Maddy Frank

10th Grader Maddy Frank has been building quite a name for herself in the sport of XC mountain biking. The Michigan native has been riding since she could walk with her father. The two currently race for the same team, and train together throughout the year. Maddy originally competed in BMX but fell in love with mountain biking due to the variety of courses and trail difficulty. Maddy loves the challenge of a sport that can feel so different from day to day and still always demands the most out of every athlete.

Maddy Frank

As an INFINIT athlete with the goal of earning a collegiate cycling scholarship, Maddy focuses on maintaining a high GPA, while still finding time fit in a full training schedule ranging from 10-18 hours a week. According to Maddy, it’s all about time management. “In my house, schoolwork is always first… books then bikes!” With a full class schedule that includes a 

variety of AP and honors courses, Maddy rarely has free time to do much else and frequently ends up finishing assignments in the early morning before heading to school. Keeping her goals in mind and staying disciplined with her training schedule has lead Maddy to a 2016 Cat 1 Michigan State Championship win as well as grades to get her into the National Honor Society.

Mountain biking may not be your typical high school sport, but Maddy says most of her classmates support her thanks to her drive and determination. Although they may not understand why she researches shifters and tires during class, they all know she always has biking on her mind and are very supportive. As a junior mountain bike athlete, Maddy would like to increase the sport’s popularity among kids her age but still enjoys the independence of mountain biking.

“I swear by INFINIT. I’ve been using it as a sports mix for about 3 years now, and it’s helped fuel me so much during those grueling races that are pretty dreadful. I have tried other sports mixes in the past, but INFINIT is the only mix that works extremely well with what my body needs during all my races. It’s awesome not having to worry about all the extra supplements like gels, chews or extra food along the way.”
– Maddy Frank

Lucy Westlake

Another young athlete fueled by INFINIT has recently accomplished a major goal in her life. At 12 years, 8 months and 18 days Lucy Westlake reached the highest point in every one of the lower 48 states. The record, previously held by a 17-year-old, is something Lucy has been chasing since she was only 7. Her father, and climbing partner, noticed her prowess for endurance sports when they were on a 6 km hike and she spent much of the day running ahead, climbing and exploring. At age 7 Lucy and her family where in the mountains of Kentucky for a church activity when they realized they were very near the highest point in the state. A short drive brought them to the base of the 4,144-foot peak which they scaled that day. This would be the start of a 5-year journey to best the highest peaks in every state. As far as schooling goes during her adventures Lucy is home-schooled by her mom and dad while she travels. She has been home-schooled her entire life but plans to enter 7th grade this coming year at a local junior high school.

Lucy Westlake

As if being the youngest climber to reach the highest point in all 48 contiguous states wasn’t enough, Lucy is also a nationally ranked elite youth triathlete. Having recently finished 37th (5th under the age of 14) at the USA Triathlon Elite Youth National Championship, Lucy is well on her way to a career in triathlon. Her ultimate goal is to compete in the Olympics for triathlon, only due to the fact that mountain climbing isn’t an Olympic sport. Training with SPEED, when she isn’t out climbing Lucy, has not only helped on the race course but has also built up endurance for some of her longer climbs.Having finished the lower 48, and now Hawaii, Lucy has her sights set on the big one, Denali. The 20,308-foot beast takes 16 to 24 days to summit and requires a guide to climb with. Currently not many guides will agree to take anyone under 18 to the summit but Lucy is hoping to be an exception. Even with her background as one of the most dedicated climbers in the country her father has had guides tell her she must wait until at least 16 to make an attempt. Denali is a challenge for even the most experienced climbers in the world, many taking more than one attempt to reach the peak, but Lucy is confident in her ability and mindset that she can make it using INFINT’s GO FAR for fuel.



As their summer race and travel schedules come to an end, the ProChain junior cycling team gets ready to head back to school. This elite level development team races locally out of Cincinnati and has been sponsored by INFINIT for the last few years. The team has built some of the best young cycling athletes around and continues to excel. The team roster features boys and girls from ages 11 to 18.


Since its inception more than a decade ago the ProChain Junior Development Cycling Team has remained faithful to its mission of teaching young athletes how
to be bike racers, helping them understand how teamwork in road cycling makes everyone better, supporting them with logistics and equipment, and giving them the roadmap to bicycle racing beyond the Junior Ranks - be it regional, national, collegiate, domestic elite and pro, or international professional.

“INFINIT Nutrition has worked with ProChain to create specially blended formulas specific to our developing young men and women. The juniors use INFINIT daily in their preparation, training and recovery. Learning about the benefits of proper nutrition, hydration, and rebuilding is a crucial part of learning how to be a complete bike racer.”