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Moms of Multisport

Athlete running on beach, text on left "In honor of Mother's Day we celebrate the Team INFINIT, Moms of multisport"

Moms… Moms are incredible. They juggle the demands of taking care of a family, building a career, and essentially organizing the chaos of everyday life, and that’s just before noon, and yet somehow make it all look so easy. 

This Mother’s Day we honor the multitasking moms of Team INFINIT. We probably all have memories of our moms helping us learn how to ride a two-wheeler, getting up early to shuttle us to swim practice, and sitting through all-day meets and competitions. On top of all that, this group of multisport mamas absolutely crush it on their own two wheels and manage to balance a demanding training load with their busy lives. They are there for their kids’ first steps, and then go out to run 20 miles of their own. From motherhood to athletics, from work to play, this is our salute to all the moms in training. 


Molly Roohi

Molly Roohi and child 

Molly Roohi is a professional triathlete and a mother. She began running in second grade and ran her first marathon in college. Since then she has gone on to have a son, earn a masters degree, and maintain her status as a professional triathlete. Molly is constantly training and developing herself as an athlete, and she often brings her son, Kian, along for the ride (thank goodness for the invention of jogging strollers — Can I get an amen?!). 


Molly has been an INFINIT athlete for 5 years and cheers on the value of her custom mix. “When I developed my custom formula with INFINIT, I finally had everything I wanted in one bottle. Gone was the rudimentary chemistry, guesswork, and finger-crossing. With INFINIT I have my nutrition dialed in for race day. After so many hours of swimming, cycling, and running it’s such a comfort to know my race effort will be reinforced, not compromised, by fueling."


Courtney Culligan


Courtney Culligan and family

Courtney Culligan does it all! She is a mother, a teacher, a triathlete, and a coach. Courtney races and serves as an ambassador for Team USA Triathlon, ambassador for Team USA Triathlon and her three sons are her biggest fans. When asked how she can manage to train for multisport events and successfully balance her busy life, she says “The simple truth is that I absolutely love everything I do, so it seems to come naturally. In my eyes, life is a journey of self-discovery, re-invention, prioritizing, re-prioritizing, lessons learned, dreams realized and passions followed.” Courtney’s expertise in balancing a career, motherhood, and competing in triathlons has given her a wealth of knowledge that she passes on to other athletes through coaching. 


Courtney uses a custom formula to keep away the cramps and to help keep her fueled for all of her races. In addition to her custom blend, she is a big fan of :REPAIR and :NOCTURNE to help her recover properly, and get back to all that she does. 


Ginny Cataldi 


Ginny Cataldi and children underwater

Ginny Cataldi is an elite triathlete, as well as a teacher, and a mother of two. While working full time, she manages to handle motherhood and a rigorous training regimen. Driven by an all-consuming desire for success, she works day in and day out to be all she can be. Her tireless work ethic and drive has led her to become a beacon for people trying to find themselves, saying, “Everyone has a story.  Everyone has something they battle.  My goals are to give hope, advice, and motivation.” She believes that each person has their own barometer of success, and believes that passion is the key to her’s. 


New to Team INFINIT, Ginny knows INFINIT will help streamline her training, racing, and recovery this year, giving her better results and less to toy with. With INFINIT in her corner, this season Ginny is “looking forward to taking the guesswork out of nutritional needs and having THE ultimate plan.”


Every mom has a story, every athlete has a story. We here at INFINIT send a heartfelt shout out to all that moms do, and all they are capable of. For every mile ridden, and hug given, we say “Thank you, mom.”  


Calling all Moms — we want to celebrate you too!

Join our INFINIT Community Facebook group and share a picture of training or celebrating your feats with your kids. Tell us how being a mom has helped you as an athlete!