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Clean Hydration & Energy

INFINIT was started by a group of endurance athletes with one goal: To create a simpler way to fuel & hydrate.

Swimming is an incredible sport that burns huge amounts of calories. The right nutrition can make or break your performance, but gels, chews, and energy bars are often hard to stomach and difficult to eat in and around the water.

We simplify things by putting all your nutrition right in your bottle... So all you have to do is drink your stuff and go. 

  • CUSTOMIZABLE — We tailor formulas to match what each individual really needs. Dial in calories, flavor strength, electrolytes & more.
  • ALL-IN-ONE SIMPLICITY — Just drink a bottle an hour for everything you need to go the distance. No gels, bars, chews or salt tabs.
  • MAX ABSORPTION — Scientifically formulated to be isotonic for max absorption. INFINIT tastes good and goes down easy, even in the most extreme conditions.
INFINIT Custom Hydration and Protein Mixes

Go Custom. For You, By You.

Get the most out of the hard work you put in by nourishing your body with clean nutrition tailored to your personal nutritional needs & fitness goals.

Create your own energizing hydration drink mix to prime and rehydrate, and personalize your protein to support muscle growth and recovery.

Start from scratch or let a Registered Dietitian guide you through the process.

Our Most Popular Preset Blends

Situationally formulated to meet the needs of the masses, INFINIT Preset mixes are a great place to start.

Light Hydration & Energy

  1. U.S. Masters Swimming Light Mix
    U.S. Masters Swimming Light Mix
    As low as $69.95

Marathon & Open Water

  1. U.S. Masters Swimming Open Water Mix
    U.S. Masters Swimming Open Water Mix
    As low as $69.95

Protein & Recovery

  1. U.S. Masters Swimming Daily Protein
    U.S. Masters Swimming Daily Protein
    As low as $78.95