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Coconut Mocha MUD

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Coconut Mocha MUD is a limited edition tropical spin on our popular MUD mix. A creamy combination of whey protein, coconut milk, golden flax, and real coffee — Perfect to mix up as an easy-to-digest breakfast, a pre-workout base or energizing snack.

  • Refreshing and satisfying coconut mocha protein drink mix, made with pure organic coconut milk.
  • Mix with your favorite milk for a deliciously satisfying meal on-the-go.
  • 25mg of naturally occurring caffeine per serving from real coffee.
Soy Free
Gluten Free
Grass Fed
Colors/Dyes Free
Artificial Sweetner Free
Made in USA

It’s back for the summer! Coconut Mocha MUD is a ready-to-mix meal supplement made with a blend of real coffee, whey protein isolate and omega-3 rich golden flaxseed. This mocha coconut protein powder is the perfect morning boost, pre-workout base or midday recharge.

With the caffeine of a cup of joe, energy like a granola bar, and the rich flavor of your favorite summer iced coffee in each serving — It’s the perfect way to savor the season.

Simple On-the-Go Nutrition
MUD is the ultimate on-the-go nutrition drink to take with you on the way to the office, gym, or on your next adventure. Simply mix in one serving of MUD into your favorite milk (2%, almond, rice, oat, coconut, etc.) and you are ready to rock your day.

Satisfying Source of Healthy Fats
This summer favorite contains a rich source of healthy fats, combining omega-3-rich flax seed with the natural healthy fats found in pure organic coconut milk powder.

Pre-workout or Post-workout
Coconut Mocha MUD is the perfect easy-to-digest drink to sip on before or after your workout. Mix up a mug to lay a solid base before your morning training or reward yourself after — Rich in high-quality protein and easy-to-digest carbohydrates, MUD gives you everything you need to refuel, rebuild, and rehydrate naturally.

Clean Natural Ingredients
Gluten-free and made with clean, all-natural ingredients. Flavored with real coffee, coconut milk and sweetened with pure non-GMO cane sugar — Absolutely no colors, dyes, preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

Ingredients: Whey protein isolate, Dextrose, Cane sugar, Organic coconut milk, Maltodextrin, Coffee, Ground flaxseed, Natural flavors

Suggested Usage: Mix one serving of Coconut Mocha MUD with 8 ounces of your favorite milk.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Always consult your physician before starting any new fitness or nutrition regimens. Use this product as a food supplement only. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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