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Single Nutrition Coaching Session

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A private sports nutrition coaching session with a Registered Sports Dietitian to examine your needs and develop a personalized fueling and hydration plan.

Get the support you need to review sweat and electrolyte test results and identify what your body really needs, uncover vital insights, and come away with a nutrition plan designed to unlock your best performance with no long term commitments.

Personalized, Science-Based Nutrition Coaching Designed to Improve Your Performance

Perfect for athletes who have already completed sweat testing using the Nix Hydration Biosensor, Precision Hydration, or other testing methods and are looking for expertise in analyzing and interpreting their data and results. 

This personally tailored service experience gives you guidance and support to fuel your body for workouts and dial in your race-day nutrition plan. We tailor each plan to the individual athlete’s unique energy, electrolyte, and fluid needs, giving you the confidence and peace of mind that your nutrition plan is dialed in to support your best performance.

Includes a one-on-one nutrition coaching session with a Certified Sports Dietitian, and a customized nutrition roadmap including a fueling and hydration plan tailored to you.


No guesswork. Your nutrition coach is here to walk you through your mountain of data, and come away with real actionable goals.

We spend time getting to know you, your performance goals, and your preferences while uncovering valuable insights into what your body needs to perform.

The one-on-one Nutrition Coaching session with a Certified Sports Dietitian includes a comprehensive discussion to discover your unique needs, performance goals, and potential nutritional roadblocks.


Your Nutrition Coach will perform a deep dive into your test results, crunch your numbers, and create a customized nutrition plan to unlock your best performance.

Your Custom Nutrition Roadmap is a comprehensive personal hydration and nutrition report. It includes your personal sweat rate and electrolyte results analysis along with information and expert tips on optimizing your nutrition and hydration to get the most out of your training and racing. 

Your coach will also help you dial in your race-day nutrition plan, so you know exactly what to take in when.

Custom-tailored Supplement Recommendations

Your Custom Nutrition Roadmap includes personalized sports nutrition supplement recommendations designed to help you reach your personal nutrition goals. Empowering you to nourish your body right so you can feel and perform better through every stage of your training journey. 

Your Nutrition Coach will design your own custom-tailored sports drink formulas for fueling and hydrating before and during workouts and competitions, as well as protein recovery drinks for nourishing and rebuilding post-workout. These precision solutions are tailored to your body's needs so you thrive, not just survive.

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