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  1. U.S. Masters Swimming Light Mix
    U.S. Masters Swimming Light Mix
    As low as $69.95

    A low calorie electrolyte drink mix specially formulated for swimmers looking to naturally hydrate and fuel performance with minimal calories.

    Custom-blended for:

    • Shorter workouts of 90 minutes or less.
    • Light hydration and energy with fewer calories and sugars than a typical sports drink.
    • Lower electrolyte needs and less sodium.
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  2. U.S. Masters Swimming Training Mix
    U.S. Masters Swimming Training Mix
    As low as $69.95

    A caffeinated pre-workout and intra-workout hydrating drink mix developed in partnership with U.S. Masters Swimming, specially formulated to fuel swim training lasting up to 2 hours.

    Custom-blended for:

    • Fueling training sessions of 90 minutes or less.
    • Hydration and cramp prevention during high-intensity efforts.
    • Extra energy from 55 mg of caffeine per serving.
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  3. U.S. Masters Swimming Race Day Blend
    U.S. Masters Swimming Race Day Blend
    U.S. Masters Swimming Race Day Blend 1 5 5 1
    As low as $69.95

    Clean easy to digest energy to fuel your hardest efforts and extra electrolytes for maximum hydration developed in partnership with U.S. Masters Swimming.

    Custom-blended for:

    • Rapid rehydration and clean energy to fuel.
    • Easy digestion & absorption during explosive anaerobic efforts.
    • Replenishing electrolytes to help fight muscle cramping.
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  4. Kona Hot Bike Mix
    Kona Hot Bike Mix
    As low as $69.95

    This hot weather cycling formula is designed for those hot races where you need those extra electrolytes. This formula has all of the carbohydrate you need to go all day long and set yourself up for a good run off the bike

    • No gels, chews, or bars are required with this all-in-one formula!
    • Avoid having to take extra salt pills with this high sodium/electrolyte blend
    • This formula also has a lighter flavor profile to ensure that after several hours in the heat, you don't succumb to flavor fatigue
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  5. PitFit Training Low Calorie Hydration — With fewer calories than the original PitFit Formulas
    PitFit Low Cal Hydration
    As low as $69.95

    The perfect blend when your need something more than plain water to help power you through shorter races and workouts. Designed to keep blood sugar energy levels steady, while keeping overall calorie intake low.

    Custom-blended for:

    • Shorter workouts
    • Minimizing calorie intake
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  6. Coach Robb’s Energy Fuel
    Coach Robb’s Energy Fuel
    As low as $79.99

    Fuel & hydration mix for athletes training and racing mid distances (1-3 hours). Formulated to keep you hydrated, fueled, focused and strong from start to finish.

    Custom-blended for:

    • Training and racing up to 3 hours
    • Maintaining blood sugar levels for optimum performance
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  7. Coach Robb’s Energy Fuel Boost
    Coach Robb’s Energy Fuel Boost
    As low as $79.99

    Electrolyte fuel & hydration blend with a boost of caffeine for extra energy and focus. Ideal for shorter sprint races where every second counts.

    Custom-blended for:

    • High-intensity training and racing – less than 1 hour
    • Optimized muscle contraction for power, speed & endurance
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  8. Trimarni Endurance Base Formula
    Trimarni Endurance Base Formula
    As low as $69.95

    Athletes who are prone to cramping, digestion issues, bonking, hyponatremia, extreme fatigue, lightheadedness, taste bud fatigue and/or any other nutrition limiters from sport nutrition will find this endurance running supplement very tolerable, easy to consume and it should help meet your hourly needs. This formula can be used for men or women, any weight range.

    • This formula is designed to be used on the bike in longer distance training/racing
    • This formula should optimize digestion and absorption and with no additional caffeine
    • This low sugar sport drink will provide you with plenty of sodium and carbohydrates to meet your energy needs
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  9. Trimarni Endurance Formula
    Trimarni Endurance Formula
    As low as $69.95

    This formula, designed for male and female athletes, will help endurance athletes maintain stable energy with an appropriate mix of sugars, minimize or alleviate any fears of GI distress thanks to a high proportion of carbohydrates coming from maltodextrin with the correct osmolality to ensure proper gastric emptying and a suitable amount of electrolytes for most athletes to maintain hydration.

    • Reduced risk to experience cramping or GI issues, bonking or lightheadedness
    • There is 50mg of caffeine per serving
    • There is ~1 g of amino acids to help with brain fatigue
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  10. Barry-Roubaix Gravel Fuel
    Barry-Roubaix Gravel Fuel

    Flavor: Fruit Punch

    25 serving bag

    • The official hydration of the Founders Barry Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race
    • All-in-one nutrition eliminates the need for gels, chews, bars, and salt pills 
    • Delicious fruit punch flavor with no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners 
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