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5 Hour Challenge Sample Pack

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5 Hour Challenge Sample Pack

The 5 Hour Challenge is the right place to start if you're new to custom nutrition!

∞ A consultation with an INFINIT Nutrition Specialist
 5 serving bag of your Custom Fuel Mix
∞ BPA-free 21oz INFINIT bottle 
 FREE Shipping
∞ $10 OFF your next INFINIT online order

Total pack value of over $50 for just $29.95


Your own custom blended sports fuel? — It’s what we do here at INFINIT

No two athletes are the same so the BEST fuel is one made just for YOU and your personal needs.

The 5 Hour Challenge
is the right place to start if you're a custom nutrition newbie!

This custom supplement mix starter pack includes 5 hours’ worth of custom fuel designed by your own personal nutrition consultant, a BPA-free INFINIT water bottle to mix it up in, and it ships to your door for free.

Put it to the test on your longest, hottest, hilliest, and most brutal workouts! If for any reason your custom supplement mix does not perform the way you want, we will reformulate it for you until we find the right mix, or we'll simply refund your money.

That is our unconditional guarantee to you (but we are really good at this stuff — So, trust us, you’ll be happy).

No gels, no bars, no gagging down salt pills — It’s all in your blend, tasting exactly how you want.  Just drink your mix and do your thing. Simplicity rules.


The 5 Hour Challenge Sample Pack comes with:

∞ A personal consultation with a Registered Dietitian
 5 serving bag of your Custom Blend ($19.95 value)
∞ BPA-free INFINIT water bottle ($9.95 value) 
 FREE Shipping
∞ $10 off your next INFINIT online order!

Total package value of over $50 for just $29.95

The individual athlete is our focus. We are unlike any other nutrition company, because we take the time to get to know you, your training, and your challenges. We do the work for you and find a solution to maximize performance, so come competition day all you have to do is drink your stuff and go.

Your personal INFINIT Formulation Specialist will even walk you through everything you need to know about how to carry, fuel, and stay hydrated with your Custom Blend no matter what you're doing — your blend will contain everything you need to perform, and will eliminate the need for any outside supplementation from gels, pills, bars, and solid food.

Just drink your stuff, and go all day. Guaranteed.

* 5 Hour Challenge Sample Pack is valued as "free" based on the total value of all items within the Sample Pack (5 serving custom bag valued at $19.95, water bottle valued at $9.95, $10 gift card, and shipping costs, which offsets cost of the product. In addition, as with all our products, we offer a full 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Customer Reviews

My Best Idea Ever..... Review by jenn
Creating a formula of my own, designed for me was the best idea ever! I am able to combine all the components I need in one easy formula (different for bike and run) versus all the chews, drinks, and gels I was carrying and using. The mix never sours in the heat which is huge living and training in AZ! Another fantastic component is the customer service - they are always so helpful with questions on amounts of each component in the mix. Love this company - wouldn't go back to using anything else! (Posted on 6/20/2018)
If I had only known sooner.... Review by Brian
Started participating in endurance sports over 4 years ago. As I moved to longer distances, I struggled with nutrition/hydration. I had trouble finding the right balance of what my body needs and top performance. It seemed every race I had an issue. Either left nutrition at the hotel or didn't take enough and bonked. My training days seemed to plateau and I noticed nagging injuries as the season wore on. While my overall results improved, I felt I had more in me.

After hearing a lot about Infinit, I decided to give it a try. I almost immediately noticed the results in my training. I noticed improvements in not only my results but also in my recovery. I no longer had a feeling of hunger during my training and the nagging injuries were gone. In just 4 months of using my custom blends (Ultra Run, Bike and Run) not only have I seen improvement but I have a new half marathon PR and my fastest Marathon time in 4 years. It is well worth your time to talk to a specialist and try Infinit yourself. (Posted on 3/22/2018)
I would only use INFINIT!!! Review by Darren
I have been training and competing as a PC triathlete for a little over 1.5 years. I was at first very skeptical about switching to only INFINIT without a backup of GU, or Bonk Bar on my person. Since competing in a 70.3 and 140.6 IRONMAN I will never use anything else aside from INFINIT. I have had zero GI issues, and more importantly I have met my goals of completing the races "HAPPY, HEALTHY, & UNINJURED" in part due to INFINIT Nutrition. Thank you for a great product. (Posted on 3/21/2018)
So simple and works so well Review by Bryan
I'm an ultra endurance mountain bike racer. I participate in events ranging from 50 to 350 miles. My custom Infinit mix has simplified my biking nutrition enabling me to focus on my training and my racing. At first it was strange to not be eating and drinking and Gu-ing every hour but now I just sip as I go and I'm never hungry or lacking for energy. It's insane how simple this is once you get use to it. I just mix it up in my camel back and I'm good to go. I still get people who ask me "Dude, we just killed it for 6 hours and you didn't eat a thing! How do you do it?" I just tell them....I am Infinit. (Posted on 1/11/2018)
Been using Infinit for years... Review by sprestia
I have been using Infinit Nutrition for years, whether I am Ironman training or marathon training it is the best. Get the custom blend. (Posted on 12/6/2017)

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