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:GO FAR Endurance Fuel - Orange

:GO FAR Endurance Fuel - Orange

Product Review (submitted on June 5, 2017):
I don't recall how I came across Go Far, but I'm glad I did. I was pretty skeptical at first, relying solely on liquid for my caloric intake for a 6+ hour gravel race was a big step.

I started using Go Far about 2 months out from the Dirty Kanza, in that time I did a handful of long rides 50-70 miles and 2, 104 mile rides to give Go Far a proper test. Each of these rides I purposely went out on an empty stomach to see how well it would work and was surprised! I was able to complete my training rides with little to no extra calories needed! The real test would be in Emporia at the Dirty Kanza.

On race day I toed the line with 2 bottles of Go Far on my bike, a 70 ounce Camel Bak with water and my pockets filled with gels, rice cakes, and Clif bars. All of that for a 48 mile first leg. As I raced along, I was drinking from my bottles about ever 10-12 minutes and by the time I reached the checkpoint, I had drank both bottles and taken 1 bite out of my Clif bar and a shot from my gel flask which I did't really need. Go Far had kept me sufficiently fueled enough that I grabbed 2 full bottles and left the checkpoint with all of the stuff I started with in my jersey pockets. Did I mention that I wasn't hungry in the slightest?

Now with 51 miles of gravel ahead of me, I started to wonder if the wheels were going to come off. They never did. Although my pace slowed a little I never cramped and had enough energy to get in a good pace line with 3 other riders to roll strong for the last 25 miles.

After it was all said and done, I finished strong just outside my goal of top 20, I crossed 21st out of 558. A good day on the bike using Go Far as my fuel.

I would recommend Go Far to anyone! I was great to not having to eat a bunch of stuff to keep fueled. It made may day that much easier!