Community Shared Formulas

Community Share Formulas


Community Shared Formulas

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  1. Nick Chase's Run Fast Stay Fueled

    Nick Chase's Run Fast Stay Fueled


    Pro Triathlete Chase Nichols - This mix is perfect for those track workouts or intervals when you need to grab some calories between intervals. It'll help hydrate and stay focused. Ever lose steam ... read more

  2. Paul Over 3hr

    Paul Over 3hr


    Used the customizer questionnaire.

    Avoid needing gals/blocks on rides

    Has worked well for me so far!

  3. IREP Intraworkout - Fruit Punch

    IREP Intraworkout - Fruit Punch


    Intraworkout supplementation to keep the engine running at full bore during your workouts

    sustained energy through carbohydrate supplementation at an optimal osmoality

    learn m... read more

  4. Rudy von Berg's Race Blend

    Rudy von Berg's Race Blend


    The Official Nutrition of Rudy von Berg - Professional Triathlete

    "I use mostly for half ironman fueling during races. It has low flavor to keep that sugary overdose feeling aw... read more

  5. STELLAR RUN Blend - Chocolate

    STELLAR RUN Blend - Chocolate


    This blend has everything needed to go all day long in the hot Florida weather. High Electrolytes to help with the absorption of fluids and to keep you from cramping. The blend is specific to the n... read more

  6. Sustaining Grace

    Sustaining Grace


    Sustaining Grace was formulated to help me endure long training rides as well as racing in endurance events.

    My endurance training began in 2008 when I made the Leadville 100 lottery... read more

  7. Ride Your Bike

    Ride Your Bike





  8. No Maltodextrin

    No Maltodextrin


    I have a gut allergy to maltodextrin.

    I used to puke about an hour into every ride. Using this formula fixed that annoying problem.

    I can race without issues now.

  9. Scott's ULTRA RUN Blend

    Scott's ULTRA RUN Blend


    avoid hunger, thirst, muscle cramps, GI upset, no bonking, sustained performance and no eating (chewing) required

    mainly GI upset

    I am a physician and know the critical need f... read more

  10. Sweat Equity Run Blend

    Sweat Equity Run Blend


    As a runner, one of the most common issues is fueling. I set the slider toward the speed side because the carbs are more easily digested, which is extremely helpful when your stomach is jostling ar... read more

  11. Vision2018 - RSCHAD

    Vision2018 - RSCHAD



    Calories, Light Flavor, high sodium

  12. Secret Endurance Blend

    Secret Endurance Blend

    $58.95’s a secret but I promise you’ll love this lightly flavored blend for those longer rides. I’ve used it with anything from 2hr training rides to 5+ hr endurance races. Wit... read more

  13. Tri_Fede



    Sometimes we need the correct balance of Carbs and Proteins, for a hard trainning sesion. This formula is for that.

    No Gels, no Cramps, no salt!!!!

    Full energy at 100% of the... read more

  14. 24hr - No Protein

    24hr - No Protein


    I can't really do the soy or whey so I made this one and I use an egg albumin powder to supplement each serving. It works well and the egg is really easy for me to absorb.

    Whey and soy ... read more

  15. Daniel's BIKE Blend

    Daniel's BIKE Blend


    Added Endurance Carbs, Calories and Protein for the long rides. I use this in conjunction with the RUN Blend during Adventure Races where we sprint out at first for a couple hours and ultimat... read more

  16. Channerbug



    GI issues on the run off the bike.

    2 ironman finishes and multiple 70.3 finishes. All on Infinit.
  17. Nathan's BIKE Blend

    Nathan's BIKE Blend


    RAIN ride and IRONMAN events with only infinit nutrition!

  18. Blythe's BIKE Blend w/out Protein + Caff

    Blythe's BIKE Blend w/out Protein + Caff


    Less protein at the end of the bike.

  19. Rock my Rocks

    Rock my Rocks


    Do you hate eating on your bike? Me too! I needed more calories and carbohydrates on the bike for 100+ mile bike rides. This did the trick!


  20. MRE Base Mix - Orange

    MRE Base Mix - Orange


    Formula meant for the off season when the workload is lower and it is a little cooler

  21. IREP Intraworkout - Grape

    IREP Intraworkout - Grape


    Intraworkout supplementation to keep the engine running at full bore during your workouts

    sustained energy through carbohydrate supplementation at an optimal osmolality

    learn ... read more

  22. TRI_FEDE



    I sweat a lot and have much salt loss, so this helps with that.

    Light caffeine and moderate calories means - Cramps Lost + Energy

    Fuel Level High!!!!!!

