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  1. Big Sexy Bike Blend
    Big Sexy Bike Blend
    As low as $64.99

    The Official Bike Blend of Chris McDonald and Big Sexy Racing

    • 1st place overall and overall course record at the 2019 Ultraman Florida
    • 326 calories per bottle
    • 52 mg caffeine per serving to help stay focussed and alert  
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  2. Caleb's Watermelon Hydration
    Caleb's Watermelon Hydration

    Flavor: Watermelon

    25 Serving Bag

    • Caleb Cline's go to blend for all long training days
    • Contains all 3 INFINIT Hydration Boosts: Microactive CoQ10, Beta-Alanine, and Creatine Monohydrate
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