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  1. U.S. Masters Recovery Blend
    U.S. Masters Recovery Blend
    As low as $62.99

    A protein-packed recovery drink mix specially formulated for swimmers looking to recover and recharge after daily swim practices of 60 minutes or longer. 

    Custom-blended for:

    • Post-workout recovery after workouts of 60 minutes or more.
    • Meal replacement especially during long swim meet days when you don’t want to eat. 
    • Consuming before bedtime to help muscles recover while you sleep.
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  2. U.S. Masters Daily Protein
    U.S. Masters Daily Protein
    As low as $62.99

    A lower carb protein powder drink mix specially formulated for swimmers looking to help recover after their daily swim practices.

    Custom-blended for:

    • Muscle recovery following shorter workouts of 60 minutes or less.
    • Consuming before bedtime to help muscles recover while you sleep.
    • Adding to smoothies for an extra protein boost or a meal on-the-go.
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  3. Ben Kanute's Endurance Blend w/ Caffeine
    Ben Kanute's Endurance Blend w/ Caffeine
    As low as $59.99

    Ben's go-to blend for middle distance / 70.3 triathlon — 25 serving package (25 hours of nutrition)

    • High carb to replace the need for any gels
    • Added caffeine for a race day boost
    • Very low flavor profile so its easy to drink even on the hottest days
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  4. Trimarni Endurance Formula
    Trimarni Endurance Formula
    As low as $59.99

    This formula, designed for male and female athletes, will help endurance athletes maintain stable energy with an appropriate mix of sugars, minimize or alleviate any fears of GI distress thanks to a high proportion of carbohydrates coming from maltodextrin with the correct osmolality to ensure proper gastric emptying and a suitable amount of electrolytes for most athletes to maintain hydration.

    • Reduced risk to experience cramping or GI issues, bonking or lightheadedness
    • There is 50mg of caffeine per serving
    • There is ~1 g of amino acids to help with brain fatigue
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  5. Stay hydrated and fueled on the golf course with Tee Time INFINIT customized hydration mix.
    Staff Picks: Tee Time
    As low as $59.99

    Keep hydrated and fueled out on the course with this all-in-one nutrition mix specially formulated for golf.

    • A fraction of the calories and sugar of traditional sports drinks.
    • Protein to curb hunger.
    • A refreshingly light flavor that will have you enjoying every sip.
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  6. Magical Hangover Potion
    Magical Hangover Potion

    This hangover hydration drink formula was designed by one of INFINIT's original Formulation Specialists.

    • This MAGICAL blend of electrolytes and lower calories is my #1 choice of concoctions to get rid of an awful hangover. BUT WAIT, it is a 2-in-1 formula! If I am feeling extra dehydrated (my mouth feels as dry as the Sahara Desert), a serving of this blend makes me feel rejuvenated and as hydrated as ever.
    • I also like to use this blend as a pre-hydrating formula the night before and morning of, as I prepare for a long, hot workout.
    • Great all-around hydration formula for both men and women!
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  7. PEAK Multisport Race Mix w/ Caffeine
    PEAK Multisport Race Mix w/ Caffeine

    A sports drink with caffeine (200mg per serving) to use before key workouts, short course triathlons and the back half of long course triathlons to help finish strong. 

    • The optimal balance of calories, electrolytes, and caffeine is based on meta-analysis of scientific studies and real world experience.
    • Studies along with real world experience show 3-6mg per kilogram of caffeine can serve as an ergogenic aid to increase performance during key training sessions and races.
    • Work with your coach to optimize the use of this race day supplement and test methods during training in a progressive and safe manner.
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  8. PEAK Multisport Mix No Caffeine
    PEAK Multisport Mix No Caffeine
    • A perfect blend for all distances of triathlon and endurance sports
    • This formula contains an optimal balance of low glycemic and high glycemic calories along with electrolytes
    • The flavor is light so it continues to taste good after hours of training and racing
    • This formula is appropriate to use during most workouts and races as well as all genders and ages.

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  9. INFINIT Youth Hydration
    INFINIT Youth Hydration

    This is the perfect formula for health-minded parents who don't want to pump their kids full of sugar and are looking for a natural alternative for their up-and-coming athletes. Feel good about what you give your kids... Fuel them like a champion with INFINIT's Youth Hydration Formula!

    • INFINIT's all-natural sports drink mix formulated with natural cane sugar
    • NO artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners
    • Half the sugar found in the popular "gas station sports drinks"
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  10. RVA Racing Go-Go Juice
    RVA Racing Go-Go Juice

    This is RVA Racing’s training day and short event formula. Formulated by our team for the demands of high-intensity MTB XC racing. If you’re out for a high intensity jaunt, XC MTB Race, Cyclocross or road crit, and you need a boost - this is your sauce!

    • It is designed for anything under 4 hours to address early on-set of cramping due to intensity
    • Help keep your head in the game (mental clarity)
    • Enough fuel to keep your hand on the bars instead of grabbing for gel shots
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