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Community Shared Formulas

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  1. BikeMinded XC Endurance Blend

    BikeMinded XC Endurance Blend


    Lots of electrolytes for hot races (95F+), a little protein & AA to settle the stomach, no caffeine so you can pound bottle after bottle every hour and keep smashing. Designed for XCM 3-6 hour ... read more

  2. Big Sexy RUN/SPEED Blend

    Big Sexy RUN/SPEED Blend


    My run/speed blend is actually my go to blend. I use this blend for all my runs but also a lot of bike sessions that are under 2 hours. I made this one lighter in the flavor profile for easy drinki... read more

  3. Kick Ass Endurance Formula!

    Kick Ass Endurance Formula!


    Training and racing for ultras

    All day endurance without separate gels, salt pills, etc....

    I have completed 31 ultras, 30 marathons and Ironman Chattanooga using INFINIT

  4. Iron-Fi blend 23

    Iron-Fi blend 23


  5. AAA



    Formula for endurance and strength.

    Energy, power, taste, easily digestible.

  6. Fitness Engineering IM Formula #2
  7. RG's XC Fuel

    RG's XC Fuel

    I designed this blend to deliver explosive energy and keep me from getting hungry for up to 3 hour mountain bike rides. I've been using this blend for over 6 years now. The only thing I change from ti... read more
  8. Pre- Race Hulk Juice!

    Pre- Race Hulk Juice!


    As an ultra runner I pre-load before events. This pre-race drink allows me to simplify my morning race routines of eating breakfast, drinking coffee, and balancing macro nutrients. I woul... read more

  9. Chef Remy's Smash Blend

    Chef Remy's Smash Blend


    I made this formula for myself and friends in the SC Smash Community as something to drink that will prevent hunger, maintain energy levels, and keep us hydrated.

    It sucked having to lea... read more

  10. Go Far w/ caffeine

    Go Far w/ caffeine


    I like it.

    Sustained energy makes me feel like a badass

  11. The All Day Burner

    The All Day Burner


    If you're racing all day, you need to get some basics down: big calories, sodium to keep the muscles firing, and a solid caffeine kick to keep you alert! The All Day Burner has gotten me on many a ... read more

  12. Vegan go far hot weather

    Vegan go far hot weather


    Easy on the gut in hot weather.

    Full feeling

    This vegan electrolyte drink leaves you feeling light but fueled after long rides.

  13. Hincapie - Caffeinated Race Day

    Hincapie - Caffeinated Race Day


    The Hincapie Caffeinated RACE Day Blend is the exact same mix that the Hincapie Racing Team has been successfully fueling with all season long. Want to use what the team used for stage wins and lea... read more

  14. PITFIT - Sprints

    PITFIT - Sprints


    Specifically designed for sprint and kart racing, SPRINT will allow you to squeeze out every tenth, see the gaps and make that final pass stick. SPRINT will keep you locked in and focused from the ... read more

  15. 2nd Born Twin - Caffeine Free Formula

    2nd Born Twin - Caffeine Free Formula


    I designed this "2nd Born Twin" caffeine free formula to help me stay hydrated during longer workouts & races; especially long bike segments. I wanted a caffeine free Identical Twin Formula to ... read more

  16. Christine's BIKE Mix

    Christine's BIKE Mix


    I originally created this formula with guidance from nutritionist and Ironman triathlete Marni Sumbal of Greenville, S.C., in 2013. I review it each year with an In... read more

  17. Shake and Not stirred

    Shake and Not stirred


  18. Tyler Philips' - XC Race Blend

    Tyler Philips' - XC Race Blend


    My XC Race blend is my race day go-to mix. It’s formulated specifically for shorter high intensity efforts like you would find during a cross-country mountain bike or short track event. This ... read more

  19. Training Blend for Bike

    Training Blend for Bike


    I have been using this formula for many years now and it just plain works. Geared for longer distances like 70.3 and Ironman racing or longer distance bike racing it is set-up to be pallet pleasing... read more

  20. George's 90 Minute Speed Mix

    George's 90 Minute Speed Mix


    I needed a pre/intra-workout mix that would be easy on my stomach but give me a good boost for my 60-90 minute workouts as well as keep cramps away.

    Most of the pre-workout mixes I enco... read more

  21. Paul Over 3hr

    Paul Over 3hr


    Used the customizer questionnaire.

    Avoid needing gals/blocks on rides

    Has worked well for me so far!

  22. Alycia Hill's Daily Hydration Mix

    Alycia Hill's Daily Hydration Mix


    After working with a consultant at INFINIT we dialed in this formula for my everyday consumption! Low calorie and light on my stomach so I can stay hydrated on my off days!

  23. Sustaining Grace

    Sustaining Grace


    Sustaining Grace was formulated to help me endure long training rides as well as racing in endurance events.

    My endurance training began in 2008 when I made the Leadville 100 lottery... read more

  24. Rudy von Berg's Race Blend

    Rudy von Berg's Race Blend


    The Official Nutrition of Rudy von Berg - Professional Triathlete

    "I use mostly for half ironman fueling during races. It has low flavor to keep that sugary overdose feeling aw... read more

  25. IREP Intraworkout - Fruit Punch

    IREP Intraworkout - Fruit Punch


    Intraworkout supplementation to keep the engine running at full bore during your workouts

    sustained energy through carbohydrate supplementation at an optimal osmoality

    learn m... read more

  26. STELLAR RUN Blend - Chocolate

    STELLAR RUN Blend - Chocolate


    This blend has everything needed to go all day long in the hot Florida weather. High Electrolytes to help with the absorption of fluids and to keep you from cramping. The blend is specific to the n... read more

  27. DB's - Cramp Killer

    DB's - Cramp Killer


    I had to assess my sodium intake and wanted to go liquid only on races.

