Community Shared Formulas

Community Shared Formulas

Want to see what top Professionals and Age Group Athletes are using on Race day? Check out formulas recommended by reputable coaches and trainers? How about INFINIT Staff Picks? Browse the Community Shared formulation database for custom-blended creations from athletes just like YOU!


Preset Formulas

INFINIT Preset Formulas

For over 10 years, these five all-natural formulas have been our best sellers and the perfect place to start! Purchase them as is, or customize them anyway you want to make it personalized to YOUR body, taste preferences and type of racing and training.


Do you LOVE your Custom Blend and want to share it with other athletes like you?


  • Upload your formula to INFINIT's Community Share collection and start earning store credit every time someone purchases your blend!
  • Create your own product page to feature your Custom Formula: Upload your own image, tell your story, make it reflect YOUR style!