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How do I know where to set my flavor?

Q How do I know where to set my flavor?

Flavor is a major component of the overall success of any sports nutrition product. Most products are made to taste good in a taste testing lab — We all know that a lab is not the real world.

INFINIT Nutrition is the first and still the only company to let you totally customize the flavor of your drink.

You can choose the flavor AND adjust the flavor intensity to make it taste exactly how YOU want. 

If you find stronger flavors more palatable, simply move the flavor slider to the right. If you prefer to keep flavors light and sweetness low, slide it to the left. 

As a point of reference, typical “gas station” sports drinks have a flavor intensity of an 8 out of 10 on the slider scale. 

PRO TIP: Our research shows that perception of taste becomes more acute as workout duration increases. i.e. Things taste stronger as your workout or activity gets longer.