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Meet Team INFINIT 2017: AJ Baucco

A.J. Baucco on a bicycle on a country road, text "Professional triathlete AJ Baucco"

Athlete Highlights:

  • Personal Best Ironman: 8:34
  • 2016 Major League Triathlon Champion
  • 2014 Kona Beer-Mile Champion

In the sport of Triathlon, AJ Baucco is known for his personality and his style just as much as his race results. As a former punk rock drummer, AJ is very unique in the sport of triathlon. He spent much of his teenage years touring the US with his band, while living out of a van. When he was in his early 20s, a friend introduced him to the sport of triathlon. Triathlon gave AJ direction in his hectic life and it soon began to consume his life all together.

Aj Baucco pre-race

AJ fell in love with endurance sports pretty quickly. He had always maintained a strong work ethic, and triathlon gave him the outlet he needed at a pivotal time in his life. With multiple top 6 Ironman and Ironman 70.3 finishes, AJ is truly a world class athlete. But despite his athletic endeavors, he continues to enjoy life to the fullest. AJ was actually the first ever Kona Beer Mile Champion, a title that few can say they have ever held. AJ has become known as one of the most personable athletes in the sport of triathlon. He has started his own coaching company, AJ Baucco Coaching, and his own age group racing team called the Baucco Squad. His team is currently made up of over 100 athletes of all different ability levels, from all across the world.

AJ has been an INFINIT athlete for a few years now and continues to recommend INFINIT to his clients and to his team. AJ is definitely a one of a kind athlete, and he requires a one of kind blend from INFINIT. One hundred percent of AJ’s training and racing is done with his Infinit Nutrition drink mixes. Instead of relying on gels and bars, AJ mixes all of his required carbohydrates and sodium into his personal drink mix. He knows exactly how much he needs per hour in every race environment. For shorter workouts that don’t need as much fueling, AJ turns to his “sport drink replica” or his “low calorie blend”.


AJ Baucco celebrating on the podium

AJ is just getting rolling with his 2017 season. He is looking to defend his title as the 2016 Major League Triathlon Champion with super sprint races in Charlotte, Atlantic City, Vail and Cleveland. He is also planning to race several Half Distance events including Eagleman 70.3, Challenge San Gil, Ecuador 70.3, Challenge Aruba and more.

Look out for AJ and his team racing across the globe this season, and be sure to stop and say hi. If it is after a big race, you may be able to convince him to join you in raising a glass to triathlon!

WATCH: AJ Buacco Day in the Life