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Hydrate & Prime

Go into your workouts feeling 100% with clean nutrition solutions to hydrate & energize.

Pre-workout fuel to maximize what you put into your workout, so you can optimize your results and gains.

All your nutrition right in your bottle... Just drink and go.

RAPID ABSORPTION — Scientifically formulated to be isotonic for quick and efficient absorption.
CLEAN ENERGY — Feel good about what you’re putting in your body. Only real ingredients. Nothing artificial.
CUSTOMIZABLE — We tailor formulas to match what each individual really needs. Dial in calories, flavor strength, electrolytes & more.

Infinit Custom Hydration and Custom Protein single serving packets

Your Nutrition, Personalized.

Get the most out of the hard work you put in by nourishing your body with clean nutrition tailored to your unique needs & goals.

Create your own energizing hydration drink mix to prime and rehydrate, and up your protein game to support lean muscle with a personalized protein powder blend.

Start from scratch or let a Registered Dietitian guide you through the process.

Our Most Popular Preset Blends

Situationally formulated to meet the needs of the masses, INFINIT Preset mixes are a great place to start.

Available in Caffeinated

  1. HYDRATE Essential Hydration Multi-serving eco-pack and 2 serving to-go packet
    :HYDRATE Essential Hydration
    As low as $3.50


  1. SPEED high intensity fuel - Natural electrolyte hydration and energy drink mix - Multi and single serving packs
    :SPEED High-Intensity Fuel
    As low as $3.50

Protein Latte

  1. JAVI instant protein latte drink mix
    JAVI Instant Protein Latte
    As low as $3.50