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Meet Rusty Dogs of War

Meet Rusty Dogs of War - Image of US Army Veteran Caleb Cline flying a flag while riding a recumbant bike

Empowering Veterans Through Endurance Sports

At INFINIT Nutrition, we believe in the power of community and the strength that comes from supporting one another. This Memorial Day, we are proud to announce our annual Memorial Day Giveback Event, where 5% of all sales will be donated to Rusty Dogs of War, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting Veterans through endurance racing.

The Founders' Stories

Caleb Cline

Caleb Cline, a Medically Disabled Veteran, Infantry Officer, and West Point Graduate, faced a life-altering moment in 2019. A Stryker accident during preparations for deployment to Afghanistan left his spine severely damaged, abruptly ending his active duty and dreams of competing as a triathlete for Team USA. The injury plunged Caleb into a deep mental struggle, making him question his future and even his will to live.

In November 2019, a breakthrough came through the Wounded Warrior Project, which introduced Caleb to his first recumbent trike. This adaptive equipment allowed him to rediscover the joy of cycling and regain a sense of purpose. Over the past four years, Caleb has channeled his determination into ultra-cycling, therapy, and with the support of loved ones, he's now pursuing his dream of competing for Team USA once again.

Caleb Cline and Sprayberry's service injuries stories

Caleb Sprayberry

Caleb Sprayberry, another founding member, is a 100% Disabled Army Veteran who joined the Army right out of high school in 2008. He served in Iraq with the 1st Infantry Division and later with the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg. A severe injury during a training jump left Caleb with multiple fractures and chronic pain, leading to his medical retirement in 2016.

The Birth of Rusty Dogs of War

In Spring 2023, Caleb Cline and Caleb Sprayberry connected and quickly became close friends. Sharing a passion for helping Veterans overcome their physical, mental, and emotional challenges, they founded Rusty Dogs of War. Officially launched in April 2023, the nonprofit aims to assist Veterans in transitioning from everyday life to elite endurance sports.


The Mission of Rusty Dogs of War

Rusty Dogs of War is a nonprofit supporting Veterans through endurance racing such as swimming, running, and cycling. Endurance racing puts Veterans back in the driver's seat of life and gives them control and purpose once again through financial and peer support, camaraderie, morale, and community.

"We often feel lost or alone, but we are fighting back to ensure that we are not forgotten!"

Rusty Dogs of War operates on the belief that everyone, especially Veterans, can rise above their disabilities. The organization’s mission is to demonstrate that our minds and bodies, though sometimes "rusty" from trauma, can still "fight" and achieve greatness. Their motto, "We are UNIQUELY ABLED," encapsulates their vision of not letting disabilities define individuals but rather celebrating their unique capabilities.

Caleb Cline and Caleb Sprayberry holding American flag at 2023 Hoodoo 500 and picture of Calebs at Hoodoo finish

Making a Difference: Real Stories of Impact

Rusty Dogs of War has made significant strides in supporting Veterans through various initiatives:

Brian W. (Retired US Army Infantryman, Airborne)

Brian struggled with pain and depression following his service-connected disabilities. Rusty Dogs of War donated a Catrike 700, enabling him to ride pain-free and rediscover the joy and freedom he had lost.

Sergeant Anand N. (US Marine)

Anand's back and neck injuries from Iraq made traditional triathlon training impossible. With the donation of a Catrike 700 from Rusty Dogs of War, he regained the ability to train and race, restoring a sense of control and freedom in his life.

In Memory of Robert "Robo" Baldino

Robo was a dedicated teammate training for the 12 Hour World Championship Race. Unfortunately, he passed away unexpectedly, highlighting the importance of continuous support for Veterans and their families.

Brian with his recumbant bike provided by RDOW

How You Can Help

This Memorial Day, your purchases from INFINIT Nutrition will directly contribute to the mission of Rusty Dogs of War. By shopping with us between May 23rd and May 28th, you’ll be supporting Veterans like Caleb, Brian, Anand, and many others who benefit from the life-changing programs Rusty Dogs of War provides.

Join Us in Supporting Our Veterans

At INFINIT Nutrition, we are honored to support Rusty Dogs of War and their mission to empower Veterans. Together, we can make a meaningful impact. Shop now and help us give back to those who have given so much for our freedom.

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