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TRiPWIRE fuel shot - Grape

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TRiPWIRE fuel shot - Grape

TRiPWIRE is a ready-to-mix premium concentrated energy drink powder for real athletes, made for today's hydration systems. Formulated with four carbs and natural electrolytes for easy and efficient digestion and absorption during high heart rate conditions, easily mixes to create the perfect fuel shot to keep you going strong all day long.



INFINIT's super-premium concentrated fuel shot designed for today's fueling systems

is not just another electrolyte energy gel. It is an ultra-premium powdered concentrated electrolyte drink mix, perfect for running events. TRiPWIRE mixes into the perfect portable nutrition-solution that's easy on the taste buds (even after hours in the heat) while still being easy on the gut. 

Simply mix it in the gel flask or hydration pack of your choice, and you have everything you need for up to 3 hours of training or racing (consume 1 serving per hour).

· 100% All-natural with no added colors, artificial flavors, or sweeteners.
· FOUR carbohydrate sources for absolute maximum absorption rates. 
· FOUR natural salts (sea salt, potassium chloride, magnesium, and calcium) for higher electrolyte levels than any product on the market. 
· Not sweet or thick like regular gels. It’s made to taste good and go down easy for the long haul.

TRiPWIRE is the latest in INFINIT's evolution of gels. TRiPWIRE builds off the success of its predecessor and first generation of powdered crystalline gels, NAPALM, and incorporates new groundbreaking research on muscle cramp prevention. Because gels are too sweet, it is a much lower flavor product that tastes good for hours of marathon training. Because our bodies crave salt, we formulated it to meet the electrolyte needs of endurance athletes. 


Functional Flavor TechnologyTM 

At INFINIT, we work hard to keep up with the latest in sports nutrition research and technology. So we jumped on the opportunity to incorporate the new groundbreaking research - surrounding certain flavors' effect on the TRP ion channel in the prevention and treatment of athletic-induced muscle cramping - into the development of TRiPWIRE grape energy drink.

What the research says: Studies have shown that chemical stimulation of the TRP ion channel (located in the back of your throat) could be a mechanism to control muscle cramping.The TRP nerve is essentially a highway for electrical signals from your brain to your muscles and back to the brain. They found that sometimes opposing muscles misfire because they get out of sync and can start working in opposition of each other, hence cramping. The research also found that certain chemicals in everyday flavors can affect the electrical flow in the TRP channel, causing a "neurological reset," thus preventing and stopping your muscles from cramping.

Functional Flavor Technology

TRiPWIRE’s Functional Flavor TechnologyTM bombards the TRP ion channel with specific chemicals found in natural flavors that have shown to stop and cure cramps.

· Dill Pickle (active ingredient is acetic acid from vinegar)
· Grape caffinated and uncaffinated (active ingredient is citric acid)

TRiPWIRE grape energy drink is a 100% all-natural concentrated race fuel for real athletes, formulated with four carbs and ample electrolytes for easy and efficient digestion and absorption during high heart rate conditions. Made for use in today's hydration systems, it comes in powdered form and easily mixes to create the perfect fuel to keep you going all day long!

GO GREEN! TRiPWIRE is far more economical and environmentally friendly than most gels on the market. Each bag of TRiPWIRE eliminates 20 gel wrappers from landfills (or from littering our roads and trails). 

Additional Information

Customizable No
Packaging Retail Size
Special Blends No
Weight Range Under 120 lbs, 120 lbs - 150 lbs, 150 -185 lbs, Over 185 lbs
Flavor Grape
Type of Formula Pre & Intraworkout, Fuel Shot (gel)
Training Type: Running, Swimming, General Fitness, Paddle Sports, Cross Training, Team Sports
By Need: Under 3 Hours, Anti-cramping, High Electrolyte, Sensitive Stomach, Vegan
By Gender: Female, Male
Race Formulas No

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