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Alex Albrecht

Meet Team INFINIT: Andy Potts

Andy Potts on the Bicycle, text "Andy Potts Professional Triathlete"

In the sport of Triathlon few names illicit the same reaction as Andy Potts. If you have ever been at a race with him, or have had the opportunity to talk to him, you will know why people regard him as “The Good Guy of Triathlon.” We here at INFINIT are proud to announce that Andy is now a part of Team INFINIT.

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Like A Girl: The Fierce Women of INFINIT

Rosie the riveter with an INFINIT tattoo, text "Like a Girl The fierce Women of INFINIT"

“Like a girl” - A statement long used to belittle women's athletic abilities throughout history. “You throw like a girl,” “you run like a girl,” all phrases that have become so commonplace that you hear them anywhere from an elementary school payground to the corporate workplace. At INFINIT, we see things a bit differently. Swimming like a girl is swimming across the English Channel, biking like a girl is trekking across hundreds of miles of siberia, and running like a girl is just something you do after biking 112 miles and swimming 2.4.

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Ryan Petry and Leadville 2017

Ryan Petry riding bike, text "Ryan Petry: Professional mountain biker"

Started in 1994, in an effort to bring work to Leadville's mining community, the Leadville Race Series has grown in publicity and popularity substantially over the last two decades. The Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race race starts at 10,000 feet and climbs up to 12,000 feet of elevation, this test of human will pushes riders to their limits, and has earned the name "Race Across the Sky."

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Meet Team INFINIT: Rachel Langdon

Rachel Langdon on bike, text "Rachel Langdon, Professional Cycle"

Rachel Langdon is an INFINIT racer entering her first year as a professional cyclist. Originally from across the pond (Stockton, England) Rachel settled in Kentucky and played soccer for the Murray State Racers, and helped guide them to two conference titles. After her Collegiate career came an end she was looking for something to keep her occupied. At first she competed in Triathlons (making it to Ironman 70.3 world championships in 2015) but realized her true passion was on the bike.

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Meet Team INFINIT: The Dirty Dozen

Dirty Dozen rider through the woods, text "The Dirty Dozen Elite Mountain Bike Team"

The Dirty Dozen is a devoted group of 12 members  (10 men and 2 women), all with the singular goal of spreading their passion, racing. Parting with in an attempt to get people on the bike, and in the race. They are represented at over 100 races per year, spanning a large swath of races.

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Meet Team INFINIT: Shangrila Rendon

Shangrila Rendon Running, text "Shangrila Rendon: Ultra Endurance Athlete"

Shangrila Rendon is a 36 year old native of Manila, Philippines who started her athletic career at age 24 when a friend invited her to run a 10k. Over the next twelve years Shangrila built up an impressive resume including a Guinness World Record and countless firsts in Ultraman competitions for a Filipino athlete (both male and female). 

Rendon Headshot

Shangrila’s greatest athletic challenge is still ahead of her, as she takes on The Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme Solo Competition. The race is entering its third year and thus far has only seen three finishers, all of whom thus far, were men. 

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Rendon on Bike

In her life, Shangrila has conquered things much more trying than the ultra endurance races she competes in. She is a survivor of sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse. The severe trauma she withstood early in her life caused her to develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and severe depression, which led her to struggle with alcoholism, all of which she has overcome against the odds. Shangrila now devotes her life to helping women and children around the world and in the Philippines. She competes in support of the Global Outreach and Assistance League (GOAL), an organization that works to address the needs of underrepresented women and children with programs that focus on health, prevention, and education. 


INFINIT Nutrition has teamed up with Shangrila, nicknamed “Feisty Fox,” and will be fueling her with her own customized Sports Fuel as she competes in the Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme Solo Competition.

“INFINIT gives me the unique ability to customize my nutrition to keep me energized, hydrated, and focused on performing at my absolute best.”

Rendon's INFINIT Mix

Shangrila worked with an INFINIT Formulation Specialist to design a mix with the perfect amount of carbohydrates, electrolytes, and protein to go strong all day, for consecutive days. Plus, the customized flavor options allowed her to create a formula that tastes exactly how she wants.


