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INFINIT Goes Plant-based

Single package of INFINIT Go Far, text "New Go Far Endurance Fuel + Plant Protein"

Introducing our First Plant-based Preset Blend Formulated to Meet the Needs of Vegan Endurance Athletes

Spring is springing, days are growing warmer and longer... and so are the workouts.

Here at INFINIT HQ, we've been working hard behind the scenes on a brand new PRESET Blend featuring our #1 most requested CUSTOM option — Vegan protein!

You asked for it. Now, we’re excited to unveil the original all-in-one endurance fuel, and the cornerstone of the INFINIT Nutrition product line, has gone plant-based with the new :GO FAR + plant protein.

Bag of INFINIT: Go Far + Plant Protein sitting in leaves next to INFINIT bottle

From the beginning, INFINIT has been the only company to offer all-in-one nutrition solutions that can be tailored to fit into any lifestyle. Following in this tradition, :GO FAR Endurance Fuel + Plant Protein is the first plant-based protein-containing product to be added to our line of Preset formulas.

The original GO FAR Endurance Fuel was introduced over 15 years ago and it quickly became our top-selling Preset. Originally formulated with a light amount of whey protein isolate, GO FAR was designed to be a complete liquid nutrition solution with the unique ability to curb hunger during long workouts.



a bag each the 3 varieties of Go-far


Simplifying Fueling

Created with the goal to be a simpler solution to traditionally complex endurance sports fueling and hydration strategies, GO FAR contains the carbs and electrolytes needed to fuel workouts lasting 3 hours or more.

One bottle an hour is all you need to remember — It’s a lot easier than trying to perform a science experiment, juggling a combination of bars, gels, chews, and electrolyte pills while you’re out logging miles — Just drink your stuff and do your thing.



On the right a single bago of go-far plant protein surrounded by brown rice and fava beans, on the left text


Protein is the Difference

GO FAR is formulated with protein to reduce your hunger, leaving you satisfied and feeling good through even the longest efforts.

The new GO FAR + Plant Protein replaces the dairy protein found in the original formulation with a complete plant protein blend allowing it to fit into almost all diets and lifestyles.


“Plant protein has been gaining a lot of momentum over recent years, and it’s not just a fad. As consumers continue to reduce their intake of animal products for environmental, ethical, and health reasons the demand for plant-based alternatives has become undeniable, and we’re excited to be able to fill that need by offering a vegan-friendly endurance drink that actually tastes good.” 

— Marty Church, INFINIT Wholesale Account Manager


:GO FAR + Plant Protein is made with INFINIT’s exclusive Vegan Blend™ featuring a complementary mixture of organic brown rice protein and faba bean protein. The combination of these two plant-based proteins provides a complete vegan-friendly protein source, containing all the essential amino acids the body needs.


If you are vegan, dairy-free or simply looking to limit the amount of animal products in your diet, the new GO FAR + Plant Protein formulation is the perfect simple solution to stay hydrated, fueled and feeling good no matter your distance. Whether you are climbing mountains, paddling, swimming, hiking, or biking, there is a GO FAR Endurance Fuel that is sure to fit your needs.



3 Packages of INFINIT Go Far Plant Protein, with an INFINIT water bottle

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