    Cramping on the run, and on the bike.

    Able to sustain workouts with this blend. Found that the Osmality... read more

  28. Big Sexy Bike Blend

    Big Sexy Bike Blend


    This is my absolute go to for all long sessions! A higher calorie mix so I can consume one bottle per hour to meet all my nutritional needs!

    This blend kept me going strong through the b... read more

  29. Ryan Petry's XC BLEND

    Ryan Petry's XC BLEND


    I needed a formula that would be able to keep my energy high without bonking on rides for over 100 miles. This custom blend has worked for me and I am pretty stoked to be able to work with INFINIT ... read more

  30. Lawrence's Bike Juice

    Lawrence's Bike Juice


  31. Taylor Lideen's Endurance Blend

    Taylor Lideen's Endurance Blend


    The goal with my endurance formula was to stop any hunger cravings on long training rides and races. 3 hours or more and your covered with this blend!

    So long bonking!




  33. JV 1/18/17 563mg Na,  0.7 flavor, 280cal

    JV 1/18/17 563mg Na, 0.7 flavor, 280cal


    I use INFINIT Custom Formulas to maximize performance for myself and my clients. For events from a few hours to multi day Ultra Marathon cycling races, this formula works. 

    5 years ... read more

  34. Endurance Paddle (caffeine-free)
  35. Lawrence's Run Juice

    Lawrence's Run Juice


  36. Staff Picks: Tee Time

    Staff Picks: Tee Time


    This formula, designed by INFINIT's Director of Nutrition Laura Hering, RDN, is a special blend to fuel 18 holes.

    Folklore says that a full round of golf has 18 holes because it took 1... read more




    The :Prochain blend was designed to fuel younger and smaller framed athletes. At 160 calories, 250 mg sodium and 2.5 g protein, the :Prochain blend taste delicious and will keep you goin... read more

  38. Nick Chase's Run Fast Stay Fueled

    Nick Chase's Run Fast Stay Fueled


    Pro Triathlete Chase Nichols - This mix is perfect for those track workouts or intervals when you need to grab some calories between intervals. It'll help hydrate and stay focused. Ever lose steam ... read more

  39. Eric Engel's Bike Mix

    Eric Engel's Bike Mix


    I wanted to find a custom formula that covered all my bases when training for IRONMAN distance racing. After a few years of small tweaks, I have dialed in this formula perfectly. With the right mix... read more

  40. IREP Postworkout - Orange Morning Blend

    IREP Postworkout - Orange Morning Blend


    Morning blend with caffeine to shuttle nutrients to the liver and skeletal muscle post workout.

    Replacing muscle glycogen post workout

    learn more at

  41. MoJo's Training Mix

    MoJo's Training Mix


    Long course triathlon - Reduce the need for multiple nutrition items.

  42. 2018 Liz Race Brew

    2018 Liz Race Brew


    This has been my go 2 formula for 2 seasons now. The carb/ electrolyte blend is perfect to handle all my nutrition needs for long course racing

    I have a very sensitive stomach but also b... read more

  43. Jenn Lee's Molokai Solo Race Formula

    Jenn Lee's Molokai Solo Race Formula


    This formula is for solo races 3-8 hours long. This tried and true formula helped Jenn become the first woman to complete all 3 solo Molokai Races in Stand Up Paddle (4th Place), One Man Outrigger ... read more

  44. MBs Long Bike Mix

    MBs Long Bike Mix


    Great blend w/ a hint of pink lemonade. Just the right blend for short and long distance rides.

  45. The Marky Mark 4hr+ MTB formula

    The Marky Mark 4hr+ MTB formula


    I wanted something with a bit more protein for very long rides.

    Cramping and hunger issues. Without the extra protein, on very long rides I felt my body going into a catabolic state. read more

  46. Pedal to the Shore Tank Filler

    Pedal to the Shore Tank Filler


    Great for rides exceeding 5 hours

    It's sometimes hard to stop and grab snack when you're trying to hang on at a blistering pace. This formula helped keep me from getting hungry between s... read more

  47. Kick Ass Endurance Formula 4

    Kick Ass Endurance Formula 4


    I love the taste and flavor! I can do 24 hour ultras with Infinit only- no gu, etc...

    Stomach issues and also not having to have gels and drinks, etc...

    I have done 32 ultra ... read more

  48. NYPD Pre FUEL



    Good Pre Workout, Similar to Mud w/o being milky.

    Get some fuel without eating for early morning workouts.

    Worked great. Split it though, only 1 scoop per bottle

  49. Finotti's Lemon Lime Training Mix

    Finotti's Lemon Lime Training Mix


    To replenish Na & electrolytes.

    This has replaced my need to eat gels & gus.

    Love it.

  50. Training for 70.3 Augusta

    Training for 70.3 Augusta


    I have been a triathlete for over 10 years. Until recently, I was doing sprint distances and was happy with my nutrition however it was not enough for the longer distances. So I ... read more

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