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5 Hour Challenge Sample Pack

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5 Hour Challenge Sample Pack

The 5 Hour Challenge Sample Pack is the right place to start if you're new to custom nutrition!
Sample pack includes a consultation with an INFINIT Nutrition Specialist to create the perfect all-in-one formula and...
    - 5 serving bag of your Custom Fuel Mix 
    - BPA-free INFINIT pro water bottle 
    - $10 OFF your next INFINIT online order

PLUS your 5 Hour Sample Pack ships FREE!

TOTAL package value of $45 for just $29.95




Your own custom blended sports fuel? — It’s what we do here at INFINIT

No two athletes are the same so the BEST fuel is one made just for YOU and your personal needs.

No gels, no bars, no gagging down salt pills — It’s all in there, tasting exactly how you want. 

Just drink your mix and do your thing. Simplicity rules.

The 5 Hour Challenge is the right place to start if you're new to custom nutrition!

Includes 5 hours’ worth of custom fuel designed by your own personal nutrition consultant. Mix it up in your BPA-free INFINIT water bottle, and put to the test on your longest, hottest, hilliest, nastiest, and most brutal workouts.

If for any reason your mix does not perform the way you want, INFINIT will reformulate it or refund your money.
That is our unconditional guarantee to you (but we are really good at this stuff — So, trust us, you’ll be happy).

The 5 Hour Challenge Sample Pack comes with:

- A consultation with your own personal INFINIT Nutrition Specialist to create the perfect all-in-one mix that will taste just the way YOU want.
- One 5 serving bag of your Custom Fuel Mix ($18.95 value)
- One BPA-free INFINIT water bottle ($9.95 value)
- Your 5 Hour Sample Pack ships FREE!
- PLUS $10 off your next INFINIT online order!

TOTAL package value of $45 for just $29.95

The individual athlete is our focus. We are unlike any other nutrition company, because we take the time to get to know you, your training, and your challenges. We do the work for you and find a solution to maximize performance, so come competition day all you have to do is drink your stuff and go.

Your personal INFINIT consultant will even walk you through everything you need to know about how to carry, fuel, and stay hydrated with your Custom Mix for any length racing, from sprints to ultra distance. Your blend will contain everything you need to perform, and will eliminate the need for any outside supplementation from gels, pills, bars, and solid food.

Just drink your Custom Mix and go all day long — guaranteed.

* 5 Hour Challenge Sample Pack is valued as "FREE" based on the total value of all items within the Sample Pack (5 serving custom bag valued at $18.95, water bottle valued at $9.95, $10 gift card, and shipping costs) which offsets cost of the product. In addition, as with all our products, we offer a full 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Customer Reviews

Works perfect for me. Review by vincent
Dial it in and go. (Posted on 10/18/2017)
The fuel that keeps you going ! Review by Sandra
While training for my first full ironman race, I knew I would need a more complete fuel source than I had used previously in half iron and olympic distance events. I was plagued with muscle cramping and low blood sugar irritability during races. I heard about Infinit Custom Blend from a friend and decided to give it a try. The whole process of finding the exact right combination of electrolytes, calories and minerals just for my individual needs was very professional. When I started using the products of a custom bike blend and custom run blend during my training, I felt great! Training for an ironman triatlon requires many long hours on the bike, in the pool and on the run but with infinit in my water bottle, I did not have to worry about getting enough calories, hydration and salt. I no longer got leg cramps at night or while training. During the 15 hours of constant moving to complete the iron man, I did not get any cramps and I had a smile on my face all day. I did not get the irritable moods that come with drops in blood sugar. The Infinit kept me fueled on the bike and i used it in two 9 oz. bottles on my race belt. I carried extra powder in the pouch on my belt so I could mix more at the aid stations when my bottles became empty. I will never use anything but Infinit! (Posted on 8/2/2017)
Powered up Rainier... Review by Lou
While I was training for Rainier, my senior HAMS instructor mentioned to me about using Infinit for our climb. We had been discussing our approach to nutrition on the mountain, and mentioned Infinit's products were a great (and easy) way to get more calories into the system (my biggest concern).

I tried it before our trip, and then of course while on Rainier. I have to say that Infinit definitely helped to put in over 10k feet of gain in just under 30 hours. Having it in my bladder system made it accessible, and ensured I was getting enough calories and nutrients during the climb. I'll be using Infinit's products for all my big climbs, moving forward.

In addition, the sales staff (Emily) was awesome throughout the process, especially with understanding what my individual needs were in respect to the formula. Anyone doing endurance activities should seriously use this product; I'll be a life-long user! (Posted on 7/17/2017)
Rim to rim Review by deborah
I ran rim 2 rim at grand canyon 10 hours. Only infinit. (Posted on 7/5/2017)
Best nutrition period! Review by Peter
I have tried everything and this stuff is the best! Great flavors… Easy digestion… Great source of clean energy! (Posted on 6/27/2017)

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