Nutrition & Hydration Essentials Pack

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  • Hydrate essential hydration
  • Hydrate essential hydration
  • RESTORE isotonic meal supplement
  • RESTORE meal supplement - Vanilla
  • RESTORE meal supplement - Fruit Punch
  • RESTORE meal supplement - Cranberry
  • RESTORE meal supplement - Chocolate
  • MUD Healthy Mocha Snack
  • MUD Healthy Mocha Snack
  • COLD BREW Protein Coffee
  • COLD BREW Protein Coffee
  • :RAW pure protein
  • :RAW pure protein
  • 24oz Flip Straw Bottle

Nutrition & Hydration Essentials Pack

•   1 bag (30 - 20 oz servings) of HYDRATE essential hydration
•   8 packets (16 servings) of :RESTORE meal supplement
•   2 packets (2 servings) of MUD healthy mocha snack
•   2 packets (2 servings) of COLD BREW protein coffee
•   2 packets (2 servings) of RAW pure protein
•   Flip Straw BPA-free bottle (24 oz)

A variety of isotonic ready-to-mix drink mixes designed to provide easy-to-digest essential nutrition. Everything you need to stay nourished, hydrated and fueled up no matter what life brings. Shipped direct to your door with free express shipping.


A dietitian-curated selection of INFINIT’s essential nutrition & hydration products containing everything you need to stay nourished, hydrated and fueled up no matter what life brings.

Shipped direct to your door with FREE express shipping.


INFINIT Essentials Pack Includes:

:HYDRATE Essential Hydration

Refreshing low-calorie essential rapid rehydration mix providing active hydration and sustainable energy. Designed to deliver isotonic and essential hydration, rapid rehydration mix that acts like an “oral IV.”

Custom-blended for short workouts and daily hydration, this hydration drink mix is formulated for before, during, and after workouts for rapid hydration and electrolyte replenishment.


RESTORE by INFINIT Wellness is a light and refreshing meal supplement, originally designed to give relief for those battling cancer, digestive issues, or other health challenges.

Formulated to provide rapid hydration and easy-to-digest essential nutrients when you need it most. Fortified with essential minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids proven to aid in healing and recovery.

The perfect sampling of each of the four natural flavors — Fruit punch, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Cranberry.

MUD Healthy Mocha Snack & Meal Supplement

Our popular and nutrition-packed delicious mocha meal supplement loaded with protein, real chocolate, premium ground flax, and 3 different carb sources.

With "caffeine like a cup of joe, and energy like a granola bar in each serving," add just one scoop of MUD to your favorite milk (almond, rice, coconut, dairy, etc.), and you are ready to rock your day with a boost of energy and omega-3s.

COLD BREW Protein Coffee

Functional iced coffee at its finest. A delicious, caffeinated, nutritious pick-me-up. Packed with 20 grams of premium grass-fed whey protein, a functional iced coffee brewed low and slow, lightly sweetened, and blended with a hint of cream.

Simply mix with water for an easy on-the-go protein supplement with a caffeinated boost.

:RAW Pure Protein Recovery

Complete shelf-stable protein, fortified with essential BCAAs and immune-supporting glutamine. Perfect to use in smoothies, recipes, and for supplementing your daily protein intake.

Pure premium whey protein isolate produced from the milk of cows that spend an average of 300 days grazing Ireland's lush pastures; ultra-filtered to eliminate any of the undesirable characteristics of dairy,

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Don’t forget this essentials pack Review by Donnie McCammon
As an Ironman Triathlete and marathon runner, I need to make following my nutrition plan easy to follow. I love this nutrition and hydration pack because there are so many things that I need for training and racing. I recommend it! (Posted on 4/23/2021)

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