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  1. 120g :PREMIUM Fructose Fuel Starter Pack containing five serving packets
    :PREMIUM Fructose Fuel STARTER PACK 3 10 5 1
    As low as $24.99

    Flavor: Lemon-Lime

    The ultimate five hour :PREMIUM Fructose Fuel starter pack. Includes five single-serving packets of INFINIT’s newest ultra high carb complete liquid endurance fuel formula.

    • High carbohydrate for pro-level performance
    • Utilizes a 2:1 glucose-to-fructose ratio for max absorption
    • Your choice of 90g or 120g formula
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  2. SPEED high intensity fuel - Natural electrolyte hydration and energy drink mix - Multi and single serving packs
    :SPEED High-Intensity Fuel
    :SPEED High-Intensity Fuel 56 10 5 1
    As low as $3.50

    Regular Price
    22 serving bag: $49.95
    Single serving packet: $3.50

    An all-natural isotonic sports drink mix designed to fuel and hydrate you through high-intensity efforts. Scientifically formulated with natural electrolytes and glucose for energy.

    • For workouts up to 3 hours — Just drink a bottle an hour.
    • Isotonic for rapid absorption and easy digestion.
    • Made with clean ingredients — Zero artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors.
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  3. HYDRATE Essential Hydration Multi-serving eco-pack and 2 serving to-go packet
    :HYDRATE Essential Hydration
    :HYDRATE Essential Hydration 28 9.9 5 1
    As low as $3.50

    Regular Price

    30 serving bag: $49.95
    2 serving packet: $3.50

    Our lightest hydration formula — Designed to energize, hydrate and replenish before and during workouts up to 90 minutes, and for everyday hydration.

    • Light 100 calorie formula made for pre-workout and intra-workout hydration and energy.
    • Made with 5 electrolytes to replenish the body, help prevent cramps, and buffer away lactic acid.
    • Available in 3 varieties — Including fatigue fighting beta-alanine and caffeine.
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  4. Grape and Dill Pickle TRiPWIRE fuel shot mix
    TRiPWIRE fuel shot
    TRiPWIRE fuel shot 12 9.4 5 1
    As low as $40.95

    TRiPWIRE is a ready-to-mix concentrated energy shot formula. Designed to be easy to carry, and provide all the carbs and electrolytes you need to go the distance.

    • Replaces gels — Ready-to-mix concentrated liquid fuel shot mixes up easily in any handheld or flask.
    • Combines 4 different carbohydrates, including glucose and fructose, to allow the body to absorb and utilize calories up to 30% more efficiently.
    • Natural electrolytes and functional flavors work together to help stop and prevent muscle cramping.
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