Community Shared Formulas

Community Share Formulas


Community Shared Formulas

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  1. Sparkles  mix

    Sparkles mix


  2. On a Microcellular Level, I'm Quite Busy

    On a Microcellular Level, I'm Quite Busy


    I wanted to create a post-workout recovery drink. I've been drinking PacificHealth's Accelerade for years, but since Infinit has been so great as an endurance fuel, I wanted to try it for a recover... read more

  3. The Endurance Edge Men's Heavy Sweater

    The Endurance Edge Men's Heavy Sweater


    At The Endurance Edge, we make a living from collecting and analyzing sweat. Lend us your sweat and we'll make you a custom INFINIT endurance formula! This is a common endurance formula w... read more

  4. Caffeinated Keto

    Caffeinated Keto


    This caffeinated keto energy drink was designed by INFINIT's head formulation specialist Colin Riley after talking with numerous athletes who were looking for a lower carbohydrate blend while adopt... read more

  5. Ruben’s Run blend

    Ruben’s Run blend


  6. The Duff

    The Duff


    I choose this formula with the help of the Infinit Team by targeting exactly what I needed for short course triathlon and for proper training.

    I was trying to solve GI issues and lack o... read more

  7. Justin’s Tri Mix

    Justin’s Tri Mix


  8. Tony's Bike Blend

    Tony's Bike Blend


  9. Pedal to the Shore Tank Filler

    Pedal to the Shore Tank Filler


    The mild flavor makes it easy to swallow

    The added electrolytes will help eliminate cramping

  10. E_with_protein_fp



  11. Kayla Bowker's Road to Kona!

    Kayla Bowker's Road to Kona!


    I made this formula because it has a higher protein content which helped to prevent me from becoming hungry. By increasing the protein content I was able to eliminate any other food necessity, and ... read more

  12. PowerBlend - Train All Day

    PowerBlend - Train All Day


    This mix was made for the training that prepped me to run 230 miles across Haiti in 8 days. It’s desinged to replenish and refuel you on the fly during those long sessions & back-to-back ... read more

  13. INFINIT Futbol Sports Fuel

    INFINIT Futbol Sports Fuel


    Designed by INFINIT's Director of Nutrition Laura Hering, RDN, this custom blend was designed to fuel the unique physical demands of soccer. Originally created for the local Professional Soccer tea... read more

  14. PQ Extra Electrolytes

    PQ Extra Electrolytes


  15. Guillermo's BIKE Blend

    Guillermo's BIKE Blend


    IM 70.3

    Calories intake for races and training

  16. Greg's 1st Mix

    Greg's 1st Mix


  17. Witches' Brew 2

    Witches' Brew 2


  18. Alex



  19. PEAK Multisport Daily Hydration Mix (OR)

    PEAK Multisport Daily Hydration Mix (OR)


    A low calorie option to use between workouts and before the big race day. This mix has half the calories of the training/racing mix but still contains all the electrolytes needed to aid in hydratio... read more

  20. Rogue Finisher (Run Blend)

    Rogue Finisher (Run Blend)


    I use this caffeinated energy boost formula for all running, hiking, snowshoeing, and other workouts prior to 2PM. For this sports drink for runners I used INFINIT's delicious pink lemonade fl... read more

  21. Josh Tostado's Endurance MTB Training

    Josh Tostado's Endurance MTB Training


    I wanted something that was going to fuel me for todays ride but also keep me fueld and ready for tomorrow's rides. I believe in proper fueling and this formula will help with recovery. 

    ... read more
  22. Amber Ferreira's SPEED Blend

    Amber Ferreira's SPEED Blend


    Before I started using my custom mix, I dealt with GI issues in every race. Last year I had my BEST season ever and won at Ironman Lake Placid and took second at Ironman Mont Tremblant. There is no... read more

  23. StELLAR RUN Blend - Grape

    StELLAR RUN Blend - Grape


    This blend has everything needed to go all day long in the hot Florida weather. High Electrolytes to help with the absorption of fluids and to keep you from cramping. The blend is specific to the n... read more

  24. RVA Racing - Race Day Formula (35+)

    RVA Racing - Race Day Formula (35+)


    Keep your hands on the bars! This Race Day formula provides the long-burning energy you need without having to carry a bunch of gels and food. We use it for all of our XC and XXC events 2-24 hours)... read more

  25. The Tri Source Race Blend

    The Tri Source Race Blend


  26. IM Formula

    IM Formula


    It works!

