Community Shared Formulas

Community Share Formulas


Community Shared Formulas

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  1. Kent's Long Course

    Kent's Long Course


    I don't want anything from the race course but water and don't want to carry bars, gels and salt pills.

    Worked in Kona 2014! 70.3 AWA Gold 2015

  2. Low flavor - Bike Formula

    Low flavor - Bike Formula


  3. Cozumel Mix

    Cozumel Mix


    Highest osmolality absorbance

    Prevent hyponatremia

  4. Sergio's Endurance Blend

    Sergio's Endurance Blend


    Great for endurance events

    stagecoach 400 meal all day

  5. OC Tri Dads BIKE Blend

    OC Tri Dads BIKE Blend


  6. Dede Griesbauer's Super Fuel (No Caff)
  7. Bastian Endurance

    Bastian Endurance


  8. run1 - Calories, Electrolytes, BCAA

    run1 - Calories, Electrolytes, BCAA


    Sweaty hot runs. Should be mixed half strength (single scoop per bottle)

    Calories, not too much, but needed electrolytes

    Ive used it just a few times, but so far so good.

  9. Daniel's RUN Blend

    Daniel's RUN Blend


    Even blend with less Protein, Calories and medium Carbs . I use this in conjunction with the BIKE Blend during Adventure Races where we start out running for a couple hours.... read more

  10. Lefty's Fruity Punch V3

    Lefty's Fruity Punch V3


    Training for IM CDA 70.3

    Fueling on long bike

  11. Allie’s Cycle Formula!

    Allie’s Cycle Formula!


    I have tweaked this overtime. This gives me everything I need to intake to support my long rides.

  12. Eric Engel IRONMAN Run Training Mix

    Eric Engel IRONMAN Run Training Mix


    This custom run blend is a spin off my IRONMAN Bike mix. I chose to change up the flavor of the mix to Lemon Lime to mix things up a bit. I also removed all the protein from my Bike mix to avoid fo... read more

  13. Sweat Equity Bike Blend

    Sweat Equity Bike Blend


    This formula is for Ironman Wisconsin preparation! Specifically for long bike rides. Perfect for people who have issues with GI distress and "bonking"

  14. MRE - Winter Hydration Mix - Lemon Lime
  15. IREP Intraworkout - Cranberry

    IREP Intraworkout - Cranberry


    Intraworkout supplementation to keep the engine running at full bore during your workouts

    sustained energy through carbohydrate supplementation at an optimal osmolality

    learn ... read more

  16. VanhelgaNation Mix #1

    VanhelgaNation Mix #1


    Perfect endurance formula for winter racing (nordic ski, fat bike, snowshoeing, running, etc.) where you are burning extra calories to stay warm.

    Endurance sport racing in the winter whe... read more

  17. The SubNiner - Run

    The SubNiner - Run


    Good tasting run mix, with lower maltodextrin and high electrolytes.

    too much maltodextrin was leading to GI issues.

  18. Jenn Lee's Surf Blend

    Jenn Lee's Surf Blend


    Designed specifically for the demands and goals of surfing as long as possible on those dreamy surf days.  Tastes better than the best fruit punch out there, is tailored to the ext... read more

  19. Just Keep Going

    Just Keep Going


  20. Shannon's Run Blend

    Shannon's Run Blend


    Works the best for my long runs. Keeps me fueled during my runs and NO cramps after!

    Cramps and stomach distress

    Since I began using this blend I have been hitting my goals an... read more

  21. Lindsay's Special Endurance Sauce

    Lindsay's Special Endurance Sauce


    This stuff helps me stay on the bike It can be my only fuel for 8+ hours of riding.

    I used to cramp pretty significantly after I'd been out for 80-100 miles, and this comp... read more

  22. Chelsea Ride

    Chelsea Ride


    This blend has the right amount of flavor and a flavor I really enjoy. Some drinks are so strong that I get bored of drinking them all day. This lighter pink-lemonade flavor is the perfect amount o... read more

  23. Glider Guider - V2

    Glider Guider - V2


    Hydration, energy, avoid cramping.




