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Do I really need more than one formula?

Q: Do I really need more than one formula?

A: When it comes to endurance training and racing (workouts & activity lasting 3 hours or more), we recommend athletes have two different formulas — One for their shorter workouts and one for their longer workouts:

  1. 3+ Hour Endurance Blend: Higher in calories with a few grams of protein to curb hunger during long workouts or racing lasting 3 hours or more. 
  2. < 3 Hour Intensity Blend: Calories 15-20% lower with NO protein for workouts or racing lasting under 3 hours.

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Preset < 3 Hour Blend

  1. SPEED high intensity fuel - Natural electrolyte hydration and energy drink mix - Multi and single serving packs
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Preset 3+ Hour Blend

  1. GO FAR Endurance Fuel multi-serving eco-pack and single serving packets
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Customizable Blends

  1. Custom Hydration & Fuel Personalized Sports Drink Mix by INFINIT Nutrition
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