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The INFINIT Library

Frankie's Formulas: Milan-San Remo

Frankie drinking from bottle, text 'Frankie andreu cycling legend" "#MyMix Milan San remo"

It’s the first one day classic of the World Tour, and at 293km, it’s also the longest. If you add the neutral zone the race goes well past 300km. With a start at 10am it’s important to have a good breakfast and important to fuel up right before the race start. Milan San Remo, despite the distance, is known for having a very quick start. Usually on average it takes an hour for the break to establish itself and it’s not uncommon for the fast racing to last up to two hours. At speeds of 30 mph it takes a while for the right group to escape and for the field to grow tired of chasing everything down.

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Frankie's Formulas: Paris-Nice

Frankie Andreu drinking out of water bottle, text "Frankie Andreu"

INFINIT is excited to announce the launching of our #MyMix series starting with Frankie's Formulas, a series of race formulas specifically for the EU Spring Classics that Frankie raced for over a decade. Over the next couple months, we will be bringing you insider stories about what actually happens in the peloton, the race conditions, terrain and and the custom-blended nutrition solution needed to complete the stage.

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What is CoQ10?

Foam Heart on a table, text "What is CoQ10"

What is CoQ10? Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10, is naturally made by our bodies and found within every cell of the human body. It is a substance similar to that of a vitamin and our cells use it to produce the energy needed for cell maintenance and production. As it functions as an antioxidant, CoQ10 can protect the body from damage caused by harmful molecules.  Additionally, CoQ10 can boost energy and speed up the recovery time from intense endurance efforts.

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Outside Magizine: The Outside Guide to 2016

Astronauts sitting on a space station looking at earth thats labled "2016"

The year ahead will be filled with goggles that guide us down the ski hill, stoves that could save humanity, and Kubrickian pods that will carry us to the edge of space. From new sports (bikepacking!) to epic expeditions (high school twins will make first descents in Antarctica!), we're laying down 22 bold predictions about the people, trends, and gear that will shape our world in 2016.

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Meet the INFINIT Team

Picture of INFINIT Staff, text "Meet the INFINIT Team"

Just how small are we? With a staff of only 8 full-time and 2 part-time employees, there is a big chance that you will recognize the name of someone you have worked with here at INFINIT!  Get to know the team behind creating, mixing, and producing your nutritional needs.

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Tony DeBoom: Triathlete, Artist, & Designer of INFINIT's Newest Gear

Tony DeBoom making T Shirts, text "Tony DeBoom: Triathlete, Artist, & Designer of INFINIT's Newest Gear"

The DeBoom name is one that is familiar in the endurance community. After Tim DeBoom’s back-to-back wins at Kona in 2001 and 2002, the DeBoom name became synonymous with success in triathlon. Tim’s older brother Tony also competed as a top tier triathlete. Tony had a successful career racing around the world as an age grouper and pro competing in Olympic and full Ironman distance triathlons. During his time racing, Tony finished runner-up behind his brother Tim at Ironman California, won Ironman Utah, and earned a coveted spot as an alternate for the 2000 US Olympic Triathlon Team.

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INFINIT for Multisport Nutrition

Man Rrunning at dusk, text "INFINIT for Multisport Nutrition"

As an INFINIT Formulation Specialist, I hear a handful of common questions everyday. One of the biggest sources of confusion for athletes is how to set up their nutrition strategy for a multisport event like triathlon. Many people assume that a single formula should cover them throughout the entire event. But as I’m about to explain, this simply isn’t the case. The best bike nutrition is NOT the best nutrition for your run, and trying to use the same nutrition for both could potentially create issues for you come race day.

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