5 double centuries. He was awarded the Grand Slam Cyclist of the Year award 4 Planet Ultra centuries. In 2020, he biked the entire Tour De France, 2164 miles in 21 days (same length of each stage in the same day the cyclists rode it during the race just without the elevation) for the Independence Fund to help support veterans and their families. 


2023 Ironman 70.3 Augusta - 12th Pro
2021 Ironman 70.3 Galveston - 1st Overall Age Group
2021 Ironman 70.3 Arizona - 1st Overall 
2021 Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga - 2nd Overall

Branden is a 2nd-year pro triathlete from the midwest, born and raised in North Dakota. After a collegiate Division 1 running career, Branden broke off to explore the world of triathlon. In his first 70.3 he took 2nd overall in his age group and he was hooked! Later earning his pro card in 2023.

Branden loves everything about the sport of triathlon. In addition to racing at the pro level, he also manages his own triathlon team and coaching business to help others grow in the sport! 

He enjoys traveling around the world to race, competing in South Africa, Australia, Switzerland, and France. He is the “fittest he’s ever been” entering the 2024 season and is looking forward to a packed racing schedule this year, and hopes to put up some awesome splits in 2024.


2022 Ironman 70.3 Cabo - 4th Female Elite 
2022 Ironman 70.3 Augusta - 5th Female Elite
2021 Utah Valley Half Marathon - 1st Female Elite
2020 Tushars Mountain Runs Half Marathon - 1st Female (Course Record)
2020 USA Elite Trail Marathon Nationals - 8th Overall

2019 Ironman 70.3 Indian Wells - 6th Female Elite
2019 Big Savage Challenge - 1st Female Elite
2019 Tacoma Half Marathon - 1st Female Overall
2018 Ironman 70.3 Santa Rosa - 5th Female Elite
2018 Ironman 70.3 Victoria - 6th Female Elite
2015 Ironman 70.3 World Championships - 5th

Alycia Hill is a professional triathlete based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Alycia was introduced to triathlon by her father and has loved the sport since. Alycia feels fortunate that she can share this sport with her father, and feels a deep kinship within the triathlon community, “I enjoy competing in triathlon because of the welcoming endurance community, and because every time I toe the line to race it is a chance to push myself beyond limits that I ever thought possible."

Alycia has shown incredible consistency throughout her triathlon career, finishing near the front of every race since 2016. She has been using INFINIT for 8 years and loves being able to customize her formula, and the peace of mind of knowing that there will be no added colors or chemicals. She’s currently working at the University of Utah in Orthopedics & Sports Medicine as a Nurse Practitioner, all while maintaining a heavy racing schedule.


2022 and 2023 24 hour World Time Trial Champion 
2023 Echelon Racing League Para Champ
2023 Race Across the West (RAW) - 1st division (team open bike)
2022 6 Hour Virtual World Time Trial Champion
2021 & 2020 24 Hour Virtual World Time Trial Champion (Recumbent Trike)
2021 LoToJa Finisher (1st ever recumbent trike finisher)

100 km Road Record: 100 km in 02:58:19.06 = 33.65 kph
200 km Road Record: 200 km in 07:37:40.59 = 26.22 kph
300 km Road Record: 300 km in 11:12:02.00 = 26.78 kph
500 km Road Record: 500 km in 23:06:57.53 = 21.63 kph
100 mile Road Record: 100 miles in 05:42:44.84 = 17.51 mph
200 mile Road Record: 200 miles in 12:06:35.69 = 16.52 mph
300 mile Road Record: 300 miles in 21:04:06.82 = 14.24 mph
6 hour Road Record: 106.29 miles in 6 hours = 17.72 mph (171.06 Km = 28.51 kph)
12 hour Road Record: 199.29 Miles in 12 hours = 16.61 mph (320.73 Km = 26.73 kph)
24 hour Road Record: 322.91 miles in 24 hours = 13.45 mph (519.67 Km = 21.65 kph)

Caleb is a U.S. Army veteran and a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point (USMA). After serving his country for nearly a decade, he was injured in the line of duty, an injury that has permanently affected his mobility.

Caleb’s goal was to compete in the Olympics through the Army’s World Class Athlete program, but his injury sidelined those dreams. Given his new reality, Caleb turned to pursuing a new dream of competing in the Paralympics with hopes of inspiring other disabled veterans to cope with their circumstances.


2024 GRUSK 80 Tall - 2nd AG
2021 Ironman 70.3 Augusta - 5th AG
2019 Ironman 70.3 Ohio - 1st AG (5th Overall Female)
2018 Ironman Maryland - 1st Overall AG (2nd Overall Female)
2018 Ironman Lake Placid 70.3 - 1st Overall AG (3rd Overall Female)
2018 Ironman Santa Rosa 70.3 - 1st Overall AG 
2018 Ironman Eagleman 70.3 - 1st Overall AG 
2x Ironman World Championship Finisher
2017 Ironman World Championships Kona - Top 10 AG
2017 Ironman 70.3 World Championships Chattanooga - 5th AG

Ginny has been racing in triathlon for the past 10 years. She fell in love with this sport during her first race and has remained driven ever since. A two-time Kona finisher, on her second trip to big island she finished in the top 10. That same year she went on to podium at 70.3 Worlds in Chattanooga.

No stranger to adversity. Whether it was from a torn plantar fascia, a stress fracture in her foot, a torn hip labrum, or a stress fracture in her hip, she kept coming back. Last year she fought her way back from a broken ankle and surgery. Leaving her with a metal plate and screws, and a ton of rehab. 

"INFINIT takes the guesswork out of nutrition needs and gives me THE ultimate plan."



Dryve Racing is an elite MTB program that races at the UCI Level throughout US, Canada, and Europe, as well as at the state and local levels. They can be found in their signature pink, bringing the fun and joy to bike racing, while taking several top-25 UCI finishes, winning state titles, and competing alongside other elites from around the world. 

Dryve is an active member of the biking community hosting skills clinics, group rides, and building trails, while actively supporting new riders — Cheering shirtless in the rain, baking and sharing cookies, and bringing folks together with post-race movie nights and dinners at their team tent is their MO. Dryve Racing is not just about being fast, but having a good time, and ensuring others do too, along the way.


The United Cycling Team was founded in 2018 by Justin Stanley. The Women's Team was created in 2020 by Lauren Koon and the Men's Team was taken over by Grayson Keppler in 2021. What started out as a local club team, has since grown to a National Level Domestic Elite Team.

The team started out with around 20 riders and has expanded to almost 100 riders and racers, ranging from club, masters and elite, on both the men and women's teams. They have secured podium spots in some of the most prestigious races in the US, including USA Cycling Master's Nationals, Tulsa Tough, Joe Martin Stage Race, multiple State Championship titles, and many more! They are also known as a dominate Texas based team in the local racing scene. The team is looking forward to 2023 and many more successes! 


11eleven Cycling is a Category 1-2 road bicycle racing team in the Cincinnati area.  They compete locally, regionally, and nationally in road races, criteriums, time trials, omniums, and stage races as well as some off-road events such as gravel and mountain biking.  

The team comprises a close-knit group of friends including current and former state champions who take pride in working together for the team result.  11eleven Cycling is active in the cycling community to guide and encourage new riders as they enter the sport, and as of 2022 is the race promoter for the beloved Hyde Park Blast Criterium.