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SuperFly Long Course Race (315)

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SuperFly Long Course Race (315)
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Personalize your flavor, calories, protein, add caffeine & more!

SuperFly Long Course Race - the ultimate fuel formulas for athletes seeking peak performance.

Flavor: Lemon-Lime

25 serving bag

  • The official Long Course Race mix for SuperFly coaching¬†
  • 310 calories + 450+ mg sodium per serving
  • Contains 50 mg caffeine plus beta-alanine and creatine¬†
Soy Free
Gluten Free
Colors/Dyes Free
Artificial Sweetner Free
Made in USA

SuperFly Long Course Race and SuperFly Short Course Race (Long Course Train) - the ultimate fuel formulas for athletes seeking peak performance.

In the pursuit of PRs, I discovered the critical importance of nutrition. No longer would I let all my hard work go to waste, feeling sick or depleted when it mattered most. Through years of expert guidance and personal experimentation, I have crafted an optimal formula that guarantees success.

This tried-and-tested formula has propelled over 60 of my athletes to qualify for The Ironman World Championships, proving its unrivaled effectiveness. It combines simple carbs, essential electrolytes, and additional performance-enhancing elements, delivering the perfect blend for superior performance.

SuperFly Long Course Race is specifically designed to power you through the grueling demands of long-distance races. On those crucial race days, it will be your secret weapon, ensuring you maintain your energy levels and surge towards victory.

For shorter races and lower-calorie long course training days, SuperFly Short Course Race is the ideal choice. It provides the necessary fuel to optimize your performance, without overwhelming your system.

Experience the transformative power of SuperFly formulas and unlock your true potential. Fuel your body like never before, leaving behind the days of disappointment and embracing a future of unparalleled achievements.

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