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Protein & Recovery Sample Pack

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  • Protein & Recovery Sample Pack
  • MUD Pre-workout Meal Supplement
  • MUD Pre-workout Meal Supplement
  • :REPAIR Chocolate
  • :REPAIR Chocolate
  • :REPAIR Vanilla
  • :REPAIR Vanilla
  • :NOCTURNE Chocolate
  • COLD BREW Performance Coffee
  • COLD BREW Performance Coffee

Protein & Recovery Sample Pack

Single serving protein powder sample pack of the most popular INFINIT Protein & Recovery formulas - Plus an INFINIT BlenderBottle®

Gluten FreeMade in the USA


An assortment of INFINIT Nutrition protein & recovery products — The perfect way to sample our line of premium protein, post-workout formulas!

If you don't want to let your training go to waste, proper post-workout nutrition is vital. Recover right with a combination of high quality protein for muscle repair and synthesis, and carbohydrates to replenish your muscle and liver glycogen stores. 

Refuel, rebuild, and rehydrate naturally with protein & recovery formulas made with premium, clean ingredients. 

The Protein & Recovery Sampler Pack includes single serving packs of the:

  • :REPAIR Complete Recovery - Chocolate & Vanilla

    Formulated specifically to replenish muscle glycogen levels, provide the body with ample amino acids for maximimum repair of damaged muscle tissue, and boost your immune system.

    Rich in immune-supporting amino acids L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, L-Leucine and L-Glutamine to help you stay healthy and strong through the most strenuous schedules.

    50% casein protein, 25% whey isolate and 25% soy isolate, in combination with essential amino acids, provides the only post-workout drink to supply a long lasting, slow-released source of amino acids for the most effective muscle recovery possible.

    Four different carbohydrate sources (maltodextrin, glucose, sucrose and crystalline fructose) enables your body to process up to 30% more efficiently than other commercially made products.

  • :NOCTURNE Nighttime Recovery - Chocolate

    Delicious 100% natural nighttime recovery solution made specifically to work while you sleep.

    After a long day, enjoy the creamy chocolate flavor and ultra-pure casein and whey protein isolate designed to soothe tired muscles and help you repair overnight.

    Tryptophan, a natural essential amino acid (long been known to increase the levels of melatonin and serotonin) will actually help lull you to a restful night of deep sleep after a long day of activity. Plus, each serving contains 1g of ground flaxseed for a boost of anti-inflammatory omega-3's.

  • MUD Pre-workout Meal Supplement & Recovery - Double Mocha

    Mocha-flavored, pre-race fuel or recovery drink loaded with protein, real chocolate, premium ground flax and 3 different carb sources. A special blend of exotic coffees made especially for INFINIT gives MUD its tasty flavor and "caffeine like a cup of joe and energy like a granola bar in each serving."

    Simplicity and effectiveness go hand-in-hand with this all-natural nutrition packed drink that is easy to digest on race morning or even on the way to work.

    Add just one scoop of MUD to your favorite milk (almond, rice, coconut, dairy, etc.) and you are ready to rock your day with a boost of energy and omega-3s.

  • COLD  BREW Performance Coffee

    A functional iced coffee brewed low and slow, lightly sweetened, blended with a hint of cream and packed with 20 grams of premium grass-fed whey protein.

    This cold brew coffee mix is perfect for a post-workout boost or a nutritious pick-me-up throughout the day.

  • INFINIT BlenderBottle® (28 oz)

    INFINIT Nutrition 28 ounce, BPA-free grey plastic bottle with yellow INFINIT logo design. 

    The BlenderBottle® patented mixing system uses the BlenderBall® wire whisk—found only in BlenderBottle® brand shaker cups—which thoroughly blends even the densest custom mixes & recovery formulas.

    The Classic design features a screw-on lid and secure flip cap to ensure your gym bag and car seats remain clean and dry. With a snug twist of the lid and the a quick “snap” of the flip cap, you’re ready to roll.

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