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MUD Pre-workout Meal Supplement

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MUD Pre-workout Meal Supplement

A natural mix of protein and real coffee with an extra nutritional boost, designed to be an easy-to-digest pre-workout fuel. Loaded with protein, natural chocolate, premium ground flax and 3 different carb sources to fuel your efforts.

Wake up...Drink MUD. That is the INFINIT battle cry. 

Inspired by mountain bikers but perfect for all athletes, MUD is a natural mix of protein and real coffee with an extra nutritional boost, designed to be an easy-to-digest pre-workout fuel. Loaded with protein, natural chocolate, premium ground flax and 3 different carb sources, this formula is made to lay a solid base before your morning training.

Simplicity and effectiveness go hand-in-hand with this all-natural nutrition packed drink mix that's easy to digest on your way to work or on race day.

MUD is unlike any other product out there. Think mocha ice cream milkshake in a bottle plus the caffeine like a cup of joe and energy like a granola bar in each serving.

Add just one scoop of MUD to your favorite milk (almond, rice, coconut, dairy, etc.) and you are ready to rock your day with a boost of energy and omega-3s. A special blend of exotic coffees made especially for INFINIT gives MUD its natural mocha flavor. 

MUD also works great as a post-workout recovery mix! Rich in high-quality protein and easy to digest carbs, MUD gives you everything you need to refuel, rebuild, and rehydrate naturally.

Whether you are looking for an easy morning boost in a bottle, mid-day jolt, or recharge after a tough ride, MUD is the perfect solution.


Blended with only 100% all-natural ingredients with zero artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors.

INFINIT Team Tip: We like to mix our MUD with vanilla almond milk for a creamy mocha flavor that cannot be beat!

Additional Information

Customizable No
Packaging Retail Size
Special Blends No
Weight Range Under 120 lbs, 120 lbs - 150 lbs, 150 -185 lbs, Over 185 lbs
Flavor No
Type of Formula Pre & During Formulas, Recovery Formulas, Meal Supplements
Training Type: Triathlon, Running, Cycling, Mountain Bike, Swimming, General Fitness, Motor Sports, Paddle Sports, Cross Training, Team Sports
By Need: Under 3 Hours, Sensitive Stomach, Caffeinated
By Gender: Female, Male
Race Formulas No

Customer Reviews

EVERY DAY Review by Drew
I mix MUD in my morning coffee and it gives me the wake up call and energy to go out and pedal. The BEST part is my 84 year young Dad started drinking it for lunch. He drinks it with Almond milk and has reported NOT taking afternoon naps any longer. Plus the calories he is taking in makes his Doctor happy. If they made a 50lb bag I'd buy two. One for for my Pops. (Posted on 5/3/2018)
EXCELLENT!! Review by Tracy
I love this stuff! Super easy on my stomach, no bonking in longer, harder rides.. I’m addicted!!! No more carrying all them gels etc. Mix a bottle or two and go! (Posted on 3/29/2018)
Vroom-Vroom Review by Claudia
MUD is amazing! I drink it before workouts and I seriously can get through any workout without bonking. I mix MUD with coffee and almond milk and I am ready to go! Bike intervals, racing, long runs, Ironman training rides, afternoon double workouts- MUD is perfect for all that and more! (Posted on 2/24/2018)
Morning wakeup call Review by Chris
I have a glass of Mud with almond milk every morning. It's particularly good for a pickup before a morning workout, when you don't want to eat solid food right before working out. I've used it before races too. Even with a bit of protein, it sits surprisingly well in the stomach for races or high intensity workouts. And it tastes great too. Kind of like a chocolate milkshake. Hard to believe it's actually healthy! (Posted on 1/28/2018)
New Favorite! Review by Nathan
Pre-workout + Coffee + Meal Supplement + Milk + Afternoon Pick-me-up = One Happy Customer!

MUD is great tasting and is perfect on the stomach before my morning workouts. Excellent Product! (Posted on 1/27/2018)

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