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:GO FAR Endurance Fuel

Product Review (submitted on January 19, 2017):

Go Far helped me ride the Shimanami Kaido in Japan. I’d previously tried a number of products some which boasted of their osmolality some of their promise to help you scratch your way to the finish some to torque your electrolytes some to make you accelerate others of their power to send you shooting over cliffs and others of their perpetual energy supply if you heed their fueling advice. I’m not casting aspersions on these products. Go Far simply excelled. Some of these formulae were meant as hydration products and thus weren’t capable of fueling my rides. Others had the gooey viscosity of motor oil or required a Ninja blender to actually make them drinkable. And yet others have artificial carcinogenic or gratuitous ingredients while charging gullible customers for the fantasy of an extra edge…. Go Far contains the ideal mix of simple and complex carbs to fuel your ride and protein to stave off hunger if you don’t wish to feel bloated or full when ascending a steep hill or pushing hard. So when we went to Japan to ride one of the most gorgeous scenic seaside byways Go Far sustained me island to island on the Shimanami powered me to climb that 2-miles at 13 percent and soothed my palette with lemon and caramel flavors. Go back to those other drinks? Skratch that!!!