Community Shared Formulas

Community Share Formulas


Community Shared Formulas

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  1. Mike Training- Fruit Punch

    Mike Training- Fruit Punch


    My dietitian helped me design this formula in preparation for training for the Hawk 100 trail race.

    This formulation is amazing! No caffeine in this one but just slide the ruler to add ... read more

  2. Iron-Fi blend 23

    Iron-Fi blend 23


  3. Flat Water Endurance

    Flat Water Endurance


    This formula is designed for Stand-Up-Paddle, 1 Man Outrigger Canoe, 2 Man Outrigger Canoe, Surfski, and 6 Man Flat Water Iron training and racing in flat conditions when you have to go hard hard a... read more

  4. Zwit Ironman Fuel

    Zwit Ironman Fuel


  5. No Brakes Fuel 33

    No Brakes Fuel 33


    I was looking for a way to eliminate bars and gels in my jersey pockets during gravel and off-road (MTB) races. Also, on long rides, training, etc., I found myself needing a little extra boost of e... read more

  6. Tony’s Lady Mix

    Tony’s Lady Mix


    Tony needed it.

    Tony was bonking.

    Toot toot!

  7. Aaron - Ironman Bike

    Aaron - Ironman Bike


  8. David Milleman

    David Milleman


  9. Lesley Smith's RUN Blend

    Lesley Smith's RUN Blend


    This blend has a moderate amount of calories and carbs with no protein. I use this blend for long run workouts, but it is suitable for many types of workouts in triathlon. I have used this in a con... read more

  10. Sergio's Short MTB

    Sergio's Short MTB


    When the endurance formula doesn't give me the wake up call, I use this blend. 

    stagecoach 400 meal in between the endurance formula

  11. AltRed Blend

    AltRed Blend


    Custom Blend for Long Cycling Rides

    Complete Nutrition for Century Rides as a complement to taking AltRed

    This blend is awesome. I don't need to eat anything during the ride ... read more

  12. Jenn Lee's Outrigger Molokai w/ Protein

    Jenn Lee's Outrigger Molokai w/ Protein


    This formula is designed for the 6 man Outrigger Canoe Molokai Race and SUP/OC1/Surfski Molokai to Oahu Relay Racecourse for athletes that like protein in their race nutrition. Suitable for both ge... read more

  13. OC Tri Dads BIKE Blend

    OC Tri Dads BIKE Blend





    It's the real deal.

    Use it as nutrition on course.

  15. Ironman



  16. AJB Coaching - D. Doherty Endurance

    AJB Coaching - D. Doherty Endurance

    AJ Baucco Coaching creates Custom Blends for our athletes based on their individual sweat rates and their caloric needs. Since every athlete is different, we make sure to look at each detail and creat... read more
  17. Mountain Man BLEND

    Mountain Man BLEND


    I worked one-on-one with INFINIT to create a custom blend that will give me all the calories and hydration needed to keep my body fueled in the harshest of conditions. I'm hiking, biking, climbing,... read more

  18. Josh Tostado MTB Race Blend w/ Caffeine

    Josh Tostado MTB Race Blend w/ Caffeine


    I like to have a good amount of caffeine for racing but not as much protein as I train with. I'm a heavy sweater. 4X 24 Hour Mountain Bike National champion, 7X Breckenridge 100 winner 2n... read more

  19. Secret Endurance Blend

    Secret Endurance Blend

    $59.95’s a secret but I promise you’ll love this lightly flavored blend for those longer rides. I’ve used it with anything from 2hr training rides to 5+ hr endurance races. Wit... read more

  20. Sweat Equity Run Blend

    Sweat Equity Run Blend


    As a runner, one of the most common issues is fueling. I set the slider toward the speed side because the carbs are more easily digested, which is extremely helpful when your stomach is jostling ar... read more

  21. MRE Lemon Lime  - High Caff Winter Mix

    MRE Lemon Lime - High Caff Winter Mix


    Needing a little boost in the off season in your bottle? This mix takes a way a little of the sodium that is needed in the summer months and adds a little caffeine for a great pick me up!
    read more

  22. MRE - Winter Hydration Mix - Lemon Lime
  23. Bastian Endurance

    Bastian Endurance


  24. Low flavor - Bike Formula

    Low flavor - Bike Formula


  25. AJB Coaching - W. Ritter Endurance

    AJB Coaching - W. Ritter Endurance

    AJ Baucco Coaching creates Custom Blends for our athletes based on their individual sweat rates and their caloric needs. Since every athlete is different, we make sure to look at each detail and creat... read more
  26. Leonardo's BIKE Blend w/ Caffeine

