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Moms in Training

Mother holding child looking at plants, text "Moms in Training"

Meet a Couple of Moms Who Know How to Get it Done


Tammy Hassenpflug 

Tammy Hassenpflug on a Bike

My name is Tammy Hassenpflug and I'm a 57 year old mother of two daughters and grandmother of two beautiful girls. I didn't begin training, (running, cycling, swimming),until I was 48. All my life had been devoted strictly to training race horses and not myself. However I did gain a lot of experience from my horse training years that carried over into my own training. I quickly learned that a training schedule is very important and preventing injuries equally so.

Being properly fueled both on a day-to-day basis and during a workout is key to developing your own body into performing at its best. I've found that I do best if I keep things simple. A simple diet of eating a good variety of fruits, nuts and vegetables with lots of good protein is easy for me because I love those things. I don't eat red meat although I do eat chicken, turkey, and lots of fish. During my workouts I rely on my custom formula to keep me fueled and motivated. I prefer not to eat solid food during a strenuous workout and get all my nutrition calories and caffeine from my Infinit Nutrition formula.

Tammy Hassenplfug in a wetsuit

Balancing training with life, family, a job, is difficult for sure! I do best if I get my workout in first thing in the morning. I will get up as early I need to to make this happen. By having it out-of-the-way it relieves all the stress that I feel trying to work it in at some other time during the day. I learned that you cannot sweat the missed workouts, you just have to move on, be adaptable, and roll with the punches that life throws at you. Having a supportive spouse or another training partner really helps a lot, and I am so very fortunate to have a supportive husband and best friend. I love technology and information and never stop learning. For sure no one ever knows it all and we are constantly changing and evolving with all sports. I hope to continue this journey through my aging years and maybe one day even become an Age Group National Champion in Triathlon or Aquabike!

Malissa Petrov

Malissa Petrov and family

My name is Malissa Petrov, I'm 49 and a mother of two very active boys who are both elite level cyclists ages 14 and 18. I've always led a pretty active lifestyle running marathons in my 20s and 30s, and then becoming an active cyclist in my late 30s and early 40s racing in local road and cyclocross races in the Ohio Valley. As my boys travel and schedules to compete across the country and the world have demanded more "Mom time," my competing has taken more of a backseat. But as a family, we have traveled from coast to coast, and around the world for racing and training, and INFINIT has been and integral part of our lives over the years in terms of providing quality all natural race and recovery nutrition. While I'm not racing anymore, I still get out for rides, and whether you are training and racing at a high elite levels or just recreational, I believe everyone can benefit from fueling their body with top quality, all natural nutrition. You want to be sure that at what ever level you compete or exercise, you are giving your body what it needs in terms of good clean fuel to perform and recover!

What I love about INFINIT is that you can customize the products to suit your unique needs, age, needs, and endeavors. When my kids were really young we used the kids-specific formulas. For myself, I love their women's-specific formula! A few years ago, when my oldest son, Spencer, was having stomach issues, INFINIT created a unique sensitive stomach blend just for him!

We also love the Repair, for after all cross training, running, and riding workouts - it's a daily staple in our house. MUD is a must-have as well! It's great when you need that extra jolt with your morning nutrition or an afternoon pick me up after school, before a workout. With all the traveling we do, the single serving bags are so convenient for air travel and saving space on a long road trip! The formulas are clean, they are free of all the artificial colors or flavors, that's what I really love.

Lots of bike riding, hiking and traveling yet to do in our family, and we will be bringing the INFINIT along for the ride! :)