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Can I eat (food, gels, salt tabs etc.) on top of INFINIT?

Q: Can I eat (food, gels, salt tabs etc.) on top of INFINIT?

A:  Full liquid nutrition is the easiest way to get all the nutrition your body needs to perform. If your INFINIT mix is properly matched to your body's needs you should not need to take in any other outside source of nutrition — Everything you need to stay fueled, hydrated and free from hunger should be right in your bottle.

If you are not 100% confident that your INFINIT is providing you with everything you need and want from your nutrition, and you're consistently needing to supplement your intake, contact us and we'll help you find the right fueling strategy to meet your needs.

If you determine you need to supplement your intake, you should chase it down with plain water (not INFINIT). 

We also understand that when you're going for hours, sometimes you just crave something to nosh on. If you need to munch, a few pretzels, half a banana, or crackers, consumed with plain water, typically won't cause issues. But you want the contents of your gut to have the proper osmolality for optimal digestion. Adding extra "stuff" into the mix can cause bloating, dehydration, GI cramping, and other “issues.”

Make sure that if you decide to take in something heavier, you only drink plain water for the next 30-45 mins to ensure you're not overloading your gut.

Still have questions? We’re here to help.

Send us a note or connect with an INFINIT Dietitian.