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How to Fuel the Bike Leg of an IRONMAN using :PREMIUM Fructose Fuel

Team INFINIT Pro Triathlete breaks down her fueling strategy for the bike portion of an IRONMAN race using our :PREMIUM Fructose Fuel.

KAYLA'S TARGET = 90-120+ grams of carbs each hour

Kayla starts with 3 bottles on the bike, then picks up another 3 bottles at special needs around mile 60.

HOUR 1: 120g of :PREMIUM Fructose Fuel + one gel = Total 150g of carbs

HOUR 2: 120g of :PREMIUM Fructose Fuel + half a chew = Total 140g of carbs

HOURS 3-5+: 90-120g of :PREMIUM Fructose Fuel

"I use INFINIT Premium Fructose Blend to fuel my bike sessions during training as a professional triathlete so that I can train day in and day out with energy and optimal performance and know that when I step onto the start line I will be ready. 

I enjoy getting on the bike during a race knowing that I have all the tools ready at my hand in the form of the Premium Fructose Blend to help me race to my best"


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Born and raised in Hood River, Oregon, Kayla Bowker attended Gonzaga University where she earned a biology degree. Kayla’s permanent residence is now Spokane, WA where she lives, works, and trains.

Kayla got into triathlon as a way to find herself during a rough patch in her life. Since then, she has made it her mission to help others find that very same thing, recently through the development of her coaching business, and through the documentation of her journey on her popular blog and Instagram.

INFINIT has not only played a huge factor in her success as an athlete but as a coach as well because it provides an easy way for Kayla to help others nail their race day nutrition as they journey to their own finish line.