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Personal Nutrition Coaching

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The ultimate personalized sports nutrition package — Perfect for athletes of all levels looking for an expert-guided, scientifically-backed approach to hydration and fueling. 

Includes testing tools, three one-on-one nutrition coaching sessions with a Certified Sports Dietitian, and a personalized nutrition roadmap, and unlimited email support. Giving you a fool-proof fueling and hydration plan tailored to your exact needs and performance goals

Standard Coaching Package: $299.99

Premium Coaching Bundle: $429.99
Includes Nix Biosensor + FREE 4-pack of Nix refills!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed — Or your money back!

Perform better and feel better doing it with a personalized nutrition and hydration plan designed just for you by your own Registered Sports Dietitian.

INFINIT Nutrition Coaching Packages are perfect for athletes of all levels looking for an expert-guided, scientifically-backed approach to nutrition and hydration for sports performance.

Includes sweat testing tools, three one-on-one nutrition coaching sessions with a Certified Sports Dietitian, and a customized nutrition roadmap including a fueling and hydration plan tailored to your unique needs and personal performance goals. Plus, you get unlimited email support with your nutrition coach.



We provide the tools and testing strategies you need to gather valuable insights about your sweat loss. 

Sweat Rate Testing Protocol + Worksheets Step-by-step instructions to conduct simple at-home sweat testing, plus easy-to-use worksheets and testing logs.

Upload Previous Test Results If you have results from previous tests conducted with a Nix Hydration Biosensor or other sweat testing company, simply upload them to the Data Share Portal.

Nix Hydration Biosensor Premium Bundle Only A lightweight durable wearable hydration monitor that syncs with the Nix app to quantify when, what, and how much to drink by analyzing your sweat loss.


Included in the Premium Bundle only — $129.99 value

Recommended for workouts of 45 minutes or longer, the Nix Hydration Biosensor is a lightweight durable hydration monitor that quantifies when, what, and how much to drink to maintain proper hydration while analyzing your sweat moment-to-moment. 

The rechargeable pod clips onto a single-use sweat patch before the start of each workout to read and transmit data to the Nix app. It integrates with your smartphone or watch to deliver personal hydration data in real time providing hydration intelligence to improve your athletic performance, safety, and wellbeing.

The sweat patch sticks to the bicep via adhesive and is completely non-invasive. We recommend wearing a patch during a sweat-inducing workout, ideally running or cycling, lasting at least 45 minutes in duration. After your run or ride is complete, you will receive a post-workout summary in the Nix App, which you can then upload to the INFINIT Data Share portal ahead of your 2nd Coaching Session. 

The hydration biosensor comes with a rechargeable pod (weights less than .5 ounces), a charging case, a cord, and 4 sweat patches.

Battery life lasts up to 36 hours.

*You must be actively sweating for the device to gather data.

Free 4-pack of Nix Hydration Patch Refills (value of $25) included in the Premium Coaching Bundle to empower you to perform more sweat testing sessions and gather additional sweat rate and electrolyte loss data for even greater personalization. 


We spend time getting to know you and learning more about what makes you tick (and sweat) while uncovering valuable insights into what your body needs to perform.

Includes 3 sessions of Nutrition Coaching with a Certified Sports Dietitian who will walk you through everything you need to know about sweat testing and lead a comprehensive discussion to discover your unique needs, performance goals, and potential nutritional roadblocks.


approximately 50-60 minutes

Embark on your personalized journey by meeting your Nutrition Coach and Certified Sports Dietitian who will guide you through a comprehensive discussion to uncover your unique needs, performance goals, and potential nutritional roadblocks. 

Explore your sweat testing tool options and walk through the next steps to gather and share your results. 

Premium Bundle Exclusive! Learn how to effectively set up and utilize the cutting-edge Nix Biosensor, a game-changing tool for measuring activity-induced sweat rate and electrolyte losses. Your coach will guide you through its setup and usage, ensuring you maximize its benefits.


After completing at least 2-3 (or more) successful sweat tests, you will share your results through the INFINIT Data Share Portal. Your Nutrition Coach will review and analyze your results ahead of Session 2.

approximately 45 minutes

This pivotal session includes a thorough examination and summary of your test results with invaluable insights into your sweat profile and hydration needs.

Your Nutrition Coach will dive into a comprehensive review of your Personal Hydration Analysis report, offering a clear picture of your hydration status and requirements (a digital copy of the report is provided before the call so you can follow along with the Sports Dietitian).

You will also receive your personalized nutrition and hydration plan and INFINIT custom-tailored supplement recommendations.

approximately 30 minutes 

Check in and engage in a two-way dialogue with your Nutrition Coach to discuss progress, and challenges, and go over any additional tests that you have completed. 

This call is an opportunity to go over your Custom Roadmap, ask questions, and discuss race day nutrition planning, nutrition-carrying strategies, and helpful tips.


We crunch your numbers and draw up a customized game plan for training and competitions.

Comprehensive Personal Hydration Analysis Report – An exclusive report summarizing your sweat rate and electrolyte testing* along with additional information on how to optimize your fueling and hydration plan. 

The report will also include recommendations for daily macronutrient intake (carbohydrates, protein, and fat).

Custom-tailored Supplement Recommendations – Get personalized supplement recommendations designed to help you reach your unique intake targets, allowing you to feel and perform better. 

Includes your own custom-tailored Fuel + Hydration and Protein + Recovery blends, providing you with the right tools to give your body what it needs to thrive, not just survive.

*Electrolyte testing analysis and reporting are only available when Nix Hydration Biosensor or other sweat electrolyte composition testing results are provided (Levelen, Precision Hydration, etc).

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