Community Shared Formulas

Community Share Formulas


Community Shared Formulas

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  2. Thompson Elite Bike Performance Mix

    Thompson Elite Bike Performance Mix


    Easy to absorb while on the bike. Allows you to maximizing your performance with high calories, electrolytes and carbohydrates along with replacing the sodium levels lost during long rides.
    <... read more

  3. JV 1/18/17 563mg Na,  0.7 flavor, 280cal

    JV 1/18/17 563mg Na, 0.7 flavor, 280cal


    I use INFINIT Custom Formulas to maximize performance for myself and my clients. For events from a few hours to multi day Ultra Marathon cycling races, this formula works. 

    5 years ... read more

  4. Lawrence's Run Juice

    Lawrence's Run Juice


  5. Staff Picks: Tee Time

    Staff Picks: Tee Time


    This formula, designed by INFINIT's Director of Nutrition Laura Hering, RDN, is a special blend to fuel 18 holes.

    Folklore says that a full round of golf has 18 holes because it took 1... read more

  6. IREP Intraworkout - Orange

    IREP Intraworkout - Orange


    Designed for the high performing endurance athlete during cardio-respiratory workouts.

    Sustain energy throughout your workouts using this formula

    learn more at www.irepathleti... read more




    The :Prochain blend was designed to fuel younger and smaller framed athletes. At 160 calories, 250 mg sodium and 2.5 g protein, the :Prochain blend taste delicious and will keep you goin... read more

  8. Nick Chase's Run Fast Stay Fueled

    Nick Chase's Run Fast Stay Fueled


    Pro Triathlete Chase Nichols - This mix is perfect for those track workouts or intervals when you need to grab some calories between intervals. It'll help hydrate and stay focused. Ever lose steam ... read more

  9. IREP Postworkout - Orange Morning Blend

    IREP Postworkout - Orange Morning Blend


    Morning blend with caffeine to shuttle nutrients to the liver and skeletal muscle post workout.

    Replacing muscle glycogen post workout

    learn more at

  10. MoJo's Training Mix

    MoJo's Training Mix


    Long course triathlon - Reduce the need for multiple nutrition items.

  11. 2018 Liz Race Brew

    2018 Liz Race Brew


    This has been my go 2 formula for 2 seasons now. The carb/ electrolyte blend is perfect to handle all my nutrition needs for long course racing

    I have a very sensitive stomach but also b... read more

  12. Pedal to the Shore Tank Filler

    Pedal to the Shore Tank Filler


    The mild flavor makes it easy to swallow

    The added electrolytes will help eliminate cramping

  13. Kayla Bowker's RUN Blend

    Kayla Bowker's RUN Blend

    This has become my go-to-blend for all my run training and racing, as well as shorter bike rides (around 90 minutes) or long swims. 
    This formula has 41 grams of eas... read more
  14. The Duff

    The Duff


    I choose this formula with the help of the Infinit Team by targeting exactly what I needed for short course triathlon and for proper training.

    I was trying to solve GI issues and lack o... read more

  15. Anthony's RUN Blend

    Anthony's RUN Blend


    I have started with the sample pack. After speaking with an Infinit nutrition consultant and explaining my training program that I follow 6 days of week from running, swimming, biking, and weights.... read more

  16. Maxi-Fuel



    To make sure I right-tune what I ingest to what I burn or need the most of.

    3+hours, anti-cramping, high electrolyte, sensitive stomach.

  17. INFINIT Futbol Sports Fuel

    INFINIT Futbol Sports Fuel


    Designed by INFINIT's Director of Nutrition Laura Hering, RDN, this custom blend was designed to fuel the unique physical demands of soccer. Originally created for the local Professional Soccer tea... read more

  18. Welcome to the F$cking Show

    Welcome to the F$cking Show


    After a sweat test and determining how much nutrition i needed to take per hour i created this formula.

    More electrolytes with carbs

    I used this formula for Ironman Texas as m... read more

  19. Laura’s Tootsie Roll Out Mix

    Laura’s Tootsie Roll Out Mix


    Love the AM Crank Juice, but didn’t want it in the non-customized watermelon flavor

    None, early morning group ride mix

  20. E_with_protein_fp



  21. Kayla Bowker's Road to Kona!

    Kayla Bowker's Road to Kona!