  23. Adventure Race Blend

    Adventure Race Blend


  24. Leonardo's BIKE Blend w/ Caffeine

    Leonardo's BIKE Blend w/ Caffeine


    Essa formulção contém, a cada 2 scoops o que consumo por hora. Ou seja, 80g/carbo/hora, 700 mg/sódio/hora (e outro eletrólitos) e 30g de cafeína/hora (essa... read more

  25. Run 26.2

    Run 26.2

    High Heat, Post Bike

  26. Marlon Run blend

    Marlon Run blend


    Not too strong on the flavor. Enough Carbs and electrolytes to keep me going. No proteins and just a little bit of amino acids.

    When it comes to running of the bike, eating solids become... read more

  27. Endurance and long rides

    Endurance and long rides


    Gives me the feel I need to ride 3+ to 10 hour rides

    Feeling and energy w/ no cramping

    I used this mix for two mountain bike races and needed nothing else! Two 1st place in 50... read more

  28. The Endurance Edge Women's Formula

    The Endurance Edge Women's Formula


    Based on Coach Chris Newport's sweat results, this formula is great for women on a normal to higher-fat diet with average sweat rates.

    eliminate fatigue, poor performance, and gut distr... read more

  29. Welcome to the F$cking Show

    Welcome to the F$cking Show


    After a sweat test and determining how much nutrition i needed to take per hour i created this formula.

    More electrolytes with carbs

    I used this formula for Ironman Texas as m... read more

  30. FP MaltoPro HiCal

    FP MaltoPro HiCal


    I wanted a high calorie formula that I could drink for more than an hour per serving and worked well.

    Not wanting to eat solid food on endurance rides.

    Works for me. I have fu... read more

  31. Anthony's RUN Blend

    Anthony's RUN Blend


    I have started with the sample pack. After speaking with an Infinit nutrition consultant and explaining my training program that I follow 6 days of week from running, swimming, biking, and weights.... read more

  32. B-Overcome Blend

    B-Overcome Blend


    Simplified my Ironman nutrition and hydration plan

    Minimize or eliminate gels Resolve poor hydration habits on long races and workouts

  33. Jake's Jet Fuel

    Jake's Jet Fuel


    I aimed to eliminate Bonking 75% through a race

    This formula took me to the top of the podium at the 2015 Barry Roubaix killer gravel road race!

  34. IREP Intraworkout - Orange

    IREP Intraworkout - Orange


    Designed for the high performing endurance athlete during cardio-respiratory workouts.

    Sustain energy throughout your workouts using this formula

    learn more at www.irepathleti... read more

  35. Colin's ENDURANCE Blend - No Protein

    Colin's ENDURANCE Blend - No Protein


    This formula was designed and used by INFINIT's head formulation specialist and pro triathlete Colin Riley who is also a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. Colin wanted a 2nd "ENDURANCE" Blend with... read more

  36. Simon’s bike blend

    Simon’s bike blend


    My bike mix for training for Ironman texas

    Decrease the amount of GUs I was taking in

    Worked great

  37. Sweat Equity Power Blend

    Sweat Equity Power Blend


    This protein powder with caffeine is for those days when your workouts are likely to leave your legs sapped of energy. Whether you are attempting to increase FTP or work on muscular endurance ... read more

  38. Iceman v2

    Iceman v2


    Not many existing formulas are designed for bigger guys

    calorie deficit during long rides

    Iceman here we go

  39. Joshua Hall -3hr Race Mix

    Joshua Hall -3hr Race Mix


  40. Awesome Sauce V2

    Awesome Sauce V2


  41. Chris' BIKE Blend

    Chris' BIKE Blend


  42. Tony's Run Blend

    Tony's Run Blend


  43. nhactive



    This is my 3-4 hour staple on the bike - enough to keep me from getting hungry and getting fatigued during the last hour.  I have a higher sweat rate than most but no issues unless in th... read more

  44. 12 hr go juice

    12 hr go juice


    It works great for all day in the saddle for 180-185lbs

    Cramping and bonking were my 2 issues before I came up with this formula

    Leadville 100, several 6hr and 12hr events plu... read more

  45. Maddy Frank's XC BLEND

    Maddy Frank's XC BLEND


    I use this formula for 95% of my training rides and for all my races as well. I primarily use the formula for my cross country MTB races. I crave salt when I'm racing and running low on reserves, e... read more

  46. Eric Engel's Run Training Mix

    Eric Engel's Run Training Mix


    This formula is very similar to my Custom Bike Training mix with a few changes. I switched up the flavor to give my taste buds some variety during racing and training. Also, I removed all the prote... read more

  47. Cinderella Hydration Mix

    Cinderella Hydration Mix


    This formula is the go-to sports fuel for March runs & Cinderella stories.
    Nutrition can make or break your game. No amount of training can help you when your body's got nothing left in t... read more

  48. Sparkles summer mix

    Sparkles summer mix


    Had to come up with a way to fight hunger.


  49. k_with_protien



  50. Lyle's Grape Drank

    Lyle's Grape Drank


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