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A Note from the Chief Powder Maker

Pumpkins and gourds, text "Happy thanksgiving"

We hope that this note finds all of our INFINIT family with your feet up, getting an extra hour in your favorite chair after a long and successful season. It has been an amazing ride for the past 12 months here at INFINIT headquarters. ​We are blessed to continue to grow our business,​ but have still maintained the important personal relationships with our customers. I still see customers’ names that were the early adapters 11 years ago!

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Pan-Am Championships Recap

Cincinnati Cyclocross race image, text "OVCX Cincinnati Cyclocross"

As the sun set on the final UCI race the Kingswood Cyclocross venue in Mason, Ohio Stephen Hyde (Cannondale Cyclocross World) crossed the finish line, arms aloft in front of a loud crowd to take his second victory in as many days of racing at the Cincy CX Festival with PanAm Championships. The men’s Pro UCI C1 (highest international category) at Kings on Sunday capped off two days of racing for amateurs and professionals alike.

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INFINIT Fueled D3 Multisport to Have Huge Kona Presence

D3 Multisport logo, text "Desire Determination Diiscipline"
The Super Bowl event for triathlon is on it’s 10 day countdown to Saturday, October 8, 2016 in Kona,Hawaii. The Ironman World Championships are here and for those who compete in triathlon, it’s our special day. The pro field is stronger than ever, but the real stories are within the age group athletes and the industry related companies who help them. These athletes have demonstrated desire, determination and discipline to qualify for this epic event.

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If You Slow Down, You Go Down

Tom Cawood pushing his wife in his bike, text "If you slow down, you go down"

At age 81, INFINIT user, Tom Cawood, accomplished what many others only dream of. He rode his bike across country, dipping his bike tire in the Pacific Ocean and then again in the Atlantic just a couple short months later. Below is Tom's story, which is an inspiration and a reminder to all of us to never slow down!

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The Next Generation of INFINIT Athletes

Maddy frank getting supported by coaches, text "Back to School edition"

As the summer comes to an end and the school year begins, some INFINIT athletes are faced with the task of balancing a full school schedule and a packed racing calendar. With training schedules, class, and homework a lot of kids can get overwhelmed but these INFINIT athletes have it down to a science. Maddy Frank, Lucy Westlake, and the Prochain Cycling team all put being students before athletes but still continue to succeed at the highest level of their individual sport.

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Olympian Interview: Brian and Caitlin Gregg

Brian Gregg posing nex to the Olympic Rings, text "team Gregg"
With the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio fast approaching INFINIT wanted to get an idea of just what being an Olympian really means.  To do so, we reached out to Brian and Caitlin Gregg, two Olympic skiers and INFINIT athletes, to see what it really means to represent your home nation on a world stage.

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KHS cycle racing team going into turn, text "KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo"

With over 40 wins per season over the past 6 years and & multiple state and national titles, the KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo team is one of the best cycling teams in the US. INFINIT nutrition is partnered with the KHS-Maxxis-JLVelo cycling team to provide them with all of their nutritional racing needs.

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Into The Mountains

Tour cycling group led by Frankie Andreu, text "Into The Mountains"

As the Tour de France heads into its last week of competition, the race distances will get substantially shorter but that does not mean they get any easier.  After rest day two this Tuesday, the riders head into the mountains for some of the most difficult climbing days on the planet.  Having already completed the incredibly strenuous, 1800 m climb that is Mont Ventoux, the riders already know what’s to come.  With only 5 stages left in the tour the riders are ready to settle in and take on the mountains of western Europe.  This week, Frankie Andreu explains just what it will take to propel riders over the top, as they prepare to finish one of the longest months of riding in their lives.

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