    I made this formula because it has a higher protein content which helped to prevent me from becoming hungry. By increasing the protein content I was able to eliminate any other food necessity, and ... read more

  22. Cozumel Mix

    Cozumel Mix


    Highest osmolality absorbance

    Prevent hyponatremia

  23. PEAK Multisport Daily Hydration Mix (OR)

    PEAK Multisport Daily Hydration Mix (OR)


    A low calorie option to use between workouts and before the big race day. This mix has half the calories of the training/racing mix but still contains all the electrolytes needed to aid in hydratio... read more

  24. Secret Endurance Blend

    Secret Endurance Blend

    $59.95’s a secret but I promise you’ll love this lightly flavored blend for those longer rides. I’ve used it with anything from 2hr training rides to 5+ hr endurance races. Wit... read more

  25. Greg's 1st Mix

    Greg's 1st Mix


  26. Chris' BIKE Blend

    Chris' BIKE Blend


  27. Sam B's Endurance Formula

    Sam B's Endurance Formula


  28. Iceman v2

    Iceman v2


    Not many existing formulas are designed for bigger guys

    calorie deficit during long rides

    Iceman here we go

  29. Endurance, no Caffeine (fruit punch)

    Endurance, no Caffeine (fruit punch)


    Endurance Riding without Caffeine

    ability to go long

    24 hour worlds - 4th and 8th on this stuff! woot! I use 50g per bottle and weight 50KG

  30. Rogue Finisher (Run Blend)

    Rogue Finisher (Run Blend)


    I use this caffeinated energy boost formula for all running, hiking, snowshoeing, and other workouts prior to 2PM. For this sports drink for runners I used INFINIT's delicious pink lemonade fl... read more

  31. Josh Tostado's Endurance MTB Training

    Josh Tostado's Endurance MTB Training


    I wanted something that was going to fuel me for todays ride but also keep me fueld and ready for tomorrow's rides. I believe in proper fueling and this formula will help with recovery. 

    ... read more
  32. Blythe's BIKE Blend w/out Protein + Caff

    Blythe's BIKE Blend w/out Protein + Caff


    Less protein at the end of the bike.

  33. StELLAR RUN Blend - Grape

    StELLAR RUN Blend - Grape


    This blend has everything needed to go all day long in the hot Florida weather. High Electrolytes to help with the absorption of fluids and to keep you from cramping. The blend is specific to the n... read more

  34. Short orange lick

    Short orange lick


    This formula is awesome for on the mountain bike. It is a high electrolyte formua with protein and has just the right amount of Orange-y-goodness to keep you hydrated and fueled through your ... read more

  35. Ruben’s Run blend

    Ruben’s Run blend


  36. The Tri Source Race Blend

    The Tri Source Race Blend


  37. Cameron's Custom

    Cameron's Custom


    Taste great and right amount of sodium and carbs

    High carbs and sodium

  38. Kristy Bike Drink

    Kristy Bike Drink


    Ironman and long distance bike racing

    None have used for 15 years

    I have never had any GI issues from 4- IM to Ultra cycling events up to 508 miles

  39. Sparkles summer mix

    Sparkles summer mix


    Had to come up with a way to fight hunger.


  40. James' SPEED Blend

    James' SPEED Blend


    We created this formula for my shorter races and training rides that were 1-3 hours long.

    With normal hydration mixes I feel hungry and also don’t feel like I’m getting ever... read more

  41. Staff Picks: Cooper's Pre-Workout Power

    Staff Picks: Cooper's Pre-Workout Power

    Created by INFINIT's Formulation Specialist, Emily E, and her K9 companion Cooper. Cooper always accompanies me during my hill sprints and track workouts. One day I was feeling pretty burnt out and I ... read more
  42. Shannon 2018

    Shannon 2018

    I am currently training for a half marathon scheduled for March 4, 2018.
    I compete in sprint triathl... read more
  43. Endurance and long rides

    Endurance and long rides


    Gives me the feel I need to ride 3+ to 10 hour rides

    Feeling and energy w/ no cramping

    I used this mix for two mountain bike races and needed nothing else! Two 1st place in 50... read more

  44. Tania's RUN Blend

    Tania's RUN Blend


    To provide nutrition as I run, keep me from having to eat or use race sponsored nutrition

    energy, electrolyte and avoid GI issues

  45. Mike Training- Fruit Punch

    Mike Training- Fruit Punch


    My dietitian helped me design this formula in preparation for training for the Hawk 100 trail race.

    This formulation is amazing! No caffeine in this one but just slide the ruler to add ... read more

  46. Guillermo's BIKE Blend

    Guillermo's BIKE Blend


    IM 70.3

    Calories intake for races and training

  47. David Milleman

    David Milleman


  48. Tony’s Lady Mix

    Tony’s Lady Mix


    Tony needed it.

    Tony was bonking.

    Toot toot!

  49.  Jenn Lee’s Short Distance Race Formula

    Jenn Lee’s Short Distance Race Formula


    This formula has been tested in many successful SUP and Canoe Race Starts and is designed for elite performance. The formula is idea for races up to 1.5 hours in duration.

    <... read more

  50. Triple Concentrated bike blend

    Triple Concentrated bike blend


    Needed 3 hours in one bottle

    Too many bottles on my bike and too much liquid in my tummy

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