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Why does INFINIT add protein to endurance hydration mixes?

Q: Why does INFINIT use protein in endurance hydration & fuel mixes?

A: During longer duration activity, protein can be a useful appetite suppressant. 

Throughout the decades of working with endurance athletes, we’ve found that it’s virtually impossible to train or race for long periods (from 3-24 hours) on a straight carbohydrate drink alone. After a couple of hours, athletes tend to get really hungry. 

But food is far more taxing on the body to digest and absorb than liquids. That’s why we design INFINIT endurance mixes to be all-in-one clean liquid nutrition with no need to juggle and choke down solids.

With just a few grams of protein, you can curb hunger, keep blood sugar more even, and feel satisfied and strong hour after hour.

Read more about WHY we use protein in our fuel & hydration formulas here.

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