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SweatyPatch 2-Pack

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SweatyPatch is a new wearable device that measures and reports how much you sweat.

The easy-to-use, disposable patch quickly and easily measures sweat rate, providing you with insights and hydration data through the HydroLabs app.

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The most effortless way to know how much you should be drinking to stay hydrated and perform at your best — The SweatyPatch is a brand-new simple wearable tool that measures and reports your sweat loss data.

The Sweaty Patch by HydroLabs is an easy-to-use, disposable patch that quickly and easily measures how much you sweat, providing insights and hydration data through the HydroLabs app.


Staying properly hydrated is the single most crucial factor when it comes to optimizing performance in any sport. But how do you know what to target if you don’t know what you’re losing?

Sweat measurement tests and modern wearable devices can provide this critical data but most are expensive and difficult to use. The SweatyPatch is a budget-friendly and simpler alternative that athletes can use in everyday training, allowing more data collection, and empowering better insights into your complete hydration needs.

INFINIT Exclusive!  Expert Analysis + Nutrition Coaching — Share your HydroLabs app data through the INFINIT Data Share Portal for a comprehensive sweat and hydration analysis report, personalized hydration and fueling recommendations, and ongoing support from a Certified Sports Dietitian Nutritionist.


The Sweaty Patch uses a patented imaging process to measure how much sweat is absorbed from your skin to determine your average hourly sweat rate.

Just stick the patch on your forearm, download the HydroLabs app on the Apple or Google app store, and start your workout. Take an image of the patch through the app every 15-20 minutes, and the Hydro Labs calculator will determine how much you sweat on an hourly basis along with how much you should be drinking to stay hydrated during workouts, long training rides/sessions, and racing.

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Contains 2 sweat patches. 

Sweat patches measure 1.125 x 2.25 inches.

Patch should be disposed of after each workout and should not be worn more than once.

Manufacturer: HydroLabs
Country of Manufacture: USA

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For a heavy sweater this ...
Dec 7, 2023
For a heavy sweater this is a must! Really showed me how much I need to focus on maintaining the electrolytes.
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Super helpful information to dial ...
Dec 5, 2023
Super helpful information to dial in individualized hydration needs and provided great insight for my training and racing! Simple instructions to apply and intuitive companion app to interpret results. Loved the convenience of the wearable patch, approachable cost, and valuable data gathered from it. Highly recommend!
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