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HYDRATE Essential Hydration Multi-serving eco-pack and 2 serving to-go packet

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This is my favorite nutrition ...
Nov 10, 2023
This is my favorite nutrition for my swimming workouts (typically under 90 minutes). I keep it on the pool deck and drink between sets to keep my energy up. I like this formula because it is lower in calorie, which matches with my calorie output when I swim. I use the standard formula, and I have not had any need to customize it. The taste is sweet and inviting, without being overly sweet, and it makes me want to drink. I typically go through about a bottle an hour, and it keeps me fueled and hydrated. I definitely recommend this formula.
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Very light in taste and ...
Nov 2, 2023
Very light in taste and great ingredients. Perfect for 90 minute rides.
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Great drink powder!
Oct 31, 2023
Great drink powder! Mixes easily, light flavor- not sweet, easy to drink, even for a 100 mile ride.
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I ran into Andy Potts ...
Aug 3, 2023
I ran into Andy Potts at our local pool where he was training stroke for stroke with a woman who made the Canadian Olympic Team in distance swimming. The man is a stud. I’ve been treating metastasized renal cell cancer since 2011. When Andy heard this he showed up at my house THE NEXT DAY with a box of infinit products to try. I coached college swimming for 32 years so am a natural skeptic. The Hydrate solution with Beta Alanine has provided stable hydration during cancer treatments. Water seems to slosh around in my stomach where Hydrate seems to be absorbed readily as advertised. I am about to add the Java product to see if I can supplement my protein intake and put some meat back on these bones. I’m a believer. Thanks for the products.
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Worth a try!
Apr 25, 2023
Great product for long workouts, not cloying like many hydration formulae.
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