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Staff Picks: Tee Time

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Personalize your flavor, calories, protein, add caffeine & more!

Keep hydrated and fueled out on the course with this all-in-one nutrition mix specially formulated for golf.

  • A fraction of the calories and sugar of traditional sports drinks.
  • Protein to curb hunger.
  • A refreshingly light flavor that will have you enjoying every sip.
Gluten Free
Colors/Dyes Free
Artificial Sweetner Free
Made in USA

This formula, designed by INFINIT's Director of Nutrition Laura Hering, RDN, is a special blend to fuel 18 holes.

Folklore says that a full round of golf has 18 holes because it took 18 shots to finish a bottle of scotch. Thankfully, sports nutrition has evolved slightly since that day, and now I use the Tee Time formula to help fuel my day on the links!

This formula is light in calories and contains a few grams of protein so that I don't have to buy a sketchy looking clubhouse hotdog on the turn.

Light in electrolytes, it's perfect for low-intensity efforts and sub-maximal sweat rate.

And if you are still in the mood for the hard stuff... it mixes great with a little tequila :)

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