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Introducing INFINIT's Director of Hoppiness

Help us name the newest addition to the office!


Got hops? We do now!

We're excited to announce the latest and fluffiest addition to the INFINIT Team.

Because who couldn't use a little more joy in their lives right about now? 

The voting has closed and the votes have been tallied!

The winning name (by a nose) is...


But wait... Why a Bunny?


Tuesdays are meeting days at INFINIT HQ.

Our standing 2pm Marketing Meeting is often referred to as our "marathon meeting." And not because we get to squeeze in some miles during the work day, but because these meetings are a round table discussion of upcoming events, creative problem solving, and brainstorming. And let's just say, sometimes our discussions can take a turn down the rabbit hole... and wind up somewhere a half hour later. 

A few weeks ago, Laura, our VP, started off the meeting as she does every week — With a thought starter. Sometimes this is a quote, new research, or a thought-provoking article. This particular week in early June, the topic was a research study that just came out. 

“The Happiness Report,” as it's nicknamed, was conducted to help get some more insights into this new post-pandemic world we're living in. It's uncharted territory. The world has changed, as we all have, and we're all trying to figure it out.

The big takeaway from the report was that 45% of people globally have not felt true happiness for more than two years. TWO YEARS. The pandemic triggered a 25% increase in the prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide, leaving consumers longing for experiences that make them smile. 

People just want to smile. Such a simple concept... But how do we start bringing more joy into the world with the INFINIT brand?

We already have the best nutrition mixes on the market, amazing customers, a kick*ss team of athletes. But we have to find a way to bring more happiness into what we're sending out into the world... 

Enter: The Bunny

Afterall... What could bring more joy into this world (and INFINIT HQ) than an adorable rescue bunny?


After some time calling around the local animal shelters and rescues, we found her — INFINIT's new Director of Hoppiness.

So be on the lookout for more from this newest addition to the INFINIT Team. Her hijynx will be documented on our social media, and you might even be able to see her up close and personal at some events coming up!