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"It was simple... No bonk, no cramps. I just finished Hoodoo 512. We lost count, but went through at least 32, maybe 36 bottles of Eric's ENDURANCE Blend over 42 hours. It was simple for the crew to just keep mixing bottles too... No bonk, no cramps (that's a first for me, and it was hot in St. George)"

Eric P.

The custom blend was amazing! I completed the Ohio 70.3 today (my first half Ironman) and the custom blend was amazing! The sleeves of my tri suit were white from sweat, but I didn't get a single cramp in the 7 hours and 16 min it took me to finish."

Ilana R.

"135 miles with my Infinit formulas. Just a note to let you know it went great at Badwater 135 miles with my Infinit formulas. This year was a historical record high temperature in Death Valley for the event and there was a 30% DNF."

Patsy R.

"I never bonked, hit a wall or felt dehydrated. I carried 4 bottles with me on the course and attribute drinking one bottle of Go Far an hour to keeping me hydrated and fueled on an extremely hot race course. I never bonked, hit a wall or felt dehydrated the entire 17 hours that I was on the race course. I owe Infinit for helping me get across the finish line feeling strong!"

Andrea C.
Gravel Cyclist

Infinit "Speed" fueled me through a 5 hour zwift ride and helped keep me pushing the pedals with good power throughout! Great flavor and easy digestion.

David Dunnavan