    No GI, yes on energy

  27. Cycling Endurance

    Cycling Endurance


    This formula for endurance cycling is based on recommendations from the custom consultation but tweaked for my preferences for flavor intensity, replacing lost electrolytes, avoiding feelings of hu... read more

  28. Short orange lick

    Short orange lick


    This formula is awesome for on the mountain bike. It is a high electrolyte formua with protein and has just the right amount of Orange-y-goodness to keep you hydrated and fueled through your ... read more




    It's a great base formula to start with.

    I was trying to eliminate the need to eat a bar or 2 during races (approx. 1 bar per hr.) and attempting to eliminate the occasional leg cramp d... read more

  30. Shannon 2018

    Shannon 2018

    I am currently training for a half marathon scheduled for March 4, 2018.
    I compete in sprint triathl... read more
  31. Christine Cross' Always on the Bike

    Christine Cross' Always on the Bike


    This is my go-to everyday training and racing bike formula. I can bike for hours with nothing but this as nutrition and take the same formula my body is used to consuming to the race course. Honest... read more

  32. Tania's RUN Blend

    Tania's RUN Blend


    To provide nutrition as I run, keep me from having to eat or use race sponsored nutrition

    energy, electrolyte and avoid GI issues

  33. Triple Concentrated bike blend

    Triple Concentrated bike blend


    Needed 3 hours in one bottle

    Too many bottles on my bike and too much liquid in my tummy

  34. Staff Picks: Cooper's Pre-Workout Power

    Staff Picks: Cooper's Pre-Workout Power

    Created by INFINIT's Formulation Specialist, Emily E, and her K9 companion Cooper. Cooper always accompanies me during my hill sprints and track workouts. One day I was feeling pretty burnt out and I ... read more
  35. David Milleman

    David Milleman


  36. Britt's Breaking Cycles ENDURANCE Blend

    Britt's Breaking Cycles ENDURANCE Blend



  37. Maddy's XC BLEND

    Maddy's XC BLEND


    I use this formula for 95% of my training rides and for all my races as well. I primarily use the formula for my cross country MTB races. I crave salt when I'm racing and running low on reserves, e... read more

  38. Mike Training- Fruit Punch

    Mike Training- Fruit Punch


    My dietitian helped me design this formula in preparation for training for the Hawk 100 trail race.

    This formulation is amazing! No caffeine in this one but just slide the ruler to add ... read more

  39. Miyoko's Century Formula

    Miyoko's Century Formula


  40. Morgan Tri

    Morgan Tri


    I'm training for a 70.3, I've used my Infinit during my most recent race simulation and during a long, tough swim I just completed and I felt great both times.  It tastes great and keeps... read more

  41. Olympia von Berg's BIKE Blend

    Olympia von Berg's BIKE Blend


  42. Sandra's Potion

    Sandra's Potion


  43. AltRed Blend

    AltRed Blend


    Custom Blend for Long Cycling Rides

    Complete Nutrition for Century Rides as a complement to taking AltRed

    This blend is awesome. I don't need to eat anything during the ride ... read more

  44. Maxi-Fuel



    To make sure I right-tune what I ingest to what I burn or need the most of.

    3+hours, anti-cramping, high electrolyte, sensitive stomach.

  45. Mountain Man BLEND

    Mountain Man BLEND


    I worked one-on-one with INFINIT to create a custom blend that will give me all the calories and hydration needed to keep my body fueled in the harshest of conditions. I'm hiking, biking, climbing,... read more




  47. Vee's Magic Potion

    Vee's Magic Potion


    My secret stuff to avoid cramping! 

  48. Sergio's Short MTB

    Sergio's Short MTB


    When the endurance formula doesn't give me the wake up call, I use this blend. 

    stagecoach 400 meal in between the endurance formula

  49. OC Tri Dad's RUN Blend

    OC Tri Dad's RUN Blend


  50. Kaito Blend C

    Kaito Blend C


    This is my lon distance Bike Blend.

    Feel great the entire ride, no feeling hunger, no cramps and no G.I. Issues!!! 

    LOTOJA, 206 mile one day ri... read more

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