    The :Prochain Blend HC was designed for younger athletes that have bigger frames. This has all the great attributes of the original :Prochain blend but with increased nutrition to support the... read more

  25. Bob's fuel pink lem

    Bob's fuel pink lem


  26.  Jenn Lee’s Short Distance Race Formula

    Jenn Lee’s Short Distance Race Formula


    This formula has been tested in many successful SUP and Canoe Race Starts and is designed for elite performance. The formula is idea for races up to 1.5 hours in duration.

    <... read more

  27. Gravel Grinder

    Gravel Grinder


    This formula will sustain you for a few hours as you grind it out over some of the steepest climbs along your gravel road adventure.

    I've been trying to beat that 30 mile bonk and I fin... read more

  28. IREP Intraworkout - Lemon-Lime

    IREP Intraworkout - Lemon-Lime


    Intraworkout supplementation to keep the engine running at full bore during your workouts

    sustained energy through carbohydrate supplementation at an optimal osmoality

    learn m... read more

  29. Ride 112

    Ride 112

    Post Swim High Heat

  30. Sparkles  mix

    Sparkles mix


  31. On a Microcellular Level, I'm Quite Busy

    On a Microcellular Level, I'm Quite Busy


    I wanted to create a post-workout recovery drink. I've been drinking PacificHealth's Accelerade for years, but since Infinit has been so great as an endurance fuel, I wanted to try it for a recover... read more

  32. The Endurance Edge Men's Heavy Sweater

    The Endurance Edge Men's Heavy Sweater


    At The Endurance Edge, we make a living from collecting and analyzing sweat. Lend us your sweat and we'll make you a custom INFINIT endurance formula! This is a common endurance formula w... read more

  33. Caffeinated Keto

    Caffeinated Keto


    This caffeinated keto energy drink was designed by INFINIT's head formulation specialist Colin Riley after talking with numerous athletes who were looking for a lower carbohydrate blend while adopt... read more

  34. The Duff

    The Duff


    I choose this formula with the help of the Infinit Team by targeting exactly what I needed for short course triathlon and for proper training.

    I was trying to solve GI issues and lack o... read more

  35. Justin’s Tri Mix

    Justin’s Tri Mix


  36. Tony's Bike Blend

    Tony's Bike Blend


  37. Pedal to the Shore Tank Filler

    Pedal to the Shore Tank Filler


    The mild flavor makes it easy to swallow

    The added electrolytes will help eliminate cramping

  38. Ruben’s Run blend

    Ruben’s Run blend


  39. Kayla Bowker's Road to Kona!

    Kayla Bowker's Road to Kona!


    I made this formula because it has a higher protein content which helped to prevent me from becoming hungry. By increasing the protein content I was able to eliminate any other food necessity, and ... read more

  40. PowerBlend - Train All Day

    PowerBlend - Train All Day


    This mix was made for the training that prepped me to run 230 miles across Haiti in 8 days. It’s desinged to replenish and refuel you on the fly during those long sessions & back-to-back ... read more

  41. INFINIT Futbol Sports Fuel

    INFINIT Futbol Sports Fuel


    Designed by INFINIT's Director of Nutrition Laura Hering, RDN, this custom blend was designed to fuel the unique physical demands of soccer. Originally created for the local Professional Soccer tea... read more

  42. PQ Extra Electrolytes

    PQ Extra Electrolytes


  43. E_with_protein_fp



  44. Greg's 1st Mix

    Greg's 1st Mix


  45. Witches' Brew 2

    Witches' Brew 2


  46. Alex



  47. PEAK Multisport Daily Hydration Mix (OR)

    PEAK Multisport Daily Hydration Mix (OR)


    A low calorie option to use between workouts and before the big race day. This mix has half the calories of the training/racing mix but still contains all the electrolytes needed to aid in hydratio... read more

  48. Guillermo's BIKE Blend

    Guillermo's BIKE Blend


    IM 70.3

    Calories intake for races and training

  49. Josh Tostado's Endurance MTB Training

    Josh Tostado's Endurance MTB Training


    I wanted something that was going to fuel me for todays ride but also keep me fueld and ready for tomorrow's rides. I believe in proper fueling and this formula will help with recovery. 

    ... read more
  50. Amber Ferreira's SPEED Blend

    Amber Ferreira's SPEED Blend


    Before I started using my custom mix, I dealt with GI issues in every race. Last year I had my BEST season ever and won at Ironman Lake Placid and took second at Ironman Mont Tremblant. There is no... read more

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