    Leonardo's BIKE Blend w/ Caffeine


    Essa formulção contém, a cada 2 scoops o que consumo por hora. Ou seja, 80g/carbo/hora, 700 mg/sódio/hora (e outro eletrólitos) e 30g de cafeína/hora (essa... read more

  27. Ride Your Bike

    Ride Your Bike





  28. Shannon 2018

    Shannon 2018

    I am currently training for a half marathon scheduled for March 4, 2018.
    I compete in sprint triathl... read more
  29. IREP Intraworkout - Grape

    IREP Intraworkout - Grape


    Intraworkout supplementation to keep the engine running at full bore during your workouts

    sustained energy through carbohydrate supplementation at an optimal osmolality

    learn ... read more

  30. Rock my Rocks

    Rock my Rocks


    Do you hate eating on your bike? Me too! I needed more calories and carbohydrates on the bike for 100+ mile bike rides. This did the trick!


  31. 24hr - No Protein

    24hr - No Protein


    I can't really do the soy or whey so I made this one and I use an egg albumin powder to supplement each serving. It works well and the egg is really easy for me to absorb.

    Whey and soy ... read more

  32. Glider Guider - V2

    Glider Guider - V2


    Hydration, energy, avoid cramping.

  33. VanhelgaNation Mix #1

    VanhelgaNation Mix #1


    Perfect endurance formula for winter racing (nordic ski, fat bike, snowshoeing, running, etc.) where you are burning extra calories to stay warm.

    Endurance sport racing in the winter whe... read more

  34. Allie’s Cycle Formula!

    Allie’s Cycle Formula!


    I have tweaked this overtime. This gives me everything I need to intake to support my long rides.

  35. Fly Tri Racing's Humid & Hot Bike Blend

    Fly Tri Racing's Humid & Hot Bike Blend

    William the Coach at has a very high sweat rate and suffered in hot weather races such as Galveston, Buffalo Springs, New Orleans 70.3, enough was enough and he found Infinit. He lik... read more
  36. Jake's Jet Fuel

    Jake's Jet Fuel


    I aimed to eliminate Bonking 75% through a race

    This formula took me to the top of the podium at the 2015 Barry Roubaix killer gravel road race!

  37. Channerbug



    GI issues on the run off the bike.

    2 ironman finishes and multiple 70.3 finishes. All on Infinit.
  38. Morgan Tri

    Morgan Tri


    I'm training for a 70.3, I've used my Infinit during my most recent race simulation and during a long, tough swim I just completed and I felt great both times.  It tastes great and keeps... read more

  39. IREP Intraworkout - Orange

    IREP Intraworkout - Orange


    Designed for the high performing endurance athlete during cardio-respiratory workouts.

    Sustain energy throughout your workouts using this formula

    learn more at www.irepathleti... read more

  40. The Endurance Edge Women's Formula

    The Endurance Edge Women's Formula


    Based on Coach Chris Newport's sweat results, this formula is great for women on a normal to higher-fat diet with average sweat rates.

    eliminate fatigue, poor performance, and gut distr... read more

  41. Adventure Race Blend

    Adventure Race Blend


  42. Caffeinated Keto

    Caffeinated Keto


    This caffeinated keto energy drink was designed by INFINIT's head formulation specialist Colin Riley after talking with numerous athletes who were looking for a lower carbohydrate blend while adopt... read more




    The :Prochain Blend HC was designed for younger athletes that have bigger frames. This has all the great attributes of the original :Prochain blend but with increased nutrition to support the... read more

  44. Noodles Crack

    Noodles Crack


  45. nhactive



    This is my 3-4 hour staple on the bike - enough to keep me from getting hungry and getting fatigued during the last hour.  I have a higher sweat rate than most but no issues unless in th... read more

  46. Run 26.2

    Run 26.2

    High Heat, Post Bike

  47. Brittany Warly's Racing Formula

    Brittany Warly's Racing Formula


    It is easy on the stomach and tastes great. It is not calorically dense, so it is easy to digest during hard efforts in racing.

    I have a sensitive stomach and I am a heavy sweater. I do ... read more

  48. Matt's RUN Blend (w/ Caff)

    Matt's RUN Blend (w/ Caff)


    I picked a custom blend for my run formula because nutrition is so difficult while running. The on-course nutrition never has worked for me, I can’t handle gels, and carrying the nutrition wa... read more

  49. Sweat Equity Power Blend

    Sweat Equity Power Blend


    This protein powder with caffeine is for those days when your workouts are likely to leave your legs sapped of energy. Whether you are attempting to increase FTP or work on muscular endurance ... read more

  50. Anthony's RUN Blend

    Anthony's RUN Blend


    I have started with the sample pack. After speaking with an Infinit nutrition consultant and explaining my training program that I follow 6 days of week from running, swimming, biking, and weights.... read more

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