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8 Signs You Need More Protein

Female athlete near dumbbells, text overlaid "8 Signs you may need more protein in your diet"

Athletes and active people have higher protein needs but often fall short of these targets which can lead to performance declines and can even impact your overall health. We break down 8 telltale signs that you need to increase your daily protein intake, plus, tips for finding good protein sources.

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Q&A with Andy Potts

Andy Potts on bike riding during a race, text "Andy Potts Q&A"

Rapid fire Q&A session with Team INFINIT Pro Triathlete and Olympian Andy Potts. Andy runs through 15 questions from INFINIT Facebook and Instagram followers, answering questions about his training and race day strategies leading up to the Ironman World Championships in Kona and beyond.

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Steelhead 70.3

Colin Riley running down hill, text "Steelhead 70.3 Race Report by Colin Riley, MS, RDN, LD"

A couple weekends ago I raced in the Steelhead 70.3 (Half Ironman) in Benton Harbor, Michigan. This was my 2nd time racing at Steelhead but the last time I raced here was back in 2010 where I set my 70.3 PR with a time of 4:16:06. This is my 3rd year racing a professional triathlete and I have dabbled in a few 70.3's over the last couple of years including Chattanooga (2016 and 2018) and Austin (2016 - canceled swim) and just hadn't put together a good half Ironman race in a long time.

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Moms of Multisport

Athlete running on beach, text on left "In honor of Mother's Day we celebrate the Team INFINIT, Moms of multisport"

This Mother’s Day we honor the multitasking moms of Team INFINIT. We probably all have memories of our moms helping us learn how to ride a two-wheeler, getting up early to shuttle us to swim practice, and sitting through all-day meets and competitions. On top of all that, this group of multisport mamas absolutely crush it on their own two wheels and manage to balance a demanding training load with their busy lives. They are there for their kids’ first steps, and then go out to run 20 miles of their own. From motherhood to athletics, from work to play, this is our salute to all the moms in training.

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Race Like a Pro 2018

INFINIT rider on bike in a race, text "Race like a pro 2018 Nutrition giveaway"

We want to see YOU race in black and gold this season. The Race Like a Pro 2018 Nutrition Giveaway gives you the opportunity to get your race day nutrition covered by rocking INFINIT Cuore gear while you compete and sharing with us on social media! Race Like a Pro will run throughout the entire 2018 season, but to participate you must purchase your INFINIT Cuore gear before the store closes January 28th.

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Like A Girl: The Fierce Women of INFINIT

Rosie the riveter with an INFINIT tattoo, text "Like a Girl The fierce Women of INFINIT"

“Like a girl” - A statement long used to belittle women's athletic abilities throughout history. “You throw like a girl,” “you run like a girl,” all phrases that have become so commonplace that you hear them anywhere from an elementary school payground to the corporate workplace. At INFINIT, we see things a bit differently. Swimming like a girl is swimming across the English Channel, biking like a girl is trekking across hundreds of miles of siberia, and running like a girl is just something you do after biking 112 miles and swimming 2.4.

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INFINIT And Football Club Cincinnati

INFINIT Nutrition Bag in FC Cincinnati stadium

For the past 150 Years soccer has been called "The worlds sport." Soccer is the most watched, highest attended, and most played sport in the world. 

While FC Cincinnati only came into existence in 2016, in only a year the club has shown its muscle. Playing in the USL with MLS dreams, FCC made the playoffs in its opening year, set the record for USL attendence, the record for highest attendence in the State of Ohio for a soccer match, and beat their Ohio MLS rivals, the Columbus Crew, to advance in the 2017 Lamar Hunt Open Cup. 

 INFINIT Bag and bottle on FCC pitch

"INFINIT has a proven product that allows me to customize the drink down to every nutrient to help fuel and hydrate the players properly. "


INFINIT Fuels FC Cincinnati with a specially designed custom formula during their rigorous practices and training regimen. While FCC works to win games, vie for championships, and head towards the MLS, INFINIT is keeping the team fueled and hydrated with their all-natural sports fuel, so the athletes are able to perform at their best. FCC Athletic Trainer, Aaron Powell, outlined what he wanted to see in his team’s sports drink mix, and INFINIT was able to design a custom blend to his exact specifications. The goal was to create a sports fuel that is lower in sugar than other sports drinks, but leaving plenty of carbs to keep players going strong, and ample electrolytes to keep them hydrated through even the most grueling summer conditions.


"Our players' performance is highly dependent on what they put in their bodies. If a player isn't fueled or hydrated, their performance suffers," explained Aaron. "INFINIT has a proven product that allows me to customize the drink down to every nutrient to help fuel and hydrate the players properly. It's also reassuring that INFINIT uses high quality and clean ingredients, so I'm confident that the players are consuming a safe, world-class product with no additives."


INFINIT Bag and Gear in FCC locker

FCC's has continued its dominance this year with another MLS upset. FC took down Chicago Fire in a shootout win in the 5th round of the U.S Open Cup which took place June 28th at home in Cincinnati. 

FC Cincinnati home games have gotten national and international publicity by drawing record attendance numbers. Matchups held at their home field, Nippert Stadium, typically see crowds of 20,000+, with the big rivalry and cup games attracting numbers north of 30,000! 


FCC has some big games coming up on their schedule. The club will be facing off against 6 time La Liga Champion, 7 time Copa del Rey, and 6 time EUFA Cup Champion, Valencia Club de Fútball (Valencia CF) in Cincinnati on July 24th, and they continue their run in the U.S Open Cup against FC Miami on Wednesday, July 12th.




Check out our soccer specific formulation designed in coordination with FC Cincinnati:  

View the :FUTBOL Sports Fuel


FCC's Trainer discusses why FCC Chooses INFINIT:

Thank You, Dad

Lucy Westlake and Her Father, text "Thank you, Dad"

At the age of 13 most of us are hanging out with our friends, stressed about our complicated middle school lives, and anxious for high school to start in a year. 13 year old Lucy Westlake is not like most of us. At the age of 13 Lucy is attempting to become the youngest girl to summit the highest mountain in each of the 50 U.S. States. 

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