Watch "Feisty Fox" Talk About Prepping for 10 Ironmans in 10 Days

Meet Team INFINIT: Maddy Frank

Maddy Frank on Mountain bike, text on right "Maddy Frank Mountain Biker and XC state champ"

Sixteen years ago, Team INFINIT Athlete, Maddy Frank, was born weighing just 1 pound 13 ounces. From the second she was born Maddy was a fighter. This resiliancy has helped her develop into a fierce competitor on the bike, and has enabled her to crush every obstacle she has met along the way.

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Meet Team INFNIT: First Internet Bank Team

1st internet bank cyclist in night race, text "First Internet Bank Team"

Entering its fifth season, First Internet Bank Cycling Team is an elite amateur cycling team based out of Fishers, Indiana. The team focuses on rider development to compete at the highest levels of racing in the nation. INFINIT has teamed up with 1IB to fuel them to the top step of the podium in the Elite Mens Time Trial National Championships this year, and will continue to fuel them through the rest of their successes.

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Harvey Lewis & Badwater 135

Harvey Lewis With Cincinnati in the background, text "Harvey Lewis, Ultra Runner"

Harvey Lewis has been a runner all his life and ran his first marathon at age 15. At the tender age of 20, Harvey was having to deal with becoming a new parent all while trying to cope with the loss of his mother one year earlier. After 17 years of tireless work, Harvey finally finished with a time that qualified him for the Boston Marathon. 6 years later he found himself as a member of the USA Track and Field Team for international 24-hour competitions. In 2012, he was a member of the USATF team that claimed bronze in 24 Hour competition in Poland and gold the following year in the Netherlands. Harvey also won the 2014 Badwater Ultramarathon, which National Geographic called “the world's toughest race.”

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INFINIT And Football Club Cincinnati

INFINIT Nutrition Bag in FC Cincinnati stadium

For the past 150 Years soccer has been called "The worlds sport." Soccer is the most watched, highest attended, and most played sport in the world. 

While FC Cincinnati only came into existence in 2016, in only a year the club has shown its muscle. Playing in the USL with MLS dreams, FCC made the playoffs in its opening year, set the record for USL attendence, the record for highest attendence in the State of Ohio for a soccer match, and beat their Ohio MLS rivals, the Columbus Crew, to advance in the 2017 Lamar Hunt Open Cup. 

 INFINIT Bag and bottle on FCC pitch

"INFINIT has a proven product that allows me to customize the drink down to every nutrient to help fuel and hydrate the players properly. "


INFINIT Fuels FC Cincinnati with a specially designed custom formula during their rigorous practices and training regimen. While FCC works to win games, vie for championships, and head towards the MLS, INFINIT is keeping the team fueled and hydrated with their all-natural sports fuel, so the athletes are able to perform at their best. FCC Athletic Trainer, Aaron Powell, outlined what he wanted to see in his team’s sports drink mix, and INFINIT was able to design a custom blend to his exact specifications. The goal was to create a sports fuel that is lower in sugar than other sports drinks, but leaving plenty of carbs to keep players going strong, and ample electrolytes to keep them hydrated through even the most grueling summer conditions.


"Our players' performance is highly dependent on what they put in their bodies. If a player isn't fueled or hydrated, their performance suffers," explained Aaron. "INFINIT has a proven product that allows me to customize the drink down to every nutrient to help fuel and hydrate the players properly. It's also reassuring that INFINIT uses high quality and clean ingredients, so I'm confident that the players are consuming a safe, world-class product with no additives."


INFINIT Bag and Gear in FCC locker

FCC's has continued its dominance this year with another MLS upset. FC took down Chicago Fire in a shootout win in the 5th round of the U.S Open Cup which took place June 28th at home in Cincinnati. 

FC Cincinnati home games have gotten national and international publicity by drawing record attendance numbers. Matchups held at their home field, Nippert Stadium, typically see crowds of 20,000+, with the big rivalry and cup games attracting numbers north of 30,000! 


FCC has some big games coming up on their schedule. The club will be facing off against 6 time La Liga Champion, 7 time Copa del Rey, and 6 time EUFA Cup Champion, Valencia Club de Fútball (Valencia CF) in Cincinnati on July 24th, and they continue their run in the U.S Open Cup against FC Miami on Wednesday, July 12th.




Check out our soccer specific formulation designed in coordination with FC Cincinnati:  

View the :FUTBOL Sports Fuel


FCC's Trainer discusses why FCC Chooses INFINIT: