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Barry Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race

athlete riding bike up grassy hill, text "Official Race Fuel of the Founders Barry-Roubaix Killer gravel road race"

If you’ve never experienced gravel racing or if you’re searching for your next challenge, you don’t need to look any further than the Founders Barry Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race.

The event offers challenges for every level. Whether you’re a first timer, an amateur looking to be challenged by the fastest riders in the region, or a pro looking for a good early season race - you won’t be disappointed.

The picturesque town of Hastings, Michigan will charm you with their beauty and their welcoming attitude. Barry County has made a huge effort towards adding permanent race course markers, which makes scouting the route super easy. The food options are terrific, the beer can’t be beat, and there is always a smile to be had. So, naturally, it’s a favorite event of ours to support year after year!


Cycling group

What makes this event so unique is the combination of the backroad beauty of southwest Michigan, the challenge of the riding conditions, and the overall atmosphere of the event. If you haven’t seen the gravel roads that southern Michigan has to offer, you’re really missing out. The challenging roads wind around lakes and lowland bogs. The golden hues and stark landscape of late March in Michigan offer a breath taking backdrop… That is, if you can look away from the wheel in front of you.

The climbs aren’t huge but they will work even the most seasoned climbers with their unforgiving consistency. The gravel and sand will challenge your climbing skills, and descending into the loose gravel corners will test your bike handling skills and keeps the adrenaline flowing. There is nothing quite like corning on a drifting bike while maintaining your spot in the pace-line.

What type of bike do I need?

There seems to be no correct answer. You will see fat bikes leading pace lines, mountain bikes blowing down descents and cross bikes pulling away on every climb. Every rider seems to have a different set up. There is no wrong answer and that is part of the beauty of this event. Grab you favorite steed and give it a go. 22 mile, 36 mile and the “Killer” 62mile are available. Don’t discount the shorter options as less of a challenge the front of each distance has speeds being pushed to the max.


Cycling finish line

No great challenge is complete without a post ride party, and Barry Roubaix does not disappoint. Plenty of great craft beer, fires to warm your aching body, and great fellowship to share war stories. 

This year’s Barry Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race is being held on April 19th and will be fueled by INFINIT for the 5th consecutive year. Check out the Barry-Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race Blend to get the perfect formula for your early season training.