U.S. Masters Swimming Training Mix

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U.S. Masters Swimming Training Mix

Specially formulated to fuel training lasting up to 2 hours.

The U.S. Masters Swimming Training Mix provides explosive energy and electrolytes to eliminate muscle cramping and stomach distress during anaerobic efforts.



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Specially formulated to fuel training sessions lasting up to 2 hours.

Get the most out of your training by fueling your body right! Going into a workout properly fueled is the key to having a quality training session. Steady blood sugar and topped glycogen stores ensure that your body will have what it needs to push through the most strenuous drills.

We use a variety of carbohydrate sources to maximize your body’s ability to absorb carbs and convert to energy. This pre-workout for swimming contains a blend of complex and simple carbs to provide explosive energy for high heart rate conditions.

Using our exclusive blend of electrolytes including natural sea salt, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, this blend replenishes the essential minerals lost in your sweat.

Plus a boost of 55 mg of pure caffeine to power you through your last lap or rep.

Comes in your choice of nine all-natural flavors sweetened with pure cane sugar and no added colors or dyes. Retire the gas station sports drinks and fuel your body naturally with our U.S. Masters Swimming Training Mix.

Looking for a different flavor? Fewer calories? An extra boost of caffeine? — Customize this formula

Mix 1 serving (2 scoops) in 20 fluid ounces of water and consume before and during activity. Consume 1 serving per hour.

Read More about the U.S. Masters Swimming Partnership and how the U.S. Masters Swimming Formulas were developed!


Swimming Save Live Foundation LogoDid you know? According to the Centers for Disease Control, 37% of American adults cannot swim the length of a pool. Every day, about 10 people die from drowning. INFINIT is proud to be teaming up to help support the U.S. Masters Swimming Save Lives Foundation which advocates and helps to raise awareness about accidental drowning, and serves as a resource for programs providing adult learn-to-swim lessons. Proceeds of each U.S. Masters Formula will be donated to the Swimming Save Lives Foundation.

Additional Information

Type of Formula Pre & Intraworkout, Customizable, Official U.S. Masters Swimming Blends
Training Type: Triathlon, Swimming, General Fitness, Paddle Sports, Cross Training, Team Sports
By Need: Under 3 Hours, Anti-cramping, High Electrolyte, Caffeinated, Vegan
By Gender: Female, Male

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Worth the buy Review by Ryan
I snagged this mix from a Mastets swimmer before a workout. It was lights enough that it didn't sit in your stomach. Furthermore, I believe it helped with my workout. After 2K I didn't feel as fatigued . (Posted on 1/19/2017)

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