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Q&A with Pro Triathlete Ben Kanute

Q&A with Olympian and Pro Triathlete Ben Kanute

We sit down with Olympian and pro triathlete Ben Kanute as he gears up for the 2022 Collins Cup

INFINIT’s CEO Michael Folan had the opportunity to chat with Olympian and pro triathlete Ben Kanute, a captain’s pick for Team USA in the 2022 Collins Cup.

Ben joined us from Slovakia as he was preparing to compete against the best triathletes from Team Europe and Team International on Saturday, August 20th, 2022 in the Professional Triathletes Organisation's (PTO) premiere event.

Watch as we talk mantras, “dad strength” and how Ben balances his growing family with the demands of training. Plus, what a typical 30 hour training week looks like, how he eats and drinks to keep “feeding the fire” throughout the race